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Hellody everyone!

I am Anastasía Vassiliou and my name is pronounced more or less like Ah-nah-stah-SEE-yah. No Ernerstaasyer or so, no no. It means the resurrection of Jesus Christ, so my Saint’s day is at Easter day and I’m named after my dear granny. She was yayá Anastasía and was a French teacher just like myself. I haven’t been in the position to enjoy much of her, because as you probably already know I was kidnapped time and time again, until my beloved dad or babás Paris and yayá couldn’t get me back again. Hostage in the Netherlands and in the Satan Cult. The Dutch Youth Care finds that way better for a child than to be with her own loving parents. Love … EEEEW!

Nowadays I am a journalist with my own news outlet that goes without a name again, because the Dutch government hates me so much that they don’t let me and my sons return to our country, but prefer to keep on torturing us. They have made it impossible to use the (in my humble opinion) awesome name Untold Times as I had before, so I have to come up with something new yet again. I haven’t yet figured out something, see. A weird way of thinking if you ask me, but that is what we’re up to and until we win the war they started against my family and me, we will have to stay here and survive.


About Anastasía Vassiliou!

So … here is my CV. I made such a beauty, well-styled and prefab of course. I don’t know how to make it so well myself. Here it is, enjoy! Now you know everything about me 😀 .  


English CV    

English CV-2






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