Bow for The Supreme Head of the World!

Every time I think now I have the highest, the utmost and supreme head of the world, but there is still someone above them. Yet this time I got her hooked! One and a half meter tall, 55 kilos and 96 years old: Queen Elizabeth of England is the boss of about half of the world and almost nobody knows it. She is still above the Circle of Nine about which I wrote last week and she runs the place. Today we shall tune in to her, but always with humor.


Struggling to be the boss

Whispers go around that Elizabeth still has influence in the United States. Through Washington D.C. or through some hidden and top secret documents. I tried to find any of those, but really in 1776 all ties were broken between Great Britain and the United States. The independence of America was signed. In Canada, Australia and New Zealand the English Queen is still the Head of State, but these countries have a small flag of England in their national flag. The US doesn’t, so really the UK has officially backed off there. Thing is that the Queen always has her minions: other people that belong to the Satan sect – oh there she goes again, I hear you think. Yes, I can’t help it! These Neanderthalers do rule the world and if we want to make an end to that, we should start by saying it out loud. Sic!

They still live in stone age

Again: being a Satanist doesn’t mean that you do satanic rituals or believe in the Devil. Satanists believe in the Gnostics, an heresy that passionately wants to belong to Christianism, but is strongly and rightly so rejected by real Christians. These people believe in the Apocryph books of the Bible that have been left out since ages, because they simply aren’t true or authentic and don’t tell stories that contribute anything to the Christian belief. In Gnostic temples satanic rituals are done a few times per year, but almost no-one frequents these temples. The “education” is mostly done at home by the parents and other family members. You see how stone-age they are? They haven’t even written down their belief. There are also plenty of Satanists that are Muslims, Buddhists, Hinduists, Yezidi or whatever other religion and there are even agnosts. It’s a totally mismatched bunch of bandits.

The whole world has began as more or less satanistic, because people didn’t know who God was and didn’t always know the difference between good and evil. That what the King says, is good, was the moral in many parts of the world and for a long, long time. So if the King’s daughter was sick and somebody needed to die to save her life, that was entitled to be good, see? In fact it’s a satanic way of thinking: that people should be victimised to save the king or some other principal person. Anywhere where a victim is so-called needed, there is a satanic element, because life and God – goodness – say that no victim is ever needed and everyone has the right to live a healthy, fullfilled and happy life. Trying to manipulate and influence other people’s lives is not what goodness teaches and goodness is most of the time called God.

Modern satanists believe in God, but they believe God is half good and half bad. And they believe they are forced by God to embody evil in the world. That is why this idiot “religion” is so difficult to eradicate. How many people haven’t still got halfway satanic ideas of evil being “normal” or “inevitable” and that there wouldn’t be enough space for everyone to be happy, so we have to sacrifice for one another? How many politicians still believe problems can’t be totally solved and so they mess up things? Yes, thinking in limits instead of in plenty is a remainder of ancient times in which we believed in the devil. It’s a left-over of the cave people! If I drink your blood, I’ll be smart like you. Satanists just haven’t gone along with the rest of the world that chose for developing itself into someting more positive.


Here is JP with a hilarious and very true satire about the Young Global Leaders, the totally deluded programme by the WEF to train people who also don’t solve problems but make them bigger and are satanists:




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The British Empire once comprised almost half of the world, thanks to The Week.

United Kingdom in the EU: why?

The United Kingdom became a member of the then European Economic Community in 1973. I remember they entered with difficulty just like they quit with difficulty in 2020. They entered because their empire was collapsing and they sought to take back the world power they once had. They couldn’t do that directly, so they had to work through France and Germany,  by inspiring them to want world dominance. Pour la Grandeur de la France and Für die Weltherrschaft. Like it or not, but neither Emmanuel Macron nor Angela Merkel or Olaf Scholz fell for the idea.

Working through others by keeping yourself hidden like a rat doesn’t really work. As much as Madam the Queen & Co got it done to push through a constitution for Europe and even a President and an all-mighty Chair of the Commission (Juncker and now Von der Leyen), Europe didn’t want anything from England and fthe country ell out of the step constantly. That gave a looooot of irritation! So the English government gave up hope and quit the EU two years ago with a lot of pain and troubles. But if you think this was their defeat, you are mistaken! No no, the UK decided to go on trying to become the world dominator until the fat lady would sing. Not the people in the country, but their queen and I’m not the only one who says it.


Tying the knots with the old allies

So now that they are alone again, they are tying the knots with the United States where their largest lobby is, with Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In fact the Queen still works behind the scenes and through others, but better some of the pudding than no pie at all and so she tries and tries to gain control of the world through this masquerade of the World Economic Forum, that is run by one of her top minions Klaus Schwab, member of the Circle of Nine just below her. The EU is also run by one of these types – Ursula – and in the US she has got Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Elon Musk, but lost Bill Gates who decided to do nice things as soon as he saw the light during the last few months. In the Netherlands the Queen has got Mark Rutte and Ferd Grapperhaus and in Belgium Marc van Ranst. Yes the evil side in the world still has some power, but Elizabeth can never step out in the light and tell the world like: “Well hi I’m Eliza and I’m your boss”. People will throw tomatoes at her.

Maybe you now understand why it was exactly Mark Rutte from the tiny country by the sea, who went to see The Great Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin from the largest and really powerful country in the world, when the latter started his military operation cq invaded Ukraine last February. That is also why Marc van Ranst, just another medical doctor in the last country of the world, Belgium (however much I love that country!) arranges the whole Covid lockdown operation in Europe: they are in that Circle of Nine and have more power than you would think. Yet they can’t do everything.


One of many awesome castles in Ukraine. I called this the Chocolat Castle.

And then … the Russians came

Now I know it’s not totally fair to say the war in Ukraine saved the world from these God-hating lunatics. I hate war just like most people and would have loved a peaceful solution for this beautiful country. Yet the facts are that it was completely overrun by people with fascistic ideas, even if the known Nazis aren’t so many maybe. Of course: a politician wouldn’t openly say he or she sympathizes with Nazism, but what this country has done to the eastern regions of the Donbass is no less than what happened during the Second World War. I have seen torture there that originated directly from Hitler and his executioners and history even says it: Ukraine was with the side of Hitler in this horrific war and there are still Nazis left there. Also have other Nazis fled there from Germany, just like they went to the Soviet Union and the US. These are facts.

The Russian Federation didn’t send its army to destroy Ukraine, but to destroy the Ukrainian military bases where the Nazis were and are still hidden. It isn’t the Russian army that shells and shoots civilians, but the Ukrainian army that does this. That is just terrible, but how do you want to stop that if Russia has to leave the country? The Ukrainian government had to create a federal state just like many other states, so that the Ukrainian and Russian-speaking people both had their rights and their place. Instead they oppressed the Russian speakers and started torturing and killing them, with a special preference for children (!). Since the whole Europe and all the other western countries are under the ban of Madam Eliza and her friends, who don’t want peace at all there, who else than Russia can make things right there? Yes there is a fair chance that Russia will also partially fail in their effort.

Who is to blame if that happens? Well … the EU and America (NATO)! They support the Nazis in Ukraine and weaponise them. They stand in the way that there can be peace in that wonderful country full of flowers and sweet people. As the situation has become, the east of Ukraine can’t stay part of that country anymore, since the population gets murdered there. The war is a proxy-war between the by the Queen of England cum suis dominated west and the rest of the world, not only Russia. No person and not even a government in the world is on the side of the west and more and more political leaders dare to speak out about it. Yes, there should be immediate peace: Ukraine must admit its losses, all Nazis must be imprisoned and there must be a new government, that is democratically chosen by the population of the country. This government is guilty of many war and other corruption crimes, so it can’t continue ruling Ukraine. And the Donbass will join Russia.


Not if but when

The question is not if but how long will it take to create peace in Ukraine and how many more people will need to die before Madam & the Minions back off. Do we really need to go through a worldwide famine this summer, just in order to satisfy a 96-year old hag all the way in England that doesn’t know how to accept no for an answer to her whimsical demands? A little girl who stamps her feet when her desires aren’t exactly met and a series of other spoilt brats in western governments who just need some education! Europe is overrun by asylum seeking people from Africa and the Middle East, who are just too lazy to roll up their sleeves and work for their country, it is threatened by an enormous famine and by even new viruses going around. These viruses will be met by terrorising the population instead of stopping those labs where evil scientists with too many interests create more and more viruses to keep us under control.

It’s high time to end this game and to start building up a nice and friendly world for everybody, not only for those few snobs. This is really the last thing I say about who rules the world, about satanists and stuff like that. I’m sick of it and am going to tell nice things from now on. Really!


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