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More and more people are concerned about the increasing number of social problems and aggression. The world is getting into a political impasse, while more and more cultural and historical expressions of the Western world die out because of people who, out of victimised thinking, protest against our colonial past of centuries ago. Anyone who doesn’t agree to the government is brutally silenced in the media and on social media, which forms a serious threat against our democratical values. There is no more counterweight to what the government wants and we are losing more freedom every day. Also islamisation forms a growing danger for our free Western world.


Natassa Vassiliou discovered an academical theory behind this way of victimised thinking that so threatens our society. In English it’s called Critical Social Justice or just Social Justice, but in Dutch it doesn’t really have a name. Woke, an inclusive society, identity politics, the political left, homophobia and anti-racism are known terms. Natassa Vassiliou invented the term ‘fact-free thinking’ and then found out the official name is post-modernism. In the United States it is a well-known issue that is discussed a lot by scientists in the field of sociology and anthropology. Natassa Vassiliou is probably the first one in the Netherlands to follow this example on her website and to support the intellectual discourse. You can subscribe to the blog to keep informed about the conversation.

Natassa Vassiliou considers it of great importance that between the fighting camps of political left and right a scientific discourse is held about the progress of our society. The left-wing thinking is mostly based on knowledge from emotion and life experience, which however not everybody is supposed to dispose of. Moreover this vision is based on the theory that many people supposedly are victims of discrimination, while the question if that is actually a true claim is carefully avoided. They are also the ones who want more and more laws and regulations. The right-wing thinking on the contrary is based on scientific facts and logical thinking. Also it is based on a much more realistic world view, that puts in the first place the free will of citizens to behave in a positive way so that they belong to society like everyone else. This vision is nowadays under heavy pression and it is necessary to stand for our democratic rights and for a fair world.