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Well, that was it. An inauguration without public. Only a few family members of the Biden and some staff was in Washington DC at noon today – 6PM in the Netherlands – at the ceremony. The president spoke to nobody and “Lady” Gaga appeared with wild black and white hair singing for nobody too. I even heard quite a few false notes that I haven’t heard before from her throat. The atmosphere was that of a funeral. There could have been no greater opposition with the goodbye parade by the military for leaving President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, that you could see in the previous article. In Florida the place was stuffed with happy people that were excited to see their president from so close by.

First thing Biden is doing is impeach Mr. Trump, while he calls so hard for unity. No, he says the word ‘unity’, but immediately after that he tries to get his predecessor in court. I have told many times about the plans this administration has in spending all the money to climate engineering, a non-existing problem. Anyway tomorrow impeachment documents will be filed against Joe Biden. For the rest I’m listening to NewsMax at the moment, where Democrats are talking now. They are saying nasty things about Mr. Trump and I don’t really like it. But maybe they’ve got to get used to finding the right tone for their future broadcastings. Everything has changed suddenly and no-one knows exactly what to do or how to behave.

The overall narrative at the moment is to find peace between Democrats and Republicans. But if Joe Biden will still try Donald Trump, there will possibly be civil war. We just have to wait what is going to happen in the following days. I do believe in peace, but in some cases it doesn’t work, so I will just wait to judge too soon! At the website of Newsmax I just read the latest news which is that the GOP (Great Old Party or Republican Party) is afraid to be divided by a trial against Mr. Trump. Not only would it be so unjust, but he is a citizen now and normally the state can’t put a citizen on trial. At least we can say there was no violence and there were no coups at all during the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Of course not: the violence was meant to divide the Republicans and to get Mr. Trump impeached.

Just a minute to show you how peaceful President Biden starts his presidency. Mr. Trump had established peace in the Middle East by recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and by moving the US Embassy there. Then he established peace between Israel and four Arab countries. Now … look what Biden did, even before his term has begun. Peace?

Last thing I want to tell you for today: I don’t believe in QAnon, so I don’t follow that news. Each time I by accident stumbled upon messages from them, they were wrong. Like the fake letter by Nancy Pelosi that I couldn’t see clearly enough at night when I was writing my article. You can’t always help being wrong! Wish you a great evening and see you!















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Anastasía (Natassa) Vassiliou analyses the news with her unique fresh insight. She studied Greek & French Literature, with minors in law ethics and teaching mother language plus specialisation in media psychology. 25 years in education & business trainings followed. 13 years in traditional medicine research and coaching & 2 years in the media. Natassa loves kids, Greece, coffee & nice people. Also cherries, apes, boeren, cooking & experts. No to Jeugdzorg, egoists, bonkers, dipshits & digital ID's. Proud Greek, Orthodox Christian and Mom of 2 Awesome Big Boys, she is sadly handicapped.

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