Montmartre, Paris

Ballon d’Or 2022 handed out in beautiful Parisian theater

The Ballon d’Or or Golden Soccer Ball will be handed out today in the magnifiqueThéâtre du Châtelet in Paris. For who doesn’t know it: it’s a yearly great happening in which the Golden Ball or Ballon d’Or as it is officially called, is handed out to all the best and finest soccer player in the world. For years it was handed out the one year to Lionell Messi and the other year to Cristiano Ronaldo, but this year the super nominated man is the French-Algerian Karim Benzema. But he is not alone!

Théâtre du Châtelet Façade
Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris

Before we go to the ball of balls, let me first mention that El Clásico or the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona yesterday evening was won by Real with 3-1. My son, who helped me with this article, added that also Liverpool F.C. beat Manchester City with 1-0. As a great Real fan he couldn’t be happier.


Ballon d’Or

Thirty super football players have been nominated, among whom the French – half Algerian and half Cameroonian – Kylian Mbappé with his great speed. He plays for Paris St. Germain and makes a real chance. There are whispers going around that he wants to leave the French capital next January for Liverpool, but BBC says Mbappé himself denies this. That seems obvious, since he just signed a new contract with Paris in May this year.


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Also Luka Modrić and Casemiro who play together with hero Karim Benzema at Real Madrid, are nominated. And of course the other legend Robert Lewandowski from Bayern München. Benzema used to be the striker for Real Madrid together with Cristiano Ronaldo. Most of the time he gave the super passes to Ronaldo who would then score and he was heavily criticised for that. But now that Ronaldo has first left for Juventus and later for Manchester United, it’s Benzema who does most of the scoring and in the Champions Leagues where he played, he scored a total of 86 goals. That puts him on the fourth place of all soccer players in the world, right after Ronaldo (140), Messi (127) and Lewandowski (91).

All together it will be an exciting evening tomorrow at 8:30 PM Mid-European Time (GMT+2) in the beautiful theater in Paris. Don’t forget to watch! In the Netherlands it start at 7 PM on Ziggo Sport. On this website you can find on which channel and what time to watch in your country. I wish you a lot of fun and see you tomorrow for the news and analysis like always on Untold Times.



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