Confusion of tongues or malicious intent?

Today there was a press conference held by the four principal Trump lawyers. It lasted 1.5 hours and I watched it. The lawyers clearly had enough of the stupid articles and programmes the media broadcast and heavily criticised them. Righteously so, but no, even that approach wouldn’t work with the media. Articles full of hatred and dedain sprouted off the heads of the journalists who attended the press conference or who followed it just like me online via different channels on YouTube. How is it possible that a person says certain extremely clear things and that an hour later their words are totally reversed and ridiculed? What problem do these journalists have?

I have seen other press conferences in which the Trump campaign was very diligent and friendly. An hour afterwards abracadabra in all newspapers and on all tv channels. Whatever the Trump campaign says or does, it’s just immediately reversed and reported totally wrong. How can the American people know the truth of what’s happening in the White House like this? They find themselves in a fabricated fake pandemic, where no-one knows what to do in order not to get infected or to infect others, they are uncertain about their jobs and now they also don’t know what the future of their country will be! Between a Trump or a Biden administration there is a world of difference and logically many people are afraid. I heard Mr. Rudy Giuliani say loud and clear that this whole fuzz about fraud in the elections is NOT about Mr. Trump wanting a second term, but about stopping election fraud and reassuring the constitutional right to at least a decent election campaign in the most powerful democracy in the world. Did anyone hear that? I don’t know, but I didn’t see it anywhere in the articles and videos made after the press conference.

When I was a healer, I found out how to heal diseases. Therefore I needed to know what happens in the body and in the brain during a disease or disorder. So I studied that by reading about it and by looking at my patients, my family, friends and myself. And by looking at thousands of other people that I didn’t have as patients, but where I could just look at what happened in their brain with the same disease or condition. In that way I found that people who don’t think logically and who aren’t able to discern the truth, have a weak left hemisphere of the brain. They can’t process emotions and other stimuli too well, can’t think logically, don’t have humour and can’t see what is true and what isn’t. It’s as if they are entirely reversed! You just can’t make them see the truth and some even believe the earth is flat. This can be caused by a trauma, a shock experience, an accident, an unhealthy food pattern or intentionally by indoctrination. In order to turn them to normal again, you have to shock them hundreds of times and badly too. They must see the truth time and time again, otherwise they will stay reversed forever.

What it takes to enlighten the journalists from the whole world who believe in fairy tales, I don’t know. What it takes for others, I don’t know either. Shocks, shocks and more shocks until they finally get to their senses and start thinking like humans again. They just live like zombies and I know what I’m talking about, since I myself have reversed people in my close environment. Let’s just go on and tell the truth bluntly and wide open! It’s the only weapon we have against a blue-pilled world. In some ways the Matrix is more real than you think. I’m going to sleep now and hope you will help the world and me too by shouting out the truth to anyone who is deaf for facts. Just like Mr. Giuliani said today in the press conference: “It’s not about evil people, but they can’t see the truth”. It’s the brain, man, it’s the brain!













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