Covid-19 and its solution

Today I just want to give you some insight in what is going on around this persistent Covid-19 virus and how you can find information that is as true as possible about it. Plus the most important: I have this grandiose idea about how you can give your immune system a nice boost, so you won’t fall ill that easily and so you may get cured faster as well.


Again a new virus!

Last year in November a new virus was found – some say it was fabricated there – in a pharmaceutical laboratory in the city of Wuhan in China. Scientists there were busy examining it in order to find a way to manage it. It escaped in some way and infected the whole city. The Chinese government didn’t directly inform the rest of the world, but held the city in a strict lockdown to prevent the spreading. Yet someone flew from Wuhan to Italy and so the virus came to Europe, which happened about 3 months later by the way. Now there is in general a lot of criticism about China, so I can understand why the government there possibly hesitated to tell the world about the escaped virus. Yet they should have done it, I think. Although not any government dealt with it in any sensible way when they found out about it. So we don’t know if they would have been smarter if they had know it rightaway. Strangest thing about this virus is maybe that nobody until now knows where the virus came from and how these scientists in Wuhan found it. It didn’t come from bats as we thought in the beginning. I want to be objective, so I only write we don’t know the exact origin of the virus. Just so that you can think about that if you might want it. Even if I’m not a medical scientist, I can’t imagine people could imitate a virus in a lab. But one day we will probably know how the thingee came into existence.

In the meantime many stories go around about the virus. Here just a few of them:

  • Covid-19 is not a virus but an exosome. It is created within the human body and doesn’t spread, because exosomes aren’t contagious. There was serious research about this question last Summer, but it was suddenly silenced by (social) media and nobody heard about it anymore.
  • A virus is a dead thing and so it can’t make other people than the bearer ill.
  • This virus has been cooked in a lab and its spreading was organised by a club of powerful billionaires.
  • 5G internet spreads the virus or anyway makes people ill.
  • The ICs of many hospitals are overcrowded versus: the ICs are empty.
  • There is a second wave versus there is no second wave.
  • Testing with the prevailing PCR tests doesn’t make sense, because they can’t show if a person is infected and with which virus.
  • People now in Autumn time are infected with other viruses, not with Covid-19.
  • Only older people die from the coronavirus versus now many young people have the virus and fall ill.
  • The vaccine that is being made against Covid-19 doesn’t protect and is not reliable because who knows what is in it.
  • We must wear mouth masks versus mouth masks don’t protect anyone from the virus.
  • Keeping 1.5 meter – 6 feet – distance doesn’t help versus it does help.
  • A second lockdown is imperative versus the economy is sinking and the virus is already over.


Vaccines: a cure?

Maybe start with the vaccines. No-one in the world likes vaccines. They are unnatural, they hurt and sometimes you get sick afterwards: let’s be honest. Yet with the panic around the coronavirus I personally think it’s a solution to stop that paralysing fear all around us. I have heard politicians and virologists say no vaccine can ever protect for the full 100%. It will protect and make people immune for about 50%. For me it’s easy, because first of all I know how to cure diseases and secondly I am home all the time so I don’t get infected. Yet I don’t think there is a reason to fear so much. I had shared an article on the virus on my previous website, giving some good advise for how to strengthen your immune system. I discovered five things that help here, by my own investigation in my environment. I don’t say you won’t fall ill or you will be cured within a day if you follow my advise. It just helps:

  1. Citrus fruits are full of vitamin C and iron, which help the immune system to become powerful. So don’t be shy with lemon and lime juice in your water, your tea or your salad. Drink orange juice, preferably fresh for feeling strong and grapefruit juice to help close your cell walls. Then the virus can’t enter or at least has to work harder to get in and infect you.
  2. Chamomille tea – with honey and lemon juice if you can drink it – helps against any flu. People in the whole world use it!
  3. Verbena tea (of Greek mountain tea) is full of iron and makes you strong.
  4. Fresh air tells your body to make vitamine D, which also boosts your immune system. Vitamine D is also in fruit (juice) and in anything you eat: you food grew outside in the sun, didn’t it? If it grew in a greenhouse, it also contains vitamine D, but a bit less. Anyway you need to get this vitamine for the greatest part by going outside, so do that as much as you can. Don’t eat vitamines from a jar if you can also get them from food!


Back to the vaccines. With the whole world’s eyes on them nothing can go wrong, you would think, wouldn’t you? Yet you don’t know that. What I don’t like about vaccines, is the enormous amounts of money going around in that business. From one side I understand it, since I am a business woman too and pharmaceutical companies also have enormously high expenses to produce vaccines. Don’t forget three test rounds in which each person who tests the vaccines, has to be paid hundreds or sometimes even thousands of euros (dollars). Don’t forget so many scientists who earn an academic salary and work for years to make one vaccine. The average time to make one vaccine is five years, did you know that? And now AstraZeneca has to make a Covid vaccine in less than a year!

What you see if you look around you, is that people are frightened they will be forced to take the Covid vaccine. Governments aren’t clear about that issue and send anyone who criticises or doubts them, away with a ban from Twitter and Facebook. That doesn’t cultivate any respect or confidence in governments and it is just impossible to find out why they act likewise. It’s so easy to just calm down the spirits by stating the vaccine will be desired, but not complulsary. I follow the American news a bit because of the elections and I hear president Trump say it won’t be compulsory if he will still be in office, but no other politician in the world said it too. And I think that is what the rumours, the fears and the mistrust come from. Very logical and not difficult to solve!


Get the best information

Now about how to get the best information. That isn’t easy! Everyone tells something different and everyone thinks they are right and all the others are wrong. In the end we all want to know what is best to protect ourselves from falling ill and from infecting others, don’t we? Even the die-hards who believe the virus isn’t a problem (anymore) want that. So I will tell you how I personally draw my conclusions, because your thinking process is the best you’ve got! That will be needed to decide what you believe and what you don’t believe to be true. How I think: well, if something is very much prone to oppositions, I think it’s not the best solution. Like these mouth masks. On the beginning I thought it was a good idea to wear them outside, because in some cities in China people wear them all the time against polluted air. But then the news came that the coronavirus is not transferred through the air. So then it’s not necessary to wear a mask in the open air. Only on occasions where there are many people, like on the market or on events, it may help a bit. What I also read and believe, is that these non-medical masks prevent you from breathing in fresh air. You breath in and out the same air all the time and so there is more and more nitrogen in it, which makes it a bad idea to wear masks for a long time. You actually wear them in order not to scare other people who are so frightened to get infected. If you want to do that, depends on the rules in your place and on our own opinion.

Then I found this on the website on the RIVM, the Dutch CDC about facts and numbers. It is from last week and states no-one was infected by the coronavirus then, but people were infected with other flu-kind-of viruses. But the rest of the numbers say a bit otherwise. You find them here and this page says exactly how many people got infected, how many were hospitalised and how many – if any – died. Now if you want to really understand what is going on, you have to (know Dutch and) read well. At first you think: ah no I can’t believe it: more and more people are infected and hospitalised. Then: oh but less people died, how good. And then: ahhh more people were positively tested because more people have been tested in the first place! See how careful you should read? I can’t help you with that, because with my brain atrophy I have a hard time reading statistics, but I can say: don’t believe people who say the situation is so bad in the country and worldwide. Plus people are tested with this PCR test which hasn’t been made for testing Covid viruses. If you are positive, it doesn’t mean you are ill. It only means that you possibly carry some flu virus with you and that is all you can say about it. I don’t understand why all those governments wants us so hard to believe all positively tested people are ill or even die. No!

The overall numbers and statistics show there are not more people ill or dying from the Covid-19 virus than from any other virus. It is actually a normal flu season and yes: it is sad that such a simple disease like the flu is dangerous to so many people. That is the only thing you can really and for sure state after almost a year panic around the coronavirus. What I also don’t get, is that no government in the world helps people to protect their immune system with normal and healthy eating habitudes, just like I did here above. If they say something, it is only that it is good to eat fruit and vegetables. Well, dear govs, people need cereals as well! Rice, bulgur, mais or corn, muesli and bread. They need dairy products: milk, yoghurt, cheese and eggs. And they need a bit meat and fish sometimes. A bit fat in the form of olive or sunflower oil and butter. Coffee, black and green tea, herbal tea, fruit juice, nuts, a bit (cane) sugar and a little bit junk food sometimes. Candies, chips, cookies and so. Just a little bit and not all the time. Life isn’t so hard!


And the economy?

Yes the economy, let’s talk about that! I am worried stiff about the economy, to tell you the truth. Millions of people have lost their jobs or are about to lose them. Here in the Netherlands the horeca must close at 6 PM now, which will kill the whole sector. And what to think about people who haven’t got a place to go out anymore? Everything is closed because of the virus. Cinemas, cafes, restaurants and even some shops. Don’t forget sports! Again soccer is played without public and the same applies for amateur sports. Some are even forbidden for adults. Where can people go when they want to get out of the house? Only to the park? Everything that represents life is shut down and even at schools children’s masks are more and more imperative. For my son not (yet) fortunately, but you never know what will still happen. I am not for having people sit at home without a cent to spend. Don’t forget parents and foster parents that abuse their children! No, I don’t believe in a lockdown, but in going on with life and protecting ourselves by eating healthy food and getting fresh air plus a bit sport. And in protecting our elderly against flu viruses by caring well for them, by visiting them often and by giving them healthy food. In protecting workers in healthcare by providing them with medical masks, social distancing, a good salary and not too much overtime.















Natassa Vassiliou, MA

Anastasía (Natassa) Vassiliou analyses the news with her unique fresh insight. She studied Greek & French Literature, with minors in law ethics and teaching mother language plus specialisation in media psychology. 25 years in education & business trainings followed. 13 years in traditional medicine research and coaching & 2 years in the media. Natassa loves kids, Greece, coffee & nice people. Also cherries, apes, boeren, cooking & experts. No to Jeugdzorg, egoists, bonkers, dipshits & digital ID's. Proud Greek, Orthodox Christian and Mom of 2 Awesome Big Boys, she is sadly handicapped.

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