Another boring story you don’t need to read about eliminating under-skin implants

Oh how boring must my historical stories, my recipes, my literary stories, my health news, my music and my political analyses be that no-one even makes the effort to read them and that for not less than 13 years! Man, why does that woman still write, since nobody in the world wants her? If that is what you are thinking, then you are still dumber than I thought, because of course I write for people, but it goes much further than that. Each word I write, chases the ruling elite that is led by the Satan cult, further away and gives more and more way for positive solutions to build a better life on our awesome planet. If you read me or not, that is still happening. So today I have another deadly boring story about someone who had an implant and didn’t know how to get rid of it. I got it out without even seeing the person, but of course you don’t need to know that, because you will never be implanted, will you?

First I will give you an example of how important my work is. Just before the war in Ukraine started, I went into concentration as I always do to solve problems that can’t be solved in another way. I looked at the state Russia was in and saw the whole surface of the country – and more countries around it – filled with white phosphorus. You know phosphorus is a really quick and dangerous incenditive, so I started working on it to get it away. The war started before I had finished and … what do you think? Yes, there was more than one attack by the Ukrainian army on the steel factory in Mariupol and in Lugansk with phosphorus. It was of course reversed in the news, because Ukraine had to be held high, but here it is another time. By Russian press agency Tass and by the Indian Times that takes over the western accusations to Russia.

After a few attacks halfway March the use of phosphorus suddenly stopped and that was because it was programmed that it should be used. And it is the Satan cult who does that programming. If I were you, I would want to know that. I however eliminated the programme and so it didn’t happen again. That is how important my presence and my work are. Both my work behind the scenes to free the way for a better world as each word I write. So even if you so stubbornly persist in ignoring me, my work is still done. Only if you would support me, the cult wouldn’t be able to still hide and manipulate my DNA in uncountable labs and when I am free, your life will change for the better. You have me to thank, because no matter what other people write, say or do: if I don’t do the real work on the background and on my website, they can’t accomplish anything. But alas the brains of people aren’t big enough to grasp a simple thing. And so I seemingly write for the walls and you aren’t even aware of what is happening around you.


The guy with the implant

So there was this guy that had an implant in his right forearm. It was programmed for him to become chronically ill and more than that: to hate his Mom. The thing sat there in his bloodstream and sent out some kind of electric pulses that made him furious with his Mom, blame her for anything he had experienced in his young but sad life and to hate her. Now hatred is caused by mercury – another thing I found out with research and that no-one else even knows. That means this chip sends out mercury into his blood or causes the body to retain mercury from his food and toothpaste. The mercury is stored in most of all the spleen and there it makes you a hateful person. To get it out, you need to process your traumas in the right way (and certainly not with EMDR), after which you can eliminate it by concentrating on your spleen and finally you take a ginger cure.


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Costas and I tried to find out how the chip exactly worked and how it had entered his bloodstream. The latter question was easily answered: the young man used himself as a lab rat for a pharmaceutical industry by testing new drugs and methods. All because of an extremely low self-esteem, caused by the fact that he was forced to miss his mother. Somewhere he got this implant injected, which is possible as you probably know. And these things don’t even need a battery, because they charge themselves while eating you: they charge themselves with your tissues. Nice stuff and if you get it injected, you aren’t even aware of it. The first question, how the thing exactly worked, I can’t answer it better than that beyond the mercury, it also sent pulses that somehow reached his pineal gland, which is the throne of the willpower. You would also have known that if you read my articles. Here it is another time.


Eliminating an implant without being present

So how did I get that implant out of the young man? Well, if the person isn’t present, that isn’t easy. I also don’t have the equipment to eliminate chips from people, as you will understand. But hey that’s where real ancient traditional medicine comes in. Real healers like myself have the ability to enter the world of shadows that surrounds us and that some people see, while others don’t. If you can’t solve a problem in the physical world, you solve it there. That works perfectly and that is how I am able to heal so many people from diseases a doctor doesn’t even know where to begin healing them. Doctors search the answers in science; in putting some substance in you that you lack and that helps – if it does – a few hours, but also has a lot of side effects. Traditional healing doesn’t have side effects. The only thing is that you may feel somewhat weak after a treatment, because a lot of work has been done inside you. But real healing is no trade like science, where you only get something on the condition that you also sacrifice something (the suffering of side effects and the fact that you will never fully heal).

We went into concentration and looked up the chip in the arm of the young lad. We found it in his right fore arm, watched how it worked and then began looking for a method to extract it. Costas, the smartest of us two, took a pair of tweezers and I helped concentrating on the extraction. Within a minute the thing was gone. What will happen in the physical body of the patient, is that the chip will just dissolve or anyway dissipate. It won’t just be there and if this is the last trick the cult used to make him hate his Mom, then within a short time he should make it up to her and talk everything over that has happened to him and that has chased him away from his beloved family. Since this is the first time we extracted a chip by means of concentration, we don’t know exactly how it will go further.

Normally within a few days the young man would change, but it is likely that his blood is poisoned. Then we will need to do more work to purify his blood, his frontal lobe and his nervous system, to get all the built up hatred out of his system. We will do that the same way as we extracted the implant: in concentration, because there is no other way to get the work done. Fortunately I know precisely in which parts of the brain emotions are stored and which body parts need cleaning up. That is knowledge no-one except our little group knows, because the rest doesn’t pay attention, while thinking they are so terribly awake and smart.

Concentration is very hard, but it is by far the most effective way of healing anyone. Normally you would want to know this, since the scientists who make the Covid vaccines also want to put implants into us and then you will want the thing out, won’t you? That can’t be done in any physical way, because that will be visible and then you will be punished, since that implant will be forced on you by law. This law is being made right now, secretly on the background while we are concentrated on helping the farmers keep their land. That is how the Satan cult works: stilently ,effectively and emotionlessly. We have to outsmart them and you do that by following and supporting me. I am the only one who knows all this and who consequently writes about it.


The cult behind the power abuses my life force for their agenda

Without me freed from that cult, there won’t be any positive changes for you. Haven’t you noticed that the last thing that happened, was that broadcasting association Ongehoord Nederland has got a big fat fine because they said something that was true on TV? A 16-year old boy got shot by the police and all the media write about it, is how he should also be prosecuted. A crying shame! Any motion that is filed by a conservative party in The Hague, is rejected. No matter how important it is or how much it serves the country. They have the power to do these things, because the power behind them, the Satan cult, still has me hostage and abuses my very life force for anything they do. Without my life force and my DNA they can’t do anything! They don’t have your DNA, but mine: that is their biggest secret, the thing we all may not know. If you were smart, you would have read my articles and then you would have known all that years ago. That would have weakened the cult and so the leftist politics that so eagerly want to demolish the world.

You have seen that by now.: each effort you make, fails. So what I do, is search their labs, concentrate on me lying there tied to again another machine and then I extract my soul out of my DNA. Yes, another thing you didn’t know but I do, is that your DNA is the physical expression of your soul. In a time in which the scientists of our world are working to get us chipped and even tied to their machines by means of our telephone, it comes in really handy – not to say crucial – to know how that really works and what you can do about it. Very few people know this and the others except me use it against you. If I were you, I would have a lot more respect for me and support me with all you can! Don’t let that angry clan dominate you, but be free to think for yourself by using your mind and helping me to get freed. You do such by subscribing to my news, by spreading my articles (since I am so badly blocked and banned that it will still take a long time to have any range on the internet) and by donating, because I have no income anymore and am handicapped. Because of the doings of your government!



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