A man came to me for advise about his job. He had suddenly been achieving less and less well during the past year. He didn’t know why that happened and what to do about it. Together we found the cause, which was a jealous colleague, who was gossiping about him to his manager. We found a strategy for him to expose the colleague and make the gossip stop. Then he started achieving better again and he even got a promotion. Problem solved.


A Mom came to me for advise about her daughter, who was very unhappy at school. The teacher found the little girl difficult and didn’t want to invest in her. The school principal supported the teacher and demanded the girl should go in therapy. The mother though didn’t notice anything difficult or strange in her child’s behaviour and found her also too young to have her follow therapy. So she looked for another school to send her daughter to, but there they had already been informed about the difficult kid and the mother didn’t know how to solve the situation. She came to me and with my experience as a teacher and a Mom myself, I directly knew what the issue was.

If you try to change schools, the old school will feel threatened. You maybe find that childish, but it is still how it works. So schools they have the following tactic: the best defense is a good offense. They tell negative things about you to all other schools in town, before you even get the chance to explain the problem to another school yourself. This is why the mother and I agreed that I would come with her and her daughter to talk to the school principal. We convinced her we weren’t out to give her school a bad name, but only wanted the little girl to be happy. She had an allergy and in that school they had woolen carpets on the floor. That was already one cause for the ‘behaviour’ problem and cause number two was the fact that the teacher didn’t support the girl. After this discussion the school let the child go and a few weeks later her Mom texted me she was really happy at her new school. Problem solved.

If you’d like more examples of happy people because of my work, you can find them here at the Testimonials.



I’ve always said it: hairdressears are the best therapists!


Advise for educating children, for staying out of the Youth Care claws, for keeping your family together, advise for dissolving blocks and inhibitions, for your career. For healing from disorders, diseases and other conditions and for school questions like:

  • Shall I send my child to another school?
  • What to do with a learning or behaviour disorder?
  • My child has a trauma experience. What can I do about it?
  • And so on. I’m even available for political advise.


Healing patients from diseases is banned (!) in the Netherlands, but I can give advise or coaching in the form of a treatment against the payment of a donation. We will then look for the deepest cause for your question and eliminate it. I can do this based on the media psychology (which studies how people are programmed by the media to believe what they say and write) that I studied. Your healing will then be a surprise! The donation won’t be for my treatment, because that will be free from now on. The donation will be for my journalistic work and you can do it on the international platform of Whydonate.



This is how it works:

You text me via Whatsapp on my number: +31 6 3427 7058 . I answer you and you make a donation of €100 for two hours or €65 for one hour. If you are American or from another country where dollars are easier than euros, you can make the payment in euros on Paypal. $65 for one hour, $100 for two hours. Here underneath you will find the donation buttons. It’s best to take a picture of your payment and send it to me, in case it takes some time before I get notified.

rodi-pomegranadeAfter this we set an appointment for a video call, also by Whatsapp. If you see a chance to contact me by Zoom, that is also allright with me. I don’t get how it works, but more than once others have used it with me. It’s best if you already tell a bit about your situation and your question in your text message. Then I can think about it or possibly look up some information for you. And here is the donation button!




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