America today: inauguration or … impeachment?

It’s a cliffhanger, that much I can say about these days! President Trump didn’t get it done to get the results of the presidential election right in time, hindered by literally the whole media, social media, top of the Democrat party, tech companies and all the courts in the country. Even some prominent people in his own Republican party weren’t able to support him. No-one dares to go against the Democrats, because they get threatened if they even try or plan to do so. If they go on with their plans to support President Trump, the threats are carried out in cold blood. How can you run a country like that, one can ask. Today we ask ourselves how a country can be run with only Democrats in it, since the Republicans have no majority left. Neither in the Senate, neither in the House (of Representatives), neither do they have the Presidency. Even the Supreme Court will be packed (extended with four more justices) rightaway as soon as Joe Biden will be inaugurated today at noon Eastern Time in Washington DC. Or will he be impeached?

At least the United States of America have a lot of heroes. People who aren’t afraid to do what is right for their country. One by one they step forward and help the country forward. Today a House Representative named Mrs. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia, will introduce Articles of Impeachment to Joe Biden at his inauguration. America can’t have a criminal president, she says and no-one knows what’s going to happen. Will she have support? Will she be laughed at? Will the army prevent Joe Biden from becoming the president as corrupt as he is? Does this Insurrection Act really apply? The law that gives the army all freedom to clear out the country of threats against peace and rest. President Trump won’t be at the inauguration, neither will his wife. Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen will be there. Who will certainly be there, that is 25,000 security agents and officers from the FBI and more security agencies.

Some people whisper the army won’t let Joe Biden become the president. Others say it’s all false and bogus. President Trump will in any case have a grand farewell ceremony by the army very close to Washington DC at Joint Base Andrews. After that he will pardon a lot more people as his last deed for the country. Those things are for sure going to happen. For the rest his agenda will be empty, as a remark on a news website was, that also caught my eye. I only forgot where I read it. First lady Melania Trump won’t receive Joe and Jill Biden in the White House to give them a tour. It’s the first time since many years that this formal show isn’t done. If you ask me what to think about it, I will tell you I wonder why she doesn’t do it. It’s a bit politeness. On the other hand this couple has talked so bad about her, her husband and her family – impeaching the man twice and not letting Mrs. Trump do her job as the First Lady – that I can imagine she wants to show the American people the Bidens have crossed every line of decency. And yes … it could also mean she isn’t saying goodbye, but I really don’t think we should count too hard on that.


What awaits the new president: lawsuits and impeachment

What I do know, is that the state of Texas is preparing a big fat lawsuit – actually a whole series of lawsuits! – against Joe Biden for this anti-Trump policies. Texas has once been independent from the US, so you never know if they will become separated again. I have read the state of Texas is thinking about it. The Mexican president is preparing an enormous lawsuit against Twitter, Google and Facebook for censoring the US president and many others. Even Boris Johnson from the UK is very upset because of the Covid mess and blames the demented Chinese for it. Joe is already letting in an enormous lot of immigrants at the Mexico border and he will grant residence permits and even citizenship to 22 millions of illegal aliens – not extraterrestials but foreigners! – who live in the US and who should normally leave the country. They can come back the legal way! Biden is also making business and other deals with China, so they can again steal all the jobs from the US, like they had done before Donald Trump became president. And he has started to lay out the Green Deal, restoring this impossible Paris Agreement. And he has ready another $1.9 trillion (biljoen, duizend miljard) as even more Covid relief, while the federal state isn’t able to spend more money at the moment. How high will he have to raise taxes to get this kind of sums paid back? Nuclear deals with Iran are another issue he is working on, so he will just let Iran produce nuclear weapons in other words.

So with Biden at the wheel the US will become a totally different country than it has been for four years and it will fall back in its old mistakes: spending all the citizens’ tax money for warfare abroad. That’ll be with Russia, with North-Korea and in the Middle-East with who knows what countries. He promised the Greeks he’d protect them against Turkey and even called himself Bidenopoulos to so-called show us how serious he is. Yeah well, he promised the same thing to the Kurds, but the most important issue for him is causing trouble with Russia and therefore he will need Turkey. So who will be protected against this evil fortified NATO nation with a lunatic as their president and the biggest army in the world? In any case not the Greeks and not the Kurds. And what do you think about the Armenians who are also threatened by the Turks? The Russians will be kept busy with the US and won’t be able to support them. Welcome to the new world and The New Reset, because all the things Biden is going to do are called together The New Reset by the World Economic Forum. We won’t have possessions anymore if they will have their way and will be slaves working for the elite who is enriching themselves gigantically at our dispense. But it’s totally unsure if he can get even the slightest part of all these things done. Americans love their freedom!















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