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When I wake up in the morning, I most of the time grab my phone to see if there is anything new or interesting on Twitter. Without contact lenses with -5 I try to read and tweet reactions with one eye closed to hit the right button on the smaller-than-small phone keyboard. This morning I read joyful news from America: Joe Biden, who has already called victory after the presidential elections last week and is partying, was called off again: voter fraud in at least 6 states is so evident now that it can’t be ignored and must be investigated in court first. A big pass ahead for President Trump who has been bashed so heavily during the last four years, that I wonder how he and his family still cope. But there is more news and that is personal for me, even if ‘personal’ in my case is never for me alone and always in the world’s interest. 


Cerebral atrophy

As you can read in the story about me on my website, I suffer(ed) from a load of diseases during the last at least 10 years. When I finally arrived at the very bottom of the cause for all that misery, I retrieved extremely shocking memories from my very early childhood that implicated enormously heavy physical, sexual and mental abuse and neglection. I was also flung from the stairs so hard that I have never fully recovered and kept serious brain damage. That was kept a secret by all doctors I ever saw in my life, except one who wrote that he saw ‘frontoparietal cortical atrophy’ on my MRI scan. The message was never transferred to me, but when I found out – years later – that I could obtain a copy of the scan, I ordered it from the Gelderse Vallei hospital in Ede, Netherlands and I saw it. At first I didn’t understand what it meant. If you look it up on the internet, you get at cortical atrophy, which is dementia. But about a month ago I searched again and I went on until I had results. ‘Frontoparietal’ is short for ‘frontoparietal network‘ and that means damage in many parts of the brain. Cortical atrophy is at the backside of the head, while my problem is more in the front. That is mostly called ‘cerebral’ instead of ‘cortical’ and cerebral atrophy is exactly what I have. Even if this evil and crack-brained (lovely word!), but powerful ISS did anything to prevent me finding what they have done to me, they definitely lost the battle.


The girl with the star

Why is this important for you to know? Well, I have heard the story why they want exactly me and not anyone else. It’s a crazy story, but hey don’t shoot the messenger! If the most powerful pedophile billionaire network in the world, that you can see so clearly now in the US as they are finally forced to step into the light, chooses me of all world inhabitants, nothing of what I experience, do or even think is private. It’s time you people finally get that, because it’s just not fair to let me do the whole battle on my own. Whatever book or movie you look into about battles of good against evil, the hero always has a team. So why don’t I have a team in the real battle? Let me be clear: I am not the one who thinks I will, want or can destroy these nutters! They chose me, while doing some weird astrological math at which they found a star (yes really) that was shining on me during my birth. And then they said: “Ah there she is! The One Who Will Throw Us Down From The Throne Of The World”. So I don’t want to hear anyone saying I’m saying crazy things. No, it’s the billionaires by mouth of the Kabbalah center in Amsterdam.


Yes pedophile networks exist. Of course they do.

So now that this is finally clear and understood, let’s go on. The PBN, or pedophile billionare network (my abbrevation), appointed me as the saviour of the world, okay? Now let’s take a look at me, to see how they did that. As you have read, they kidnapped me from my Greek parents who lived in Cologna in Germany at the time, when I was just two days old. My parents had a hard time, because my Mom’s parents didn’t want her to marry my Dad and so they decided to make her pregnant. Then her parents couldn’t refuse anymore and if they still did, my parents would just get married on their own and so it went. They got married without permission from my Mom’s parents and found a nice house just outside of the city. My Dad was an engineer who wanted to do his Master’s degree in Germany, but under the circumstances he decided to just find a job and see about his studies later. His Mom, my Grandma, lived in Athens and helped the new couple a lot. Under those hard circumstances they had me and then I got kidnapped. Image the situation of my family!

Fortunately both the Greek and German states stood by them against the Netherlands where I was kept in a hospital in Amsterdam and raped. My parents found me there and smuggled me to Greece, where they had me baptised. In Greece State and Church were still one then, so by being baptised I would be legally theirs and have my real name Anastasía Vassiliou (Natassa is short for Anastasía). Αναστασία Βασιλείου in Greek. Alas the PBN had sent a whole army (!) to steal me back and brought me to a well-known children’s horror place in Utrecht. I was there until I was about 5 months old. I first thought I wasn’t sexually abused there, but that isn’t right: I was and I was also terribly neglected. They would change my diapers about once per day or even per three days (!) and let me starve for days all the time. When I recently found a decent medical folder about anaemia, which I have had my whole life, it said you get that when you live in an unhygienic environment and if you don’t eat healthy food. We can state such is the case, so that’s one of the deepest causes of my life-long illness. Indeed I have always been extremely tired and never had energy like others did. The anaemia was of course kept hidden from me and lied about by doctors, but 3 years ago I finally found the proof and could start working on it. With chronic anaemia you easily get infections and I remember I always had worms as a child. Check.

Now we know why I was kept under such stinking circumstances: they wanted me to have chronic anaemia, so that I wouldn’t have the pure physical force to stand up against them. And so it happened. There was an international lawsuit about my custody when I was between 5 and 9 months old and the rightful party – the states of Germany and Greece with my parents of course – lost. Not because they didn’t have rights over me, but because the Pedoclub was mightier. Since they had me in their possession now, they were even untouchable. I have always felt there was someone behind me, chasing after me in a witchhunt, destroying anything I built up and each person who has known me, knows I was right. Most of the time friends, relatives and acquaintances told me by themselves that my life wasn’t natural and that I was probably sexually abused by these horrible adoptive “parents” where the club brought me after my parents lost me. The man had a power syndrome because he stuttered and when his father died, his family didn’t let him take over the family business. He was furious and wanted revenge. Went to work at a bank and became a manager, only because the Child “Protection” protected him. The woman suffered from non-discovered nymphomania and so she married a brutal jerk because of the sex. I was given to these two lunatics who totally broke and destroyed me in all possible meanings of the word. At the age of 16 they put me outside of their house and so I found a student room where I continued my high school for another 3 years on my own. Despite the Club’s wish to have me in a brothel, I finished high school and also got my Master’s degree in Greece.


How to heal from a child trafficking past

So now I wasn’t anymore capable of standing up against the mighty Pedo-and-billionaire-club, who now had a real reason to think I would be the one to make their boat sink. That reason is that they committed all these crimes to me, my family and my two countries. Whenever that would come to the light, the curtain would fall for them once and for all. As you can see in the United States, the media are in the plot. I have tried numerous times to squeeze myself into some newspaper or news website, but I can’t even get one article published in the tiniest free village newspaper. It doesn’t matter if the article is about me professionally or about my life story: I am just not accepted. Period. So that means I have to get my story into the world without media. My website is also blocked and the same applies for all of my social media. You can check them for yourself if you don’t believe me! The least you can do is share the story about me or this article anywhere you can. In appropriate places of course and I don’t endorse the places where it is shared. I endorse the story!

Also I am finally able to start proving a person can actually heal from so-called incurable diseases. I had a whole list of those and got most cured, only that they weren’t always neatly written down by doctors. As you know it’s hard in such a case to prove in front of a judge you really had it and got cured. What is very clear in writing, is the brain atrophy and the chronic disease of Lyme. In the course of coming lawsuits there will be for sure other medical doctors to inspect my MRI scans and other medical data, so then other conditions will also be official enough to proof hard. So about the atrophy: until last Thursday morning I was so sick that I could only lie in the bed and worry about the house becoming a mess, the garden becoming a jungle, not having any income and my family being dispersed. Since Thursday however I suddenly stood up and I have tidied up and cleaned the whole house since. Deplaced quite a lot of furniture, done some reparations and so on and I’m not anymore so exhausted all the time, while my head is spinning for energy shortage and I have to watch out not to have more strokes. Now I have to own the garden and I’m the boss again.

I haven’t even been able to grow as a child, due to all the sufferings. For instance my parents are dark-haired and dark-skinned, but I am white and blondish because of iron shortage. I am also much smaller than they are, am shortsighted, have overweight and allergies, several skin diseases and pain in my whole body. But I do sleep a lot better, feel a lot better and I know I’m on the winning hand now. When I’ll be cured, I will sue the club that did this to me and you must know ALL children and adults who have experienced child abuse will be freed then. Not only that: I still haven’t figured out why, but this child torture is the very root of all corruption, suffering and other misery in the whole world. So if you finally start supporting me and my case, just by sharing my article, you do an enormously good deed for the world. I know you won’t do it for me, but maybe for yourself? Or for all those poor kids in brothels, cages and criminal circuits?













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