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Beating Alzheimer’s with natural means II

One of the diseases I personally am still trying to beat, is Alzheimer’s disease: a severe memory loss I’ve suffered from since my youth. Last December I found the first clues of how to heal it, when I listened to and watched a video by NewsMax Health. After that, they many times had other articles and videos about the disease, but there was nothing in it that I needed in order to really cure it forever. The cures offered on NewsMax Health are natural, yes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the disease again. For that you need to really dig up the very root of it and that is what we will do today. There is very good news too and scientific proof.


The world of thoughts

In my previous article about Alzheimer’s and Dementia I wrote about a bacteria – it listens to the name porphyromonas gingivalis – that causes the disease. I will continue writing about memory loss, because all I am going to say, is valid for each kind of memory loss. Now that I know the whole story, I can start at the beginning and run you through it until the very end, which is the cure to a good memory. I myself had this disease since my childhood because of extremely severe abuse on all levels possible and hatred towards me by my foster “parents”. Now I’m 55 and I still remember things – or better: I again remember more and more things from my past and by remembering and processing the events, my memory starts working better and better. My own memory has also been erased three times by the Satan sect I was a victim of, which makes my case a lot worse than many others’. Yet I never totally lost my memory.

What did happen to me, was and is still something I never understood about myself. I also didn’t know what to do about it. I was always in thoughts and not alert or open to others: daydreams. My children and also friends told me time and time again I was so deep away in my thoughts that they couldn’t get my attention. I was just healing myself in my thoughts during such periods, so I was actually in a deep concentration. Only that before I became a healer I wasn’t aware of the fact that the daydreaming actually had a purpose: getting myself healed from all kinds of traumas and I was chasing away negative people from my life, by breaking their power over me in concentration.

Everyone who suffers from memory loss, does this; only they probably don’t know about it. They are talking to people who physically aren’t there, but who do stand in their way and they try to chase them. That is because they can’t remember their traumas, but they do see the people who caused those traumas. The thing is that a healthy healing is done consciously, like I did later for my patients. When you have a memory disease, the people who have hurt you in the past attract you to your thoughts’ world. In my case it wasn’t severe enough to keep me there long enough not to be able to return to normal life. That was because I am a healer and I can actually chase the spirits of those people away. But others don’t have this healing gift and so they turn around in circles in the world of their thoughts. That is why they become very sick and die from it, while I was able to keep myself alive.


The real cause of memory loss

The complete and real cause of memory loss starts with a trauma somewhere in life. It doesn’t need to have occurred in childhood, like in my case. Something happened to the patient that they couldn’t defend themselves against. Maybe they were physically attacked or someone said something so nasty to them, that shocked them so they couldn’t react. Then the memory didn’t enter the brain where all processed memories are stored, but it entered the thymus gland. Right in the middle of the breast just underneath the throat. In the thymus gland white bloodcells are ripening and it is the seat of the immune system – which is our army against invaders like bacteria and viruses, but also traumatic experiences. The thymus gland tries to get rid of the memory by attracting the attention of the person, so that the person can have it processed in the brain. That doesn’t happen however, because the person doesn’t remember the shock.

Now if you have unprocessed traumas, in time you will have problems in the bowels: the belly is the place where feelings are felt. The thymus gland has weakened by the burden in it and can’t deliver enough white bloodcells to keep your body and especially your bowels clean. Since it is the memory that got a blow, a bacteria that eats the memory, is born: porphyromonas gingivalis. After its birth it travels to the mouth where it causes an inflammation of the gums (also called gingiva). Then it continues its journey all the way to your brain, where it eats up the dendrites: the very small ends of the neurons (brain cells) that interconnect the memory cells. On the image above this article you can see the dendrites. What the bacteria leaves behind as thanks, is a plaque that covers the brain more and more: a brain fog. As this becomes worse and worse, the person loses more and more memories and gets lost all the time in their thoughts’ world.


And now the cure: first the gums

Essential oil from cloves

I will start with the bacteria in the mouth, because most people don’t know they have them and suffer from pain and loss of teeth, as the gums get retreated more and more. Now if you have a breath that smells when you wake up in the morning, you’ve got your proof that this porphyromonas gingivalis is present in your mouth. If you can kill it before it destroys your whole gum and your teeth fall out, that’s the best. Killing of course isn’t enough, because if you don’t solve the problem behind it – the reason why the bacteria is produced in the first place – it will come back all the time. Yet killing it does help for a while and buys you time to get back your memory. The bacteria is killed by clove oil: essential oil from cloves. You can put two drops on a piece of cotton and wet it a little. Then you push the cotton on the place where it hurts for about five seconds. Rinse with water, because cloves are quite spicy.


The cure for the rest of memory loss

Time for the good news I promised: I had to get my memories back the hard way, because the ancient knowledge of how to cure memory loss was gone. Costas and I had to retrieve it first and so I had to dig and dig in my memories to get all the horrific traumas out and ask for them to come out in dreams, since my memories were erased by this evil Satan sect. I needed almost two years to get everything back and just these days when we found the complete cure. It’s a mixture of herbs and healing food that you can take as a cure. That will retrieve your memories, process them and get you back from your thoughts’ world with a functioning memory.

I am not the type of person to make a whole fuzz of it. No, I just say things how they are and that’s it. It’s no miracle, because you have to work for it by taking all the medicine you need. You will also have to process the memories of traumas when they start coming up. First I will mention the medicinal plants you need to take and then I will suggest a handy and effective way of taking them. So you need:

  • Lemon for taking away the plaque from your brain
  • Vitamine D and sesame (selenium!) in order to grow new dendrites that connect your neurons, so you will start remembering again
  • Ginseng for a well functioning memory
  • Cinnamon which cleans toxins in your blood, so the nutrients also in your blood reach your brain very fast
  • Wheat which is anti-inflammatory and gets your white blood cells to work again
  • Blueberries to extend the life-span of dendrites and in general to be strong
  • Mandarin in order to stop the bacteria from growing again. Mandarin also flushes away old plaques, together with the lemon
  • Camomille tea for a fast processing of traumas and to get your memories back


You will have to take all of this for quite some weeks and probably months. How long you need to take them depends on how severe the memory loss is. You start taking the cure for two weeks and then take one week off to see if there are already results. In that way you keep track of your progress and you don’t get too much used to the cure, so that it keeps on working the best way it can. You take the cure once a day in this way:

In the morning, afternoon or evening you take it: at the moment when you have the time and the rest for it. The most important thing is not to get stressed out because of the meds! Stress and anxiety make you more ill, don’t they? So somewhere during the day when you feel comfortable, you take the dose. Even better: you can also take the different parts separately. Something of it in the morning, something in the afternoon and the rest in the evening. If only you take it!

  • A large cup or glass of ginseng tea with cinnamon in it and lemon. You boil the water in a pan, not in the water cooker. When it boils, you put half a handful of dried ginseng root in it and half a cinnamon stick. Don’t worry about different kinds of cinnamon or ginseng: they all work. You boil it for two minutes and then you add some fresh lemon juice. Drink it as hot as possible, but again: don’t panic. It just works faster if you drink it hot, but if you can’t, you will just need some more time until you see results – that’s all.
  • One or more pieces of white bread with cinnamon seeds on it. Yes I know you will be upset with me now that I ask you to eat white bread, while we’ve been told to eat our bread as dark as possible for our health. But that is only good for people who don’t have any bowel issues. If you have whatever metabolism problems, white bread is better, because the shells of the wheat will stay in your bowls and make you even more sick.
  • Half a glass of concentrated blueberry juice. If you have the right one, it costs between €6 and €8 in the Netherlands for 70ml, a small bottle of three full glasses. In other countries I don’t have an idea how much it costs. It is expensive, but a bottle will take you about 7 days.
  • Two mandarines (or tangerines) a day.


No video

Now you maybe ask yourself: where’s the NewsMax video? Well … I deliberately won’t share it with you. Not because I don’t like you guys, but because the man in it told a couple of things that just aren’t true but that might confuse you. Furthermore he doesn’t know a thing about healing herbs and I do. Hundreds of people got cured from so many diseases by taking the medicine I advised them and anyone who didn’t listen to me, stayed sick. So why should I get you into temptation? No reason for it! The man in the video also promises anyone who takes his pills – yes he made pills out of the herbs and plants – will get fully cured from Alzheimer’s or other memory loss. That is just bonkers. Prince Harry of England yesterday called the First Amendment of the United States – which guarantees freedom of speech – bonkers, but I find telling square lies to patients much more bonkers, to be honest.

So have a lot of success with your cure and please let me know your results! You will really not be cured within a couple of weeks nor will your grandma or whoever has lost their memory. It takes more time, but how much depends on how severe the loss is and how healthy the person in general is. How many traumas the person has, that got stuck in their thymus gland and how well you are capable of really processing them, so that they will automatically get stored in the brain. Now thumbs up underneath on WordPress, Facebook and/or Twitter, do subscribe for the newsletter and don’t forget a donation for the trouble I make every time to write hecks of articles! Have a good week and don’t forget to wish me a good week too.














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