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Beating Alzheimer’s with natural means

Before I start writing this article, let’s draw a conclusion: I am a hero! Yes I am: I drank a whole glass of camomille tea without sugar and also a cup of coffee almost without sugar. That is a gigantic achievement for someone who loves sugar as much as I do. If you want to beat bacterial infections however, you need to drastically diminish sugar. For other things you need sugar – otherwise it wouldn’t exist, but not for this purpose. Beating Alzheimer’s with natural means.

Why with natural means? Two reasons: 1. because I don’t have access to doctors as I have already pointed out in other articles and 2. if you beat diseases and other medical conditions in the right natural way, you won’t fall ill again and you don’t need to keep on medicating yourself for your whole life. First you need to know from where I have all my knowledge, of which a lot is new. Well, of course I read medical websites, especially with medical research. I receive pieces of information from others who know about the origin or treatment of diseases or at least they think they know. Not everything science finds, is true! If it was, scientists wouldn’t change their sayings so often. The other way in which I have information, is from my own memory. I come from a family of natural healers and both of my parents know everything about how to cure diseases. I inherited this knowledge and so I just ‘know’ things out of the blue. It doesn’t come up easily because of my brain injuries and of course the Alzheimer’s, but when I ask for it, it sometimes does and at such moments I ask a lot of questions. Write all the answers down and then I test them in my environment and have never failed in 10 years. Only one thing: first you always need to cure your old sorrows and traumas. Otherwise no medicine will really cure you.

Now I will start telling you something you possibly won’t like: some products you should NOT use. Ever. The reason why you must avoid them, whatever other people tell you, is that they undermine your iron level. Without iron you are prone to infections and some bacteria – like the ones that cause Alzheimer’s, Lyme disease and who knows how many more – eat your iron. They need it for thriving, but your iron is yours and you need to thrive on it too. Don’t give bacteria the chance to grow within you and make you ill! Here are the products you need to avoid at all cost. Anything made of:


  • aloe vera
  • cannabis, THC, CBD, hemp
  • anything else that intoxicates, e.g. ayahuasca, opioids etc.
  • Celtic seasalt
  • table salt
  • any kind of vinegar, yes also apple cider vinegar
  • bogus psychological methods like EMDR or EFT
  • eating too much junkfood
  • being unhygienic (the last three also cause an iron deficiency)

There is one exception if you ask me: if you have a lot of pain and THC or CBD oil helps against the pain, you just take it. Need is need!


The recipe against Alzheimer’s: processing and healing pain, sorrow, traumas and shocks

Now what you do need to do to get cured – or at least to see a lot of progress – from Alzheimer’s disease. First of all I always insist on processing and healing traumas, old pain and sorrow and shock incidents or accidents. These shake your brain and form obstacles to your innate self-healing ability. I lost my whole right hemisphere because of child abuse, but I still heal in time from all diseases I ever had. This Alzheimer’s thing I’ve had it since I was one year old! Everybody else would have lost their complete memory and have died, but not me. My left hemisphere protected me and gave me intellectual interests that kept my memories somewhat alive. Most people lose part of their left hemisphere after traumatic experiences. Then you don’t see the truth anymore, your altruism stops working and your memory doesn’t store information anymore. Mine does; the problem is that it doesn’t come out at the right moment, but the information is all there. Even my erased memories are still somewhere present in a corner of my mind. This is why I always heal and why I never died from all horror I’ve been through because of the ISS, Dutch FIOM and Youth Care. It is also why almost everybody else does not heal. Your self-healing ability in some way needs a working left hemisphere of the brain.

So you have to retrieve the parts of your brain that stopped functioning properly and fiddle them together until they start working again. Each time you get a part of your brain to go back to work, you heal a bit and that’s how it works. If you go to a psychologist, coach or other person for EMDR, you lock your mind further and further. EMDR opens your trauma, talks a bit about it and then fades it out. You don’t process any trauma and what do you think a faded, unprocessed trauma is gonna do to you? Just plain logics! Well … it would probably start working against you, like it would cause unconscious behaviour and in the long term make you incurably ill. And who knows what more? Traumas, shocks and other painful incidents are sad, but you must heal them if you want a happy, prosperous and healthy life! You see it in me: even if I have this healing ability, I became very sick because I didn’t heal my old pain. It wasn’t my fault, because my memory was erased, but still you see with your own eyes what it does. I can’t even leave the house, for I can just collapse in the middle of the road or a shop because of another stroke. I can’t remember almost anything even if I work so hard to keep my memory working, I have always pain in my whole body and a lot more. That is what you do to yourself if you ignore emotional and physical pain and refuse to properly process it.


Part 2 of the remedy against Alzheimer’s: use the RIGHT products

I know what goes around on the internet, in hospitals and in alternative practices, concerning what you supposedly need to do against different diseases and conditions. The weirdest, most ineffective and most dangerous “products” are being sold to desperate patients. I can cure because I go until the bottom of whatever may bother me or someone else, like it or not. All the way through pain and everything I seek the deepest cause and then I pull it out. Then you will maybe get another disease or condition, but not the same again. The door to that is closed. When I had cured my MS, I never had it again. When the Lyme disease was gone, same thing and with the diabetes again same thing. I never had these diseases again, nor Crohn disease, COPD and the rest I have already forgotten. The cause is gone and so you’re free.

After having done the psychological processing work, you can take some natural medicaments in order to heal further. As I already told: this nasty bacteria that causes Alzheimer’s – porphyromonas gingivalis – devores your iron. It lives in your mouth and causes a mean gum infection. But bacteria are most of the time born in the bowels and that is where this bacteria was born as well. It then goes to your teeth and from there to your brain, where it causes a plaque on the connections between cells. Voilà you start forgetting when your cells can’t communicate anymore, because their Wifi is blocked. The information is still there but it can’t come out. Now the cause of the birth of bacteria in your bowel is a bit long story for here, but in very short it’s a local iron shortage in the liver. Your gal isn’t strong enough to properly clean your bowels and in the edges food stays behind: a nice nest for bacteria growth.

What do you think you should do about that? Well, you don’t need to be a doctor for that: get more iron! If you want to take iron pills, don’t do that on my advise. For such things you need to go to your doctor. I have another way of helping you get more iron: drink half a glass of concentrated blueberry juice and a whole glass of fresh orange juice every day. Do that for at most 2 weeks and see if you feel stronger and better. If not, do it another two weeks. If there is no improvement, you probably have more pain to process or there is another medical reason. I can’t see that from a distance for the whole world and moreover visiting a doctor is always a good idea. They can measure your iron, Hb and ferritin level and prescribe you iron pills if your iron is really low. Also please don’t stop regular medicine when trying my method!

If you have problems with these juices, you start with daily 2 cups of chamomile tea. With honey and lemon juice if you can tolerate it, otherwise without. You can add some vanilla if you want. Preferably not vanilla sugar (powder), but liquid vanilla or fresh vanilla sticks. Vanilla is full of cupper and that helps to keep your iron level high enough. What you also need, is cinnamon, because that helps transport all vitamins, minerals and other chemical substances that you extract from your food to your brain. Then simply your brain works more optimal, which anyone needs. If your brain works too hard, it will help calming it down. When the bacteria has been killed, you need to stuff yourself with mandarin (or tangerine)! Manderins stop bacteria from growing within you and they subsequently keep you young.

Last but not least: you need bread! Wheat is also a medicinal plant: it stimulates white bloodcells to effectively fight invaders such as bacteria, viruses and parasites. I know nowadays everyone thinks you should not eat bread, but that is a foolish mistake. In case you’re religious: maybe you remember from your Bible lessons that God said more than once to the Jewish people and Jesus said it too that your daily bread is the base of your food pattern. In Greece bread is considered sacred and we’re not even allowed to throw it away. Yet nowadays no-one eats it anymore. No that’s wrong and not eating bread makes you ill. Bread also doesn’t make you fat. What makes you fat, can be many things but the first thing is if you don’t move or sport a bit and another cause is diabetes type 2. Or a deficiency in your lymphatic system and so on. One more thing: if you have problems with your bowels or are prone to allergies, better take white bread for a while. Not just any white trash from the supermarket, but good quality bread without chemicals in it: Middle Eastern flat bread, baguette or organic bread. You don’t need tons of it, but just eat some bread. I myself couldn’t tolerate it for years and so I ate cookies. What could I do? After the disease of Crohn had improved enough, I could eat bread again. Bake it myself and love it!


  • Concentrated blueberry juice, fresh orange juice and vanilla help you increase your iron levels.
  • Chamomile tea desinfects and calms you down. It also reminds your brain of how to beat diseases. Very important herb that helps fight many diseases.
  • Honey also desinfects and helps to kill the bacteria.
  • Lemon does the same and is also full of iron and vitamin C so you heal faster.
  • Cinnamon transports substances and nutrients from your food to your brain for better brain function.
  • Mandarin (or tangerine) block the growth of bacteria within you.
  • Wheat (bread) stimulates white bloodcells to work harder and fight infections.
  • Olive oil helps against any disease and keeps you strong.
  • Not too much sugar, because sugar helps bacteria grow and ruins your teeth.


You can add a bit lemon juice to your tea, your salads or water. Cinnamon goes in the coffee and tea and on sweets or even fresh fruit. Vanilla also goes in the coffee and anything sweet. In that way you get considerable amounts of it and it will help the healing process. What you also need, is no extreme or hip diets like low-carbon, keto for a long time, paleo, vega and so on. Your body needs meat and fish, so just eat it! I would love to be a vegetarian, but it’s just not good and I think I helped my diseases grow faster by not eating meat and fish for years in my twenties.

If this doesn’t work, it may mean you have other medical conditions. It may mean you have even more pain to heal or maybe something else. I would never advise anyone not to go to a regular doctor. But the method I describe will certainly help you forward, not only with Alzheimer’s but with many other diseases as well. Processing traumas and pain is at least 50% of the healing process, maybe even 80. Eating normal healthy food also helps a lot.

Getting some sport or at least move a bit and get some fresh air helps and oh this other very important thing: do air your house every day! Just open the windows everywhere in the house on a daily basis, even if it’s cold. 20 minutes is enough in winter. Fresh oxygen is the most important thing in life! Last thing: look for positive people to interact with. Negative people ruin your day, even your life and yes they also make you ill with their poisoned remarks and negative attitude in life. Away with sour people and welcome to nice and friendly people. Humour also! So important!

There is a part two of this cure! More is needed to get totally cured from memory loss by Alzheimer’s or dementia (or other causes). You find part II here.















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