Last night late I had a consultation with the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The Netherlands have a pioneer’s role in the whole leftist agenda for climate change and energy transition, endless immigration and renewable energy. Many western countries have woken up to wiser political directions than this destructive agenda discussed in the World Economic Forum. The Netherlands also want to change direction, but the question is: how can that be done?

Mr. Rutte told me as an answer to my question who insists on this pioneer’s rol for the Netherlands, that the EU Commission’s President Ursula von der Leyen is forced by others to demand the role from the Netherlands. He can’t refuse this, but is looking for a way out. The pioneer has to be an EU country and all others refuse to do it or haven’t even been asked. Why can’t the Netherlands do the same thing? Mr. Rutte didn’t know. I asked him who are those others who impose this pioneer’s role, but he didn’t know and asked me to help him find out. But of course Mr. Prime Minister, it’s an honour. And so we went through the EU to see which countries chose for a more conservative and nationalistic line in their politics. What we were looking for, was a country that like the Netherlands can’t make the turn to conservative politics, even if the population wants it and votes for it like they did here in March this year.


  • Poland refuses the leftist EU agenda;
  • Hungary choses for nationalism.
  • Italy voted for a right-wing government to finally build up their economy.
  • France clearly chose for breaking with the overbearing US and EU demands.
  • Denmark and Sweden refuse to take up any more immigrants and send immigrants back to their country of origin.
  • Slovenia, Serbia (not an EU member actually) and Bulgaria have never been leftist and
  • Greece just chose a conservative government for the second time.
  • Spain and Portugal also choose for more nationalism.
  • Just like Austria.
  • In Germany in many states the right-wing party AfD won the elections last week
  • and even in the UK the Tories are still in power. Boris Johnson and Michael Farage are giving more and more conservative advice from the sidelines, even if their government can’t really make the turn to real conservatism.


Freemasons and their Worldbank in England

Outside of the EU but still in the West, Australia and New Zealand also chose for more conservative policies and even Joe Biden is trying to change tack. So who stays in the left corner? The Netherlands, the UK and US partially and … Canada. Mr. Rutte told me the Gnostic Church isn’t the biggest boss in the world. It is one of the power blocks and it is what keeps the Netherlands down. Searching the other three countries we found the Freemasons are above them in rang and their top is in London. They hold the Worldbank under their control, with which they had immeasurable power until the BRICS bank started being successful during the last few years.

That is why Turkey got half of Greece a century ago, remember? Because the Turks have two enormous Freemason lodges in Smyrna / Izmir and Constantinopel / Istanbul. The Freemasons are an ego club as I call it: a club of people who want their egos caressed and pumped up. I know quite some people who are members and they all have an enlarged ego. But would there be someone higher or as high as the Freemasons then? And if so: who would that be?

So we discussed what is the top of the club in the Netherlands: the Gnostic Church with their pedophilia and satanism. They are the world’s mob in criminality, prostitution, child and human trafficking and scientific research.

In the UK it’s the Freemasons who own the Worldbank. It holds power over the medical and pharmaceutical sector as well as the world economy, big business and the banks.

In the US the DOJ (Ministry of Justice).This ministry controls the politics in most countries in the world and any new laws that are being made in all countries in the world. Just like which leaders are going to be elected (“voted”) in most countries in the world.

And in Canada we had to search and search … what are the largest businesses in Canada. Until Mr. Rutte remembered this enormous oil and natural gas company Canadian Natural Resources Ltd or short CNR Ltd. Canada possesses large oil reserves: the country is the third in the world after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. The problem is that almost all Canadian oil is found in oil sands or tar sands. This is very poisonous to get the oil out of. In this pdf you can read all about it. It may be a bit biased but the problem of poisonous and even carcinogenic metals is real and one of the reasons why the Native Canadians are so upset with their government for oil drilling. I thought: this can’t be Ze Beeg Boss, because they do in fossile energy and that isn’t hip nowadays. But …


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CNR and the OPEC

Everyone knows we can’t live without fossile energy for at least another 50 years from now. CNR Ltd is an enooooooormously yuuuuuuuuge company with dozens of subsidiaries in different countries in the world. This company is at least ten times Shell or so. I asked Mr. Rutte what they would want, what their interest is and he answered CNR wants to dominate the OPEC+ countries. This is something he knows because he is a PM and that you won’t easily find on the internet or in books. CNR doesn’t want to buy the OPEC+ countries or their companies, but it just wants to be in power over the whole gas and oil sector in the world. And they do have something to say. It’s them who succeeded in forcing the Netherlands to stop drilling for gas in Groningen, where one of the largest natural gas reserves in the world lies. The people there could be compensated and all houses and buildings could be fortified so that they wouldn’t be bothered by the drilling.

But no, from behind the curtains CNR forced the Netherlands to stop drilling. The country can’t buy gas from Russia either now that the Nord Stream pipelines have been blown up. (I am now heavily thinking this CNR may be the culprit.) If you remember the Yamal pipeline through Poland has been closed by the angry Poles, who hate the Russians for occupying them for a short time during the Second World War. They were squeezed between Germany and Russia and felt frightened, suffocated and furious at the same time. Very understandable, but now Europe doesn’t have gas. Ukraine also closed its pipelines because of the war. Prices are soaring like a madman and no-one can do a thing about it. Romania turns out to have a gas field which is much smaller than the Dutch one in Groningen and where they can’t start extracting gas before 2027. Greece also found gas south-west of the isle of Crete, but that will take time as well before it can be extracted. Gas is a problem and that is mostly because of these CNR guys. So does it have power? Well, me thinks!


The whole world on hold through four parties

They are also the reason why Canada can’t become more conservative in its politics, see. Just like the Netherlands, the US and the UK. People can vote what they want, but the Dutch government will be forced to carry out left-wing politics as long as the mentally sick Gnosticists are in charge. If anyone doesn’t meet their demands, the cult just takes their children away and so there is this stalemate. In the UK it is the same but then with the Freemasons, who urgently need to have their bottoms thrown into icy water. In Canada this CNR needs the same treatment. In the US it is not the Department of State (Foreign Ministry) but the DOJ, the Ministry of Justice that keeps the country from becoming more nationalistic and less catastrophic. High justice officials are appointed after they hold a campaign in America and the campaigns for extreme left-wing candidates are all too often paid by the Soros foundation or the likes. That is the status quo at this moment.

Having discussed all the above and a lot more of course, because it took us about one and a half hour to find the source of the leftist agenda, Mr. Rutte knew what to do and went to sleep. I went on for another hour to get things clear, since I don’t know as much about the world politics as the Dutch Prime Minister. I also don’t know what he can do to free the Netherlands from this pioneer’s role, but at least he knows who is the one in charge behind the curtains. Even if he can’t succeed, you at least know he tries his best for his country. Just look at countries where the population wants more conservative politics, but where the catastrophic politics keep going on: these are the countries that are still under the thumb of one of the four secret powers the world counts. This is the most accurate benchmark I can give you.


Turkey and the US replaced by the Netherlands

A century ago Turkey was given all the power to become a NATO monster in the Middle East. It had to keep the chaos and wars there going on by being a gateway for the US to interfere where and how the country wanted. In change the US forgave the Turks many billions of dollars in debts in the nineties. This role has been offered to the Greeks before the Turks got it, but Greece refused. The Turks didn’t even really occupy Anatolia as the country is really called, before 1923. The Greeks were in charge in the west and in the east the Kurds. Then suddenly the Brits ordered the Turks to kill as many Greeks as possible and burn their cities, which happened in 1921. Four million Greeks fled to the west of Greece, which is called Greece now but which isn’t even half of the Greek territory. The Kurds received no country at all, a document promising fake equal rights to everyone in Anatolia or “Turkey” from then on was issued and no-one cared how many people were murdered in and around the new dictatorship. Nowadays the media pretend Turkey would so-called be a “democracy”, just because they have elections and a Parliament. This is no guarantee for any freedom or justice though.


Nobody wants to serve the crazy Freemasons, Gnostics, Americans or CNR Ltd

Turkey’s power is deminishing now that its government has well understood it will never be the influential EU member it dreamed to become. It turned to the east to survive with their completely destroyed economy and political chaos and has even given up its long-time blue dream (Mavi Vatan) to reoccupy Greece. This means that the UK has lost its stronghold in the Middle East. The UK was in charge of the whole world politics, but lost its power to the United States after the Second World War. The US is trying to loosen its tight grip on the world’s politics since the last few months and so a new power must be built: the Netherlands as the pioneer for the destructive 2030 and 2050 agenda for renewable energy, other climate issues, woke politics of a fake inclusive society, the destruction of the whole world economy and uncontrolled mass immigration to the US and the EU.

The UK with its Freemasons and the US with its DOJ can’t keep the Netherlands under control and so Canada is doing its effort through that oil company. As you see the powers that be fight each other instead of working together. We have to use that against them now that we know it. The Netherlands don’t want this pioneer’s role and can’t keep it either, because their democratic system has clearly spoken for more nationalism, for keeping the farmers in place (climate or not), against immigration and against a too dominant EU presence. So now it is to be seen who is stronger: the Netherlands’ population or CNR Ltd.


A shift in world dominance

The reality of the year 2023 AD is that the BRICS countries are growing stronger with the day. They have stopped using the American dollar as their trading currency, which has seriously damaged the Worldbank. It was a cool slap in the face for the Freemasons’ egos. We do now know however that the real end boss who wants me to starve without money is not the Gnostic fake church, but the ego Freemason Worldbank in London. How we are going to solve my everlasting money and internet reach problem is still unknown, but we at least know where to find the solution. They think that as soon as I have an income like everyone in the world, I will be famous the same day and their power will be over in one fell swoop so to speak.

Whatever. I just want a nice world for our future generations to live in and won’t stop fighting for it with my pen, my advice to world leaders and my videos. It would be nice if you’d support my hard work by liking, sharing, reacting, subscribing to my newsletter and YouTube Channel and donating for the independent, crowdfunded journalist that I am.



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