The Parthenon, Athens, Greece


Anastasía P. Vassiliou (P. stands for Paris, her father’s name).

Born in Athens, Anastasía P. Vassiliou or short Natassa went to the Gymnasium in the Dutch city of Groningen and later in Kampen, where she managed to learn 10 languages. In Greece she was a professional singer for four years and studied music at the Kentrikó music school. She graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The largest university of the whole Balkan, where her Mom and her aunt had studied medicine before her. In the modern system you could say she did a Bachelor in Greek literature, a Bachelor in French literature followed by a Master in the psychology and linguistics of the media. Minors in law ethics (sophronistics), teaching mother language and teaching Dutch to foreigners. When she graduated, her professors for didactics and applied linguistics wanted her very much to do her PhD with them, but PhD students weren’t paid in Greece and Natassa somehow felt she had to go back to the Netherlands.

Once back there, she became a Mom and worked parttime as a teacher at high school. The job was heavy for her back though and so she started a business training office. She gave in-company trainings to internationally known companies like Aramco, Monsanto, Novartis, Actelion Pharmaceuticals, Wageningen University and Research Center, (Friesland-)Campina, Melkweg Holland, Teeling Petfood, Agri Retail, Sparq, Language Partners, Stichting Marin (Foundation), Unilever, PTC+ and many, many more. In 2011 she turned out to have MS. Despite all the proof in blood tests and scans the doctors denied her disease and while almost dying from paralysis in her lungs, she started a health practice. She healed hundreds of people from various diseases and coached lots of families whom she helped with their marriage, children with school and other people from burnouts, depressions and more. Medical doctors were stunned with her capabilities.


The Great Unknown

Natassa 4.5 years old, taken in Athens

There was a factor in her life though, that Natassa didn’t know about. Her back had been broken in her childhood and had become a double hernia that she was also lied about. This is how she became so ill that she couldn’t work at all anymore. Youth Care saw their chance to grab her two beloved boys away in order to traumatise the three of them and sent both boys to a different address where they suffer hard until today. After this Natassa collapsed and was deadly ill for three years, all alone and with no money at all. In the summer of 2019, she was in the MRI scanner in the MCL, hospital of Leeuwarden with the 300th stroke. It was an extremely tight device and the nurse hadn’t given her a sedative, as they did with all other patients. While laying in that thing, Natassa got a sudden memory of her birth and … she came out of another mother than her birth certificate claimed. After that she spontaneously got all her memories back. Also the one that showed her how her memories had been blacked out by a woman from the ISS (International Social Service) that had kidnapped her.

Natassa turned out to be born in Athens, not in Amsterdam as her birth certificate said. She was also born on another date and had indeed a Greek mom and dad, so her birth certificate was really forged. The woman mentioned in there was schizophrene, while her real mom turned out to be a medical doctor with a PhD in neuropsychiatry and just like her dad, an international lawyer, professor at the University of Athens. Her whole life Natassa had been insulted that she so-called was schizophrene like her “biological mother”, without any proof, test or signs. Not only that! She was the daughter of an important family in Greece and she had never been abandoned. Her parents cared about her and her also kidnapped younger sister had been raped and murdered at 7 months old, while the Dutch government kidnapped Natassa for the fourth time from Athens in February 1971.  Natassa had been forced to see it all happen. The only thing was that she had been so heavily abused in the first five years of her life that her back was irrepairably damaged, she had brain damage that caused her a very bad myopia, a fading memory and crooked teeth that had however been repaired with a brace she had worn for three years in her childhood. On the picture you can still see it.


Natassa with her boys

Natassa had been kidnapped four times. Her parents found her back each time, but when she was four years old, the Dutch government forced that forged birth certificate (that belongs to a Dutch woman) on her, against the ruling of the ICC in The Hague, and locked up her memories of her parents. It took her 50 years to retrieve them, even if she retrieved memories for her patients every day and had left everybody stunned with her findings. During the first five years of her life she was heavily sexually, physically and mentally abused. There had also been satanic ritual abuse. After that the sexual abuse stopped, but the rest went on, until she was thrown out on the street at the age of 16. Despite enormous obstruction by Youth Care she found a student’s room after 6 months staying here and there and she finished her school on her own.

Very few people knew about Natassa’s real descent. When she got into a very complicated contact with her family, they showed her a logbook by the ISS that stated with great exactitude in more than 300 pages what they had all done to her during her life. Her family hadn’t received the file in a legal way however and out of fear what the cult would still do to her, they didn’t dare to send it to her. Natassa herself tried to get it from them, but they refused to give it, which is illegal in the Netherlands. But she did read the file and now knows everything about her life and about the Satan cult. This made it possible for her to process it all and to move on. Any difficulties she had ever experienced, were all directly caused by the cult. Their members had functions like manager or “doctor” at Youth Care, school principal, medical doctor, legal advisor in the Senate, high functions at the Ministry of Justice and at each municipality where she had lived, they had been present to demolish her life and that of her boys. It was a group of 15 people that didn’t only keep Natassa’s life on hold, but the whole world and no-one knew them except her. She literally had no chance whatsoever to win the battle and to build up a life for her family. No matter how hard and courageously she fought.

rodi-pomegranadeSpread over about three years, in the spring of 2022, Natassa’s therapy started working and she recovered little by little from her disease. Each time she healed a disease, she fell ill with another condition until she managed to repair her destroyed immune system deep until her DNA. She started working as an independent and crowdfunded journalist, but the Cult had blocked her reach on the internet in so many ways that until now she can’t get through to have the large audience she deserves. That is the end of the story until now. Even if the whole country knows her, not even a handful of readers support her important and hard work. If you ever get into trouble, it’s better not to have Dutch people around you.



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