Hannibal and his elephants

A Pyrrhic victory

If you look at what happens every day in different parts of the world, you see lots of things that affect us here and now. Wars, creepy plans made in the World Economic Forum caves of the beautiful Swiss Davos, new viruses, forced vaccination for a virus that has been dead for at least a year and even when is there is a party, something will ruin it. There are small victories here and there, such as that the WHO for the moment won’t coordinate worldwide virus outbreaks, but before we can celetrate, the next fire that needs to be extinguished has already been ignited. We are going to talk about Pyrrhic victories today.


King Pyrrhus

One sure thing I can tell you about the future, is that the American payment platform PayPal is not going to survive. I am still at war with them, because I received money from my parents who were helped by Bill Gates. With the money I can have the house repaired, so I was thrilled when I received it. Don’t forget it’s also our first real contact. But PayPal made mistake upon mistake and the helpdesk refused to help. On top of that the platform has been refusing for years to just simply send any money that sometimes comes in on PayPal, to my bank account. I had to send it to someone else first and now it takes days in order for that person to receive it and send it on to me. This ugly platform, where also a whole lot of fraud seems to take place as I heard from diverse banks and webshop owners, is for sure going to be another Pyrrhic victory for the Good Guys. In any case from my website they have lost territory and I am busy wiping them out from every article I’ve written. (It is a huge pile of work, so it will take some days). Cancelling is hip, isn’t it?

In case you have forgotten what a Pyrrhic victory is, I’ll tell you the story in short. After the death of Alexander the Great in the end of the fourth century BC, many gentlemen had aspirations for his throne. His kingdom in the north of Greece and Asia Minor soon fell apart and in the west, the Epirus, a 12-year old boy called Pyrrhos managed to become the king. But he wasn’t satisfied at all with only Epirus, which is a forgotten part of northern Greece that has never played any significant role on the world scene. So he waged diverse wars against Cassandros, who was the king of Macedonia (middle north of Greece) and with a lot of others. In the end he came until the portal of Rome which he conquered together with Hannibal and his elephants (sure you remember him!). His elephant is above this article. Problem was however that he lost so many of his men that his victory couldn’t endure. He was killed by an old lady who hit him with a brick on his head.


Ukraine, the Pyrrhic victory of our time

We are having all kinds of small victories, followed by small victories of the globalists, who want us vaccinated against Covid and locked up in our houses, who want world domination and us to sit and shut up and who for that goal want Ukraine to be a member of their vassals NATO and EU. We got it made to stay unvaccinated, to keep our jobs and somehow even to get our shoppings done without being obliged to get the infamous jab. Our side has also got it done to not have that horrific digital Covid identity card passed in a law and more things. But the greatest thing is that Russia is winning big in Ukraine. I don’t mean that I am for that war or that I am on the side of the Russians. I don’t even know, because war is something so bad and even if it’s the Ukrainian army that shoots on civilians – not the Russian – the Russians could have known they would do this and they should have evacuated people earlier or done some other things differently in my humble vision.


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On the other hand I understand the necessity of this war. There were most journalists think the Russians only try to protect their own civilians in Russia and their brothers in the east of Ukraine, I know that the Russian government knows very well that the American globalists and their friends from other western countries need to be cut down to size. They also know no other country in the world has the power, the strength and the army to do it and, not in the least they know if they won’t beat the Americans, the globalists will indeed create a world government. They will oppress the whole world population in a way that has never been seen before and since technology has arrived far enough to keep us all under everlasting control, we will never be able to stop that dictatorship.

So I don’t think the Russians are going to keep forever more regions in Ukraine than the Donbass, except maybe if those people themselves hold a referendum for it and vote for joining Russia. Even then I don’t know if Russia will accept regions like Zaporizhzha, Kharkiv or Dnipro to be part of Russia. I think they will go on occupying territories of Ukraine until all the Nazis have surrendered and until they have cleared the Ukrainian heads so they will never again attempt to let Nazism live again. The Russians never interfere with foreign governments, because they think this is the problem of the population itself. They can vote for better leaders, so let them do so. This is how Russia also treats these two regions in Georgia where referenda were or will be held to join Russia: Abkhazia and South-Ossetia. Abkhazia voted to stay independent and that is totally fine with the Russians, while the South-Ossetians are going to vote on July 17. That is how the Russians think and that is why they have many friends in the Middle and Far East, in Africa and South-America.



They look a bit like hairy scary monsters with that badass unbeatable army of theirs, the creepy FSB and that yuuuuuge country, but the Russians are actually quite cool dudes. I can understand why they want to protect the people in the Donbass, because they are really sweet people as far as I have got to know some of them and as I see on videos from there. Thing is that I think – and of course hope – the Ukrainian government will accept the loss of the Donbass, since they just haven’t taken good care of that region at all, so it doesn’t want to belong to Ukraine anymore. There are also whispers going around that Ukraine might have or plans to make nuclear weapons in that enormous Zaporizhzha nuclear power plant. Nothing has been affirmed yet, but the fact that the Ukrainian government refuses to even talk with Russia about ending the war means they still have something that gives them power. If that is a nuclear weapon, if it is those biolabs that are very real as well or maybe something else we don’t know yet about, we will find out somewhere in the next few weeks.

But the issue is much more than only the Donbass: it is that Nazism isn’t accepted, in any case not right next door to Russia and the US needs punishment or something like that for supporting and even financing and training these bandits. Nazism means that one or more population groups are made to scapegoats and they are abused, scolded, horribly tortured and coldly killed. You have also probably heard of the Nazi programmes in the Soviet Union and in the US in the last century with satanism like MK Ultra and everything. That was after the US had brought the Soviet Nazi intelligence horror scientists to the US by means of Operation Paperclip. MK Ultra has brought the world many tears and no good at all. Well, a third Nazi group had left Germany for Ukraine and they need to be stopped urgently. They have infiltrated the army and the government, so this is the moment to make it stop.


A Pyrrhic victory

At the beginning of this article I stated that Ukraine is the great Pyrrhic victory of our age. Actually it’s a little bit different, because in a Pyrrhic victory the winner loses all his men, while in the case of the Ukrainian war it’s the Ukrainians who lose all their men. Even if they can never win, since Russia only uses about 10% of their army for their military operation (or invasion anyway). The west loses also, since they are already experiencing shortages of food and energy because of the sanctions they put against Russia. Yesterday I laughed my head off, when I read that India bought tons and tons of Russian oil for almost nothing and now sells it with big fat profit to the US and Europe. Here it is. I’ll show you my own tweet, even if I don’t know if it’s cringe to share your own tweets. But then you can immediately see it, while if I put a link, you have to open it first. So here we go.

Russia’s economy and also the support of the Russian population for their government in the country can have a few strikes. The European sanctions are like a few flies around the Big Russian Bear’s head and the war in Ukraine is like a military training to them. Yet we don’t know what the outcome will be, because it’s a really ambitious goal to get the Ukraine – not a small country either – free of Nazis. It is so difficult, because the American and Europeans have helped those Nazis rise and they don’t want their little secrets to come out. Seen from that point of view it’s totally unclear at this moment who is really going to be the winner of this war. Will the Russians be able and also pure of heart enough to get that wicked witch out of Ukraine? If they are, the whole western globalism is going to take a hike downwards.

That obnoxious World Economic Forum, the kitchen where creepy plans for the future are cooked; the humourless EU with Vinegar Lady Ursula von der Leyen and Garden Gnome Timmerfrans – as Frans Timmermans is called in his own country the Netherlands – at its steer; and America with Sleepy Joe and his weird friends in the otherwise so awesome White House aren’t going to hold it if Russia renders Ukraine denazified and neutral. They themselves will have the satisfaction of having succeeded in making the world a better place, but for the rest they won’t win a lot.  Things will be pretty much the same for them and it is yet to be hoped that they will belong again to the world, after having been ousted for decades. We will see what happens in reality, but it wouldn’t be the first time I was right.


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