There is one group of enormously rancunous people that has been hunting me down during most of my life. Of course they do that behind my back, because oh my! if I had any proof against them, the world would be too small! Yet I do have enough to say about this Dutch judge and vice president of the Child Protection’s complaint committee Dirk Vergunst from the town of Zutphen (province of Gelderland) and that is not just me. He has been seeking as much attention in all media as he can for a couple of years, because it seems he has ambitions to be the host in some tv show about judges or something in that direction. Let us see who this man really is. Not a Christian for starters!

Let me first clear the sky of any suspections against me, since I am fighting for media attention too. True, but I need to have media attention in order to save my family from the Dutch government that still hunts us. I don’t want attention for my ego and I am nowhere near a big fat ego who wants to be on national teevee with my thick face and my cheeky mouth. Dirk Vergunst does and I don’t want him to have this attention, because he is an evil person. He has for sure not only hurt my children and offended my witnesses at the Child Protection’s complaint committee where I unfortunately got to know him. It is even strange that he was the president that day, since normally there is another president. Who knows who has sent this man to my case or am I a conspiracy thinker now?


A bunch of fake Christian ego on TV

Vergunst is a strict Christian, member of the Gereformeerde Gemeente (I think in English that would be Reformed Community), which is the strictest church in the Netherlands and is generally called the black stockings church. Its members go twice per Sunday to church by bike or walking with hats on and the women also with a hat, long dresses, long braided hair and black stockings. I don’t know if they have modernised lately, but when I was at school these people didn’t have a television at home and weren’t allowed to even cook on Sundays. They aren’t bad people at all and I’ve had very interesting conversations with some of them, because I happen to be a (Eastern Orthodox) believing Christian too. Dirk Vergunst tries to give the impression in the media that he is a general Christian judge, but without wanting to criticise the Reformed Community, this isn’t the church the average Dutch frequents. It’s more conservative than most of the 32 other Dutch churches. Its political party – the SGP (State Reformed Party) Vergunst is very engaged in – is more leftist than center-winged.

It seems a good idea to put a list here with just a few of the tons of articles in newspapers and videos on Facebook where you can read and watch this civil judge from the beautiful, but rural town of Zutphen. It’s all in Dutch unfortunately, but I will explain what is said in them.


  • He tells he has both an American and a Dutch nationality, which is something most people in the Netherlands can’t appreciate. In the link you see his vehement criticism on Donald Trump in a rant that bears almost no truth in it and tells us a lot about Vergunst himself. You can agree, disagree or partially agree with this former US President, but calling him a corrupt monster is totally away from any realism and very offending too.
  • This here is an enormously long and dready article with Dirk Vergunst about how he thinks a judge should do his work independently yada yada. One of the things he says, is he doesn’t like pronouncing divorces. He says his conservative Christian belief always poses him a lot of difficulties. It is clear that Vergunst’s job is a large problem for him and that many others in his church think he shouldn’t do that work. To me it seems the man has quite some double standards. In his work he goes against his beliefs on a daily basis, so then we can actually conclude he has no beliefs. If he did, he could easily be a criminal judge.

  • Here on this video on Facebook you can follow an again endless interview with him in which he moves heaven and earth to give a positive impression of himself. You can see the strain it costs him.

  • Then he has already been on national TV, namely here in a show called Moraalridders (moral crusaders). I couldn’t see the emission from this website, but maybe you can.
  • His tons of additional functions – most paid – can be admired on this website, also in Dutch. We will talk about this issue in a minute.
  • And he was apparently also involved in at least one out of many lawsuits against Dutch criminal Willem Holleeder. He closed the substantive proceedings in the lawsuit mentioned in the link here above. On this website it is said Vergunst would allegedly be the President of the court in the city of Arnhem, but he is just a simple judge for civil right, nothing more.


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“Press judge”

Dirk Vergunst is said to be a press judge, so the one within the different courts in the province of Gelderland who mostly talks to the press. So I looked up if that is an official job or function, but it isn’t. Vergunst is a deadly normal boring judge just like all other judges. Just when the media come for some comment or so, he is quick like a chick to seize his chance to do the interview. I suspect him of having a special camera in his office and a special clark who immediately warns him as soon as the media want to talk to whatever person from court. Then he rushes out of his office and even out of his case to go and talk to them, so that his head will appear in the newspapers.


The infamous additional functions of Dirk Vergunst: Eleos

He is known for his numerous additional functions next to his job as a judge. At the moment he has 16 extra functions, but like 5 years ago he had 30 of which 2 in secret: Vice President of the Child Protection’s complaints committee and President of Eleos’ complaints committee. Now Eleos is a so-called ‘GGZ’ or mental health institution. When my eldest son was so bullied at school and even abused by a teacher and I finally got him off that school, he followed a social interaction course. One of the girls there was lovingly supported at her new school, but my son was bullied even worse at his, the St. Jozef school in Wageningen. I didn’t want to send him to that school, because I forefelt trouble, but my son didn’t want at all to go to the other – much better – school he could choose (VanderBrink school). Many parents turned out to have huge issues with the Jozef school for exactly the same reasons as we did: shutting out of smart kids. The other school on the contrary welcomed smart kids, but I couldn’t convince my son to go there and there was nobody to help.

The trainer of the social course advised me to go to Eleos, saying “it’s all Christian women with long braids and long skirts there, but they are nice to kids”. Well … talking about nice: they sent us a young girl therapist who hadn’t even finished her studies yet and who immediately blamed me for my son’s problems at school. She demanded that my then husband and also the youngest who was still a baby be present at each session, because she wasn’t capable to get my eldest sweetheart to talk. She just didn’t know how to win his trust fast enough and so in order not to confess it was her own fault, she started beating me. I of course stopped the treatment and then the false serpent went to Youth Care with another bunch of lies about me. Dirk Vergunst wasn’t yet involved in Eleos’ complaints committee, but they probably knew each other. From who else did that young girl learn to do such evil things to a loving mom like me and her sexually abused son?


1. Complaint committee Dutch Youth Care totally biased

Child Protection complaint committee

On the 21th of December 2017 my youngest son was all of a sudden stolen away from me in a completely chaotic lawsuit in which the judge had the guts to call me a crazy paranoid. I was so shocked that I didn’t know what to answer and my attorney turned her back on me, helping my ex husband to take away my son’s mom from him. My boy changed forever right away, closed as an oyster and never told me about his feelings again. His unhappiness was clearly visible in his face and I also found out he was bullied in his class. But no-one let me interfere, they would all ignore me and so I couldn’t protect my kid anymore. I went on appeal in court, but the now three judges didn’t even let my witnesses in, whom I had neatly announced and who had travelled half of the country to support me.

2. Complaint committee Dutch Youth Care didn’t accept to talk about the complaint.

I also filed a complaint at the external complaint commission of the Child “Protection”, where I met Dirk Vergunst. He and the two others went giggling about their being CEO’s somewhere in youth care in order to place themselves above me, so they could silence me. I was a healer at that point in my life and a life coach, who had cured about 400 people of so-called “incurable” diseases and had saved innumerable marriages and school children. My extensive coaching experience as a teacher and CEO of an in-company trainings bureau and my Master’s degree for which I had done quite some psychology and even a minor in law, was according to them not enough to do that work and so they were scolding me. They didn’t give me even a second to react and hit them back, but I had two friends with me who witnessed of the cheeky and intolerably arrogant attitude of the commission, that on top of all that also didn’t honour my totally logic and fair complaint.

3. “You are in a vicious circle and I’m not gonna help you out”

In the second piece of the complaint that my friends filed after the outraging session they state that the man from CP who was at the lawsuit where my son was stolen, had said he didn’t know that would happen and that he’d also hadn’t aimed at taking my son away. Well he did, since the only thing the man had been doing during that whole case was waving with a false report from Youth Care and screaming offends about me. But anyway he said during my complaint at CP that he hadn’t wanted my son to be stolen. So I proposed him to excuse himself to me and to get my kid back. That caused outrage by the committee (!) and the man himself refused to do the right thing as well. Talking about hypocrisy. During the session my friends were almost not allowed to utter a word and the same about me.

Third piece: after the complaint session Vergunst came up to me mysteriously saying that I “found myself in a circle and had to come out of it on my own. He wouldn’t help me out by honouring my complaint”. We understood very clearly that he hadn’t honoured the complaint for the sole reason that he couldn´t do that without recognising his own corruption. He believed the dudes from CP directly whatever they were saying AND they had a lawyer with them, which they found totally normal. Well, we didn’t, but we couldn’t get her removed. Whatever I said, was taken into doubt and it was very clear I could never have won my beloved son back, because this corrupt Dirk Vergunst and his minions had the power to keep him away from his mom. So far Dutch Christianity and so far Dutch Youth Care.


For busy idea-creating broadcasting companies and news outlets:

So, dear broadcasting companies and news outlets of the Netherlands like the Christian EO: if you want to hire this to the bone corrupt judge to put him on TV, I really think you should think twice. I am for sure not the only one to have issues with this man. He has for sure played the same trick to numerous other families, stealing away their kids and tearing their families apart for no reason. If this Dirk Vergunst really was a Christian, he would believe in family and would have brought my son back to me. I am a top mother and had about 30 (!) testimonials of that AND against my ex husband who, as a narcissist, can’t take care of any child. Not even for an hour. He leaves home all the time, spends all the money for himself, is too lazy to work and doesn’t wash my son’s clothes on time. He is too dumb to help my son with his schoolwork and also too lazy and orders pizza all the time instead of cooking. Let stand alone he isn’t his father.

What does this person have that I lack as a parent who is always ready for her sons, who has a cosy house with garden, who works hard for a living, always helps them with school and never leaves them alone?? Why do you think my eldest son doesn’t even talk to my ex? And how Christian or even moral is it to separate two brothers from each other? Dirk Vergunst is a man of extreme double standards and I won’t allow him to appear on national TV or wherever in the media telling his hypocrite lies ever again. It’s high time to have better people in important key positions.





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