A bit late for Thanksgiving: a tribute to family

In the United States it was Thanksgiving yesterday, which is an important family celebration with turkey and everything. In the Netherlands there is such a celebration too, but most have forgotten about it: Dankdag voor het gewas on the 4th of November. There is also Biddag voor het gewas (day of prayers for crops), which was this year on March 11. I went to school in a strictly Christian town, that’s why I know about it. I want to hold a little talk about family today and then let you go, wishing you a great weekend.

My family has been destroyed by third parties and worse than you can imagine. But there are many families destroyed or driven apart and that is sad for the ones who still treasure and love their family members that drifted off. Everybody wants unity and a family that stands behind them, even if many people talk bad about their parents or other family members.

kind-prayingI know in many families there are differences and sometimes they are so bad that family members don’t want to see each other anymore, because they know they will fight again over the petty little things in life. And the petty things aren’t always that petty. One brother or sister can have stolen the whole heritance or have betrayed his or her siblings. Real bad things can have divided a family and then it may be better not to see each other again. I don’t know … My foster parents were terrible and their families were like them. They never accepted me as a member of the family either. I don’t have an idea how a nice and loving family is!

We are going to celebrate Thanksgiving, because I had the idea to imitate the Americans for once: why not? They have a nice festivity, so why wouldn’t we join in, have a little thought about the things we still have left to be thankful for and eat some turkey? What I wanted to mention, is that Joe Biden who has the illusion he will be the President next month, said to the Americans that they should forget about family this year. For Thanksgiving and yes: even for Christmas!

That is what the people in America have certainly not voted for, but it is what almost everyone in the Netherlands chooses for. A government that bosses over us as if we are little children and that forbids us to even see our family! Today it’s supposedly because of the coronavirus; what will be tomorrow’s excuse?















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