5 misunderstandings about the so-called ‘extreme right’

I’ve taken a day off of my Natassa News Bulletins, because I needed it. I’m also very tired of the constant wrong statistics on my website and even on YouTube. I just see my views go down instead of up – impossible yet it happens! – and likes disappear into thin air. Therefore an article today! I am more and more shocked by the really crazy and angry comments right-wing people receive everywhere and on a daily basis. So let’s sort them out, shall we? If you prefer reading this in Dutch, there is Google Translate >>.

  1. Right-wing people are anti-semites. This is really weird, since the leader of one of the right-wing parties in the Netherlands, Thierry Baudet, has a Jewish girl-friend plus he always supports Israel. The leader of the other right-wing party, Geert Wilders, has worked for the Mossad for years and also always supports Israel. Same about Donald Trump and Victor Orbán, just to name a few. Where exactly did you see the anti-semitism, ladies and gents?

2.  Right-wing people are extreme right or far-right, in other words: fascists. Well, fascism is an ideology that first of all divides people into groups and doesn’t see them as individuals. This is leftist, not right-wing. Then, fascism is against democracy, while right-wing people everywhere in the world are very much for democracy. They actually fight very hard for it. They think everyone is entitled to give their opinion and to discuss with each other. In a fascist country this is not even thinkable. I haven’t even mentioned the fact that fascists want a government-dominated world, while right-wingers want a skinny government. No fascism here.

3.  Right-wing people are against taking measures on the climate and want to pollute the whole planet with dirty factories without protecting nature. Very wrong also! Right-wing people just don’t believe we are even able to influence the climate. Yes there are some changes, but that’s perfectly normal. The climate changes with time. What we do have to worry about, is the environment. We use far too much plastic and we fly and drive far too much. We also fish far too much and there are too many lunatics who kill wildlife all over the world or who chop down whole forests. For all those challenges right-wing people have sound solutions.

Our center and leftist governments however don’t take a lot of action to solve these problems. It’s the huge corporations from mostly Japan that chop down the woods, but no-one ever thought about putting an embargo against Japan. Oh no, we need them in the race for more and more weird technology and wrong science. The countries that pollute the whole planet on their own, are China and India. India is working hard on becoming cleaner, but China couldn’t care less. The whole Chinese sea has been shot full of Covid masks and plastic bottles; so much that no ship can almost sail through it. Let stand alone all the chemicals that are being thrown in and the sewers that are emptied in it of 1.3 billion people. And all those government and other executives that fly around the world with their private jets aren’t being stopped either.

Right-wing people didn’t want another extension of the already far too large for the Netherlands airport of Schiphol and they don’t want so many charter flights to holiday destinations. People can go by bus as well and they don’t need to go to the other side of the world five times per year. Right-wing people also don’t want Covid masks, since these things don’t work at all and only cause another unsurmountable heap of trash.


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Another thing right-wing people want, is nuclear energy instead of coal and biomass. They’d preferably even want the very clean and safe thorium power plants, but that isn’t even discussable with the leftist governments. Electric cars don’t work as we have seen by now, so we shouldn’t rely on that idea. Better to relax the housing market so people can live closer to their job. Relaxing the housing market is done by not letting in more immigrants.


4.  About immigration: right-wing people are said to be racists and nationalists. They want all foreigners gone. Nope. Right-wing people want to really help real refugees, like now in Afghanistan. Not by taking them to Europe where they have many problems to integrate, but in a safe place in the region. They want these people to be really helped and supported without them overloading their own country and without ruining their own economy. They want people who don’t adapt themselves and also Muslim terrorists to be banned from the country. That isn’t racist but smart and wise. We people have the right to think about ourselves too and aren’t obliged to throw away our own safety and future because of a bunch of aggressive idiots that are let into the country and that aren’t even sent to prison when they commit crimes, like raping our women and shooting down our people.

5.  Right-wing people don’t believe in the coronavirus and don’t want to protect ourselves. Again wrong! The coronavirus exists and it’s a nasty flu-kind of a virus. The only way to get immune for it if you weren’t already, is by attracting it and by getting better. There are medicines like Ivermectine, Hydroxychloroquine with vitamin D and zinc and camomille tea with honey and lemon, lemon water, orange juice and verveine tea. Living a healthy life, sporting a bit and getting some fresh air help the immune system a lot too in attaining more strength to fight this and other viruses. The ‘vaccines’ that have been brewed aren’t safe at all and also don’t protect against the disease and against spreading it. Masks and 6 foot distance don’t work either as has been proved many times, so why should we let our governments create panic, lock us up and boss us around? Here someone who says it so that anyone can understand:


Right-wing people are absolutely normal and well-thinking people. They work hard for their income, believe in being a good and nice person, love their family, their country and their freedom. In the United States they’re often Christians, in Europe they just believe in doing good things, which is basically the same. Many of these people are very good at languages and not seldomly speak four or more. They also love their own language and try to express themselves correctly. They love good education with the stress on ‘good’ and also love good craftmanship. Education doesn’t always mean University, does it?

They are warm, not bossy and as someone who has been around leftist people all her life I can say they’re a whole lot nicer, friendlier and warmer company than most leftists. They often like cooking, aren’t jealous of each other and have interests. I really don’t know why they must so necessarily be framed constantly. I think it’s high time leftist people should look in the mirror to see how they are and improve their endless need to gossip about others and to boss around.

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