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News and columns at Natassa Vassiliou MediaMaybe you are concerned about the world. About the future, your country, your job, your family or your health. Many people are in the same boat, worried about the political impasse in the USA and Europe.

Our historical and cultural values are at stake, disputed by an army of victim thinking organisations like BLM and Antifa. Anyone who tries to be realistic and doesn’t always agree with most common thought, is brutally silenced and called a racist or extreme right in the media, on social media and on the internet in general. Our society begins taking Orwellian proportions.

Our rights of free speech and even free thinking are heavily under attack. We have even lost the right to decide as an adult person which treatment we want for our medical conditions. The alternative and natural medicine sector have been wiped out in Europe, while modern medicine can’t cure most diseases.

Another growing concern is a weaponised Youth Care in more and more Western countries, that has the power to take away children from well functioning families without any justification. All too often the different organisations of Youth Care put children totally unnecessarily in foster families or institutions where they are traumatised and abused. They don’t have the right to see their parents again and no-one can fight it.

If you have also had it with totally out of proportion patronising governments doing all these things and more and if you want a thorough change in society and politics, this is the place to read to your heart’s content. You can subscribe to the blog so you keep informed and never miss an article. The news and columns by Natassa Vassiliou stand for a free, logical, realistic and happy world just like you.





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