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After grammar school Natassa Vassiliou graduated in Μaster’s studies in French and Greek literature and linguistics at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. During her studies she also studied law ethics and specialised in media psychology: the study of psychological tricks to steer public opinion in the media. She holds a teaching licence in three languages, has 25 years teaching experience, did 25 years of academical research of traditional medicine and psychology and studied singing at Music School in Thessaloniki. She was invited by her professor of Didactics to do her PhD in Adapted Linguistics – her big dream, but she didn’t have any funds and had no other choice than to return to the Netherlands.

Natassa started her career as a manager at a clothes export company until she was admitted to University in Thessaloniki. During her studies she gave private Dutch courses and was a free-lance translator in five languages. She was also a professional singer for four years in Thessaloniki and in Amsterdam she worked for the GNOT, the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

Natassa-Vassiliou-edessa-1990She became the Mom of two beautiful sons and first worked as a schoolteacher at high school. From 2002 on she organised in-company trainings with her business Parnassós Talen. Just a few of her customers: Unilever, Monsanto, Aramco, Stichting Marin, Novartis, Concorde Groep; Wageningen University (WUR), het UWV, Campina, Menzis, Teeling Petfood and many, many more.

When she got paralysed by MS and some more diseases around 2011, she wasn’t able to teach and run a business anymore. Since medical doctors didn’t know the answers to her medical condition and didn’t want to help her while she almost died from paralysis in her lungs, she started researching what makes people ill and what might heal them again. With a lot of hard work she found te first answers in the millenia ancient Greek tradition. Natassa also interviewed dozens of people from all over the world who still had ancient knowledge of how to heal disease and collected all the data. She examined everything, tested all methods, herbs and other means to heal and developed the only way to truly heal disease. She succeeded to cure her MS, but after that she became even more sick and it took years to find the cause.

In the meantime she cured hundreds of patients from severe chronical and mental diseases. She often left their doctors totally astonished, since she worked partially the regular way making use of medical knowledge and psychology. Tools with which no doctor or therapist ever cured anyone. People came from the Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Suriname, the Antilles, the US, Sri Lanka, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Morocco, Algeria, Kurdistan, Taiwan and India to find a cure by Natassa Vassiliou.

Still very ill herself, Natassa noticed that she knew very little about the first years of her life. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get access to her memories from that period. That was clearly the deepest cause of her illness, but only after 50 years she finally retrieved her memory. She found out she was born in Athens (not in Amsterdam or even Cologne) and had not one, but two Greek parents. She knew she was adopted, but Youth Care had all her life long lied to her about every detail of her descent. It turned out she comes from a very highstanding Athenian family of lawyers, doctors and engineers.

parental home
Natassa’s parental home in Athens!

An organisation named ISS, known for enormous scandals at international adoption cases and child sex trafficking, stole her four times away from her home, starting just after her birth. Her real name is Anastasía (Natassa) Vassiliou, daughter of Paris en Khrysa. She got illegally adopted in a small town in the North of the Netherlands and her parents never found her again, after she had lived with them for almost a year at her fourth year and was abducted again. Natassa got heavily sexually, psysically and mentally abused in the Satanic “family” where she had to grow up, but the ISS had erased her memories. At the age of 16 Natassa was thrown out of the house and finished Grammar School on her own in a students’ room. After that she left to Greece to study there.

Now that she has retrieved all the facts about her life, Natassa Vassiliou is finally slowly recovering from her illness. In other words it is true that people get cured from even life-threatening diseases, if they clear up their painful memories and process everything in a decent way. After an extremely difficult year of dealing with her utmost painful memories, Natassa Vassiliou has restarted her career for the third time as a journalist and columnist. She writes about how you really heal from diseases, about the news, about youth care and the Satan sect, about culture and history – always with humor. Natassa fights hard for a better world.