Anastasia Vassiliou

Anastasía P. (Natassa) Vassiliou is the great heroine who for the first time in history effectively fights the Satan cult. They totally destroyed her life and her family’s, but she fought back and won!

Born in Athens, Natassa went to the Gymnasium in the Dutch city of Groningen and later in Kampen, where she managed to learn 9 languages. In the meantime she speaks 12 of which 7 fluently. In Greece she was a professional singer for four years and studied music at the Kentrikó music school. She graduated in Μaster’s studies in French and Greek literature at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The largest university of the whole Balkan, where her Mom and her aunt had studied medicine before her. Except literature, linguistics, history and translation she studied law ethics and specialised in media psychology: the study of psychological ways to steer public opinion in the media (and in general). At that time she had no idea how much she would need all those studies. As a student job she helped other students with foreign languages and translations. When she graduated, her professors for didactics and applied linguistics wanted her very much to do her PhD with them, but PhD students weren’t paid in Greece and Natassa always somehow felt she could only solve her everlasting financial problem that she hadn’t caused herself in the Netherlands.

Once back there, she became a Mom and worked simultaneously as a communication teacher at high school. When she was blocked by the Cult, she started a business training office and gave language trainings to internationally known companies like Aramco, Monsanto, Novartis, Actelion Pharmaceuticals, Wageningen University and Research Center, (Friesland-)Campina, Melkweg Holland, Teeling Petfood, Agri Retail, Sparq, Language Partners, Stichting Marin (Foundation), Unilever, PTC+ and many, many more. When the Cult made her ill and almost killed her from paralysis, she started a practice where she healed hundreds of people from diseases and coached lots of families with children who she helped with their marriage, with school and other people from burnouts, depressions and more. When the cult managed to steal her children away, she collapsed and stayed all alone without any help and deadly ill for three years.

Here is a very short excerpt of what the Satan cult did to Natassa and her family:

  • They kidnapped her four times from Athens where she was born in a very loving and academic family.
  • In the Netherlands they threw her first in a hospital where she was raped, then in a satanic orphanage and then in a satanic foster “family”. She was heavily sexually, physically and mentally abused in all those places.
  • The Dutch government stole her identity from her and her Greek citizenship, her birth date, place and parents, by forcing a fake Dutch identity on her.
  • They lied about her parents.
  • The cult destroyed her relationship with her husband.
  • They also destroyed her family by blocking her sons from going to school and by threatening to take them away until they managed to do so.
  • The cult blocked her studies, each job she found, each business she started, made her ill and blocked her from having any income.
  • They destroyed the lives of her two beloved sons.
  • The cult shot her parents, her husband and murdered her father-in-law.
  • They ridiculed her and started whole smear campaigns, turning all people against her.
  • They did many, many things more, but this is just an indication.


Natassa with her boys

Deadly sick she didn’t give up hope, but as the infinitely courageous woman she is, she used her time to finally find the truth about her past. She was successful: she found out she had been kidnapped from her real parents who were both Greek and lived in Athens, where she was born. Her parents found her back four times, but the Dutch Satan Cult kidnapped her time and time again. The horror cult that is seated in Amsterdam in the Netherlands didn’t even respect the verdict by the International Criminal Court in The Hague to leave Natassa’s family alone.

Natassa went through hell in order to retrieve and process all her traumas that had been brutally locked (not erased) by the Dutch Youth Care and started again working as an independent and crowdfunded journalist. And that is the end of the story rodi-pomegranadeuntil now.

Anastasía Vassiliou, a gifted lady from a wealthy and highly educated Greek Athenian family who was kidnapped by the Dutch state, did find her family who lives in Florida now, but is blocked from having contact with them by the Dutch government. She won the fight against the Satan cult that can’t hurt her anymore, but still doesn’t have one cent income and her children are still away from her. Even if the whole country knows her, nobody helps or supports her. When she went over all people she’d ever known, she found only 23 who ever helped or supported her. If you ever get into trouble, it’s better not to have Dutch people around you.



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