Bizarre ritual to change bodies!

Bizarre ritual to change bodies!

I have ordened this article in the category ‘science’, because as bizarre as it is: science can explain it! As a linguist I can’t, as a healer I can but not scientifically – so if you want to have it explained, I’m afraid I do have to send you to a eugenicist. As I have told more than once eugenicists combine science with occultism and that’s how these robot things that mow your garden, work. Today I am going to tell you about what I think is more or less the most wacko thing you’ve ever heard and it’s true too: changing bodies. I’ve already put the open fire for you with a glass of wine, so I’d say come join me.

Natassa 9 years old

This is so insane that you can’t even talk about it without making jokes OR getting really upset. Upset I have been my whole life, so let’s blend some humour in here. This ritual is of course a satanic one – what else could it be? – soooo there is sexual abuse involved. The satan sect trademark, especially for kids. So … I was 9 years old, like on the photo here to the right. It has been taken before the witual and that’s why I’m still a bit like alive or so there. I didn’t remember any of this, because what these monsters are also stars at, that is at erasing memories. Why they gave my body to someone else, I can only guess. What counts is that they were able to do such delusional kind of things and when I will have finished my story, you will know how they got me sick in the first place.


Handing out other people’s stuff

Now they gave my body to the girl who would become that first high priestess of them, Queen Mother Darkness. The sect wanted me to become that priestess and so they were ambitious enough to think that I would go hurt children, have them raped or rape them myself, slay them, kill them, drink their blood, eat their heart, rape and kill them. And then they have the guts to call me schizophrenic! I know a couple-others … and this is their religion!

You can do a whole lot of endlessy freaky and creepy things to people, but you can never turn a good person bad. However wicked you are, no matter how many magical books and spells you know by head: that is just impossible. You can make a person lose it for a moment and do something bad, but then that person will always know they were led into it and they didn’t do it themselves. So now the sect had a problem: they wanted to squeeze me into that mob of theirs and now I needed to get a role. After all what they do, is play a huge and dark spectacle! They only know one thing and that is evil, hardship, doing things the wrong and hard way and terror. When they catch good people as their prisoners, they just destroy them, not knowing anything better to do with them. They can’t stand goodness! It itches them as if they’re dying.


Queen Bonkers

Now I was a gorgeous little girl, even with my teeth destroyed after these “foster parents” beat me half dead every other day. Even with my big fat glasses which had the same cause and my clumsiness as well. They were jealous and upset, so then one of the oddballs had the idea to change my body with a girl from the sect who would now become their Queen Bonkers. She was 16 years old and me 9. Soooo … They put me on such a board that they call an altar and the girl next to me also on a board. Big candles around us in the shape of a pentagram, room made dark and then a male priest came to rape first me and then her. Five women around him were waving with metallic pentagrams in their hands and in a corner five men also in long black togas were chanting creepy and ugly low tones. If it weren’t so horrific you would laugh your head off. These nutters take themselves so seriously! Unbelieveable.

Then I saw myself – that must have been my soul – come out of my chest. Out of the other girl I saw her soul float upwards too. Then her soul flew towards me, mine towards her and they went inside the wrong person. Then they woke us (apparently they didn’t know I had been awake the whole time) and got us off the boards. Blew the candles out, pulled off their robes and it was as if nothing had happened. Of course they erased my memory with the EFT trick by tapping on my face and shoulder. Now I was her and she was me and from that moment on I went cold, felt nothing until 5 weeks ago and became all sicker and sicker. She had my sweet radiance, my smile and seemed the nice person that I still was … inside. When I ate, she became strong and vice versa. This is the reason why I have been eating weird and unhealthy food the last years. She made me sick so now I make her sick too. Easy-peasy. She could have given me my body back ages ago, but didn’t want to. So I forced her and today the last piece of her is totally unwillingly coming out of me. And the last pieces of myself are appearing from her now. It isn’t yours lady, so now you’re going to be really sick and old. That is your own fault. I have taken care a lot better of your body than you did of mine, so now you’ll experience what you’ve done to me, like I will experience what I’ve done to you.


I am you – you are me

Well, this is the story. I have looked like shite all my life because of her. She could very well have refused to become me, but she wanted this. She is an extreme narcissist, that’s why. Now you will understand how many people don’t see who I am, how this horror sect can make people hate and ignore me. Why I never have success, even if I know so well how to accomplish it. Why I can eat as much as I want or nothing at all, but nothing changes: I am not inside my body and so I live and eat for her, while she has deliberately been poisoning me all those years. Plus she’s a veganist, hence the reason why I am always so deadly tired and sick. She had already lost most control over me and that is why she has grown even fatter than me myself. Now that she will have her own thingees back, we’ll see who will thrive and who will go down!

She made me fail in life, be unhappy, she destroyed my boys and well, she is the one incapable of earning an income. I have been struggling hard for it, but my successes went to her and I got the results of her lazy and foul life. When I was nice to others, they’d love her instead of me and that way we can go on for hours to see how I just don’t have any grip on my life: my actions affect her. She never tried anything in her life, but the result of her idleness was my reward. Until today! I don’t know how long it will still take to get my own stuff back, but let’s say a week. Then I will be the owner of my life and then you will see who Natassa really is. What the other woman does, isn’t my business. She will just get the fruit of her own behaviour like she should have had for a long time.


“Don’t make the peculiar normal”

Now I am far from the only one to whom this has been cooked. I’ve had at least fifty patients in my practice who suffered from the same problem. As fast as these sect hyenas do their ritual dumbness, ten times harder do we need to work to correct things. I wish we could do it faster, but unfortunately that is impossible. No-one in the world except God and me can even do this work. Luckily these satan lunatics tie all their actions to me, so when I get freed, others will be partially freed as well. Let’s start focussing on me, so I can help them afterwards.


Music! You definitely need that. I’ll be nice and let you hear something completely normal, but wonderful. This is the unique Maria Soultatou and she sings Gioulbahar for you with this super fine orchestra from the tv show Στην υγειά μας – Steen eeyá mas – ‘to our health’. Enjoy and see you along! And: don’t forget to share, subscribe to the newsletter and to donate! Journalists who tell the truth-kind-of-thing can’t exist in these times without donations.










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