A head talk about scarfs, hijabs, beards and the 21th century

While women AND men in Iran are courageously risking their lives protesting against hijabs and other prison wear women are forced to wear there, Muslim women here in Europe poison the Dutch – and other – brains with bogus about scarfs being the symbol of freedom.

Yeah. A hijab and a jallaba – you know these ugly shapeless long coats – are really the sign of a free woman. If you’d go to the jungle in Brazil where some native people haven’t seen such clothes, they’d immediately say: “Oh look! There goes a free woman”. Come on folks! Let’s get serious.

And those filthy beards until the knees that men wear, also with such an unshaped desert jallaba coat wouldn’t make the natives hide out of fear at all. Of course not. Really! The thing is that make-up and tight clothes are also banned in Islam for women. And drinking alcohol, smoking and having sex before marriage: all forbidden. But no Muslima who cares about that! So please don’t believe anymore in the religious myth. Muslima’s who wear a scarf in Europe do that to provoke us, the dumb Europeans who so-called don’t understand their culture. Well, 60 years ago they maybe didn’t, but now they know the Islam better than most Muslims themselves do.

The day before yesterday another 17-year-old girl was beaten to death by the Iranian police, because she protested against that headscarf. And the also Iranian athlete lady, who did a climbing competition without a scarf in South-Korea, we know where she is, don’t we? (No we don’t. She was put into a bus and who knows where they took her and what they did to her). She hadn’t even been protesting … On the video underneath you will find my point of view about Islam and hijabs, beards and everything.


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