Christmas wish for 2020

These days with so many problems and heavy articles on my blog I wasn’t able to also write a nice Christmas wish for y’all. Such a thing should come from my heart and I had such a load of stress that I almost had a heart attack. Every time I felt it come up and then at the very last minute it went away. After so many brain attacks I really didn’t need a heart attack as well, so I’m grateful and happy I could prevent it by about a quarter of an inch.

So I wish everyone who reads this and everyone who doesn’t read this and everyone else who is a decent and honest person a great Christmas! I hope with family or friends and if not: I know how it is when you’re alone. Other years I’ve been all alone too. Then I put on the very old Christmas songs from my childhood, when I was in Germany, 8 years old at the Weihnachtsmarkt and bought an LP with the only Christmas music I’ve ever liked. Someone uploaded it on YouTube, so I’ll share one of the songs underneath.

If you party: don’t let anyone tell you you don’t have the right to. Not because there are others who don’t have food and not because there are Covid restrictions. You (we) are responsible people and know what’s right to do to be happy and also protect our loved ones. And once or twice per year you just have the right to party and eat well without feeling guilty. It’s just great to cook a big table full of food and then eat it with loved ones. Christmas is the feast of the light that is going to return! It’s a time for joy and happiness, no matter how the circumstances are.

To me they haven’t been nice at all, especially since my divorce in 2010. It was never easy, but at least it was a little bit liveable. Only the last 10 years have been an enormous disaster without any hope for improvement or relief, even a bit. But today at the last moment I received my shoppings from a grocery shop close by and got hugely compensated for the stress of being without something decent to eat the last couple of days. That was our Christmas present and I know from now on there will be good moments again. The deepest darkness is gone. I wish the same for you if you have it difficult and that happy and cheerful times may come soon for you all! And that they’ll stay as well. Forever.

I think in this video you will hear the most beautiful and wonderful Christmas song ever. Spanish with an orchestra with real castagnettes and mandolins, a singer with a great voice and a children’s choir as you’ve never heard it. All the way from 1973 in Germany.

















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  1. Isabelle

    Dear Natassa, I wish you also a wonderfull Christmas from the bottom of my heart! And also a lot of light , kindness and happiness!Greatings from Belgium, Isabelle