Declassified documents FBI about Russia hoax

Just wanted to go to sleep when an email appeared with a last thing I should tell you today, folks. Mr. Trump released a bunch of classified documents that prove the Obama administration knew about and was guilty of the efforts to stop him from being elected and later to be impeached. The papers were in the hands of the FBI that didn’t want as many documents declassified as Mr. Trump. But they negotiated and on his last day in the oval office the former President signed an executive order to release the paperwork.

This is the source, Politico. These documents were called “The Kraken” by attorney Sidney Powell after a monster in some online game. If the FBI hadn’t been opposing to declassify them earlier, Mr. Trump would possibly have won the battle over the election fraud and he would have been sworn in for his second term. Alas, but it seems he is going to start a new Patriot political party, while it’s also said he will start a media channel that will be as big as CNN. The papers tell us all about the so-called Russia hoax: that Mr. Trump would have worked with Russia and have them spy into the elections in 2016 which he won after a long battle against Hillary Clinton. After the election the Democrat Party impeached him for 3.5 years in a witch hunt that hasn’t been seen before in public, only the witch hunt on my life, my practice and my family was as big as the one against Mr. Trump. Finally last summer it turned out that it was Hillary Clinton who had been spying with the help of Russia. Of course she wasn’t arrested and put in jail for that. Democrats always get away with anything.

Last thing: The Chinese CCP ordered the Wuhan medics to cover up their information about how contageous the Covid-19 virus was. This has finally been proven now. The whole “pandemic” didn’t need to happen at all if China had informed us, the world and the WHO to begin with, properly in December 2019.


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