Angry people on the streets

After Joe Biden wrote in the meantime I don’t know anymore how many executive orders to finish with four years good politics by his predecessor Donald Trump, the whole country turned against him. He shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline and withdrew the permit to finish it. Angry people in the streets both in the US and in the Netherlands.

At this moment that cost the jobs of about 11,000 people, but there are another 41,000 to lose their jobs elsewhere in the USA and 120,000 in Texas if this is a permanent situation. A national disaster! It’s however not the only disaster, seen the fact that he caused a chaos in the country because of his Covid “policy” – which is no policy at all – and lets transgenders play with women in sports. He also lets them in women dressing rooms and bathrooms, which is dangerous for sexual assaults. If you want to know a lot about this Keystone pipeline, in the Wikipedia you will find almost a book full of documentation about it. In Canada the Minister of Energy just says they must respect the American decision to cancel Keystone XL. Unbelieveable! I haven’t told yet the pipeline goes from Alberta in Canada where the oil is found, all the way to Texas where it is refined. It’s planned to also stop in Illinois for some extra work and it already makes a stop in Oklahoma. Here more explanation by Dinesh D’Souza about it.



Curfew demonstrations

In the Netherlands there were demonstrations against the curfew which has been set since this weekend. In some of those violence broke out. Demonstrators claim it wasn’t done by them but by Romeos and other professional or otherwise hired rioters that were filmed while stepping out of police cars. In Christian paradise Urk a whole Covid test facility was burned by a group of furious youngsters who have lost all hope for the future. A very bad thing of course, but also really sad. In the news of course the “Corona deniers” were blamed and called dumb and aggressive “wappies”. A stunt in front of the elections so the whole bunch of not thinking people will yet again vote on the same establishment political parties everyone is so sick of. They are also setting up people against Forum voor Democratie, the only political party that dares protest against the ridiculously strict Corona measure. Now it is done by lying that this party supposedly incited to violence, which it of course never did. Forum is for shop owners and other hardworking people who lost everything in the virus crisis. But Mark Rutte must at all cost be again voted for in the upcoming elections, so he can finish his work to destroy the once richest country in the world. He almost made it.















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