Baby trafficking exists. I was trafficked five times, remember? In Greece an enormous ring has been arrested yesterday evening.

Women victimised and tricked into surrogate motherhood or selling eggs, homosexual couples and single men buying illegal babies. And much more on the isle of Crete in Greece and in a lot of places more. It wasn’t in the mainstream media, so I tell you about it. This is one ring caught, but how many such rings exists, no-one knows. Find the video underneath after having supported Untold Times!


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By Anastasía Vassiliou, MA

Anastasía (Natassa) Vassiliou, born in Athens, obtained a Master's degree in Greek & French Literature and studied music in Thessaloniki, Greece. She speaks 7+ languages. Natassa ran a successful business in in-company trainings when she suddenly got paralysed. Out of love for her children she found out how to cure all diseases and healed many patients including herself. Nowadays she runs news website Untold Times, where she shares world news and gives fantastic analyses about hot topics.

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