Bakhmut has fallen just now. Would that make an end to the war in Ukraine?

After 9.5 months finally the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut – or Artyomovsk in Russian – fell in the hands of the Russian mercenaries of Wagner. The first thought I had when I saw it in a video of Hindustan Times on YouTube was: “Will that war finally stop now?”. We will see, just read this article and you will have an idea of what is next to happen in Ukraine and Russia.

Here is the first news about it on Reuters. Kyiv says the city hasn’t been taken, but the situation is very difficult for the Ukrainian army. Funny thing is that the Russians almost never lie. They just tell you straightaway how things are and that’s that, while the Ukrainian government has been caught so many times on a lie that I don’t believe them anymore. Anyway, Yevgeny Prigozhin the Wagner boss says the city was taken at noon already (10AM here in Europe) and his army will leave Bakhmut in five days. Here is his statement:


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Casualties of the Battle of Bakhmut, Wikipedia.

If you ask how many people lost their lives in this battle in Bakhmut alone, you will see totally different numbers according to Wikipedia. And they didn’t even ask Russia, only estimations from the west that wasn’t there, from Ukraine, US and DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic).

Russian press agency Tass says the Russian mercenaries of Wagner killed approximately 95 Ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries per day. The battle lasted 224 days, so that would be 21,280. They don’t write about Russian casualties, but BBC estimates about 20,000. I think we are going to get these numbers straight in a few days from now.

Everybody is surprised, shocked and either happy or sad and defeated at the moment. Not everyone is even convinced the horrorful battle in Bakhmut is really, really over. It needs a bit time to get the facts straight if we will have that, since no-one wants to acknowledge they have reported errors and the west doesn’t like to be defeated by Russia at all. Because that is actually what happened: the west is defeated by the Russians, or “Poot’n” as the Americans call Putin in their so funny accent.


What will happen now?

To me the war is over now. Russia controls more or less the whole Donetsk and Lugansk and that is what the war was about. Ukraine didn’t want to stop killing its citizens there and so the Russian army came to stop the shootings and bombings. Now that they conquered the two Donbass republics, I think the war should be over. Thing is however that the US has just given its okay to sending a load of F16 fighter jets to Ukraine and that will bring the country a lot of cash. So it’s very well possible that the Biden government will push the war further and further. We will see and let us hope for the best!


This is my video 2 hours ago when Bakhmut had just fallen:




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