Discerning truth from lies

The most difficult thing there is in the world is to discern lies from the truth. There are some things though that can help. For instance straightforward people don’t like show. They simply say things as they are and that’s it. They want to have some space to live and will just say so. This straightforwardness is no problem at all on its own, provided that there are no others who don’t care so much about the truth, but who love show, flash and froufrou. They make everything look nice and fantastic, because they hope no-one will see what’s underneath the lights and the glamour. These people are also very good at turning around the truth about anything. Sounds familiar? Let’s look at some examples so you can see how difficult it is for e.g. an honest politician – yes they exist! – to win an election against a compromised opponent. And I have more examples from different angles!


Example: Hunter Biden and his billions from Ukraine and China

People who are honest of course want their house to be in order, their clothes clean and nice and all. But they aren’t as obsessed about looks as dishonest people. Dishonest people are bossy and they loooove show. You can see that really well in politics. The only thing they have got in order to seize power is the appearance of things, so they do anything they can to flip over the truth and it’s extremely difficult to catch them. They hide behind curtains and literally always blame someone else for their own wrongdoings. Today I was really furious when I saw on a video on CNN what they are making of the Hunter Biden adventures in Ukraine and China. I mean … the man together with his father Joe has sold out the whole Ukraine in billion-dollar deals and they even had a national prosecutor general fired there. This is the highest-ranked prosecutor in the country and the only in Supreme Court. If the Ukrainian government has a disagreement between the administration and the Parliament for instance, the presecutor general and the justices of the Supreme Court have to solve the problem. In Ukraine this person has been fired by Joe and Hunter Biden working with their government and energy company Burisma. But look how cunning they are in acting as if nothing happened! It would cause me a tumor in the stomach, but not them!

This all came out neatly and clearly during the last week. Instead of denouncing his election campaign and turning himself over to the police, Hunter Biden said he was sorry. Dad Biden went still further by accusing the Trump administration for making up the whole story just in order to win the election. Most people don’t see through lies and don’t like being confronted with facts. They just read the bogus and reject president Trump. That’s what Mr. Biden and his campaign are hoping for. Here is a short video from CNN about it. It’s unbelieveable how some people are capable of incriminating others for their own crimes. Biden even showed his tax documents of 2015 to prove he hadn’t received money neither from China nor from Ukraine. No, of course he didn’t declare that … It was bribe money! You won’t find it in the papers. He and his family used it for something and then it was gone. It is imperative to find what they did with it, because he may have bribed whole governments with those billions! You never know with this kind of people. Anyway, a second laptop owned by Hunter Biden or at least linked to him has been found in Ukraine and has been turned over to the authorities there. Let’s see if we will ever hear about that again! The first laptop was found at a reparation shop and the owner was smart enough to copy the hard drive and send it to Mr. Rudy Giuliani’s attorney. You know, the former New York mayor and now a lawyer. The original is at the FBI and … we never heard about it anymore from them. That is why Mr. Giuliani did it. Anyone who doesn’t see the truth in this story, is blindfolded!


Websites from different kinds of people

Don’t laugh: I will take my website as a second example. Now that you can make real fancy and fantastic looking websites with WordPress, people do that. Enormous fancy pictures, huge letters and everywhere to the left, right and underneath these little announcements called widgets. I have widgets on the right side, next to the texts: an inscription form to follow my news, a Facebook thingee that you can slam with the result that you ‘like’ my website; which is nice for you, but also helps me in getting more readers. A list of latest and popular articles and a bit promotion about me. But I have seen websites that have these widget things all over the place and all bogus in them. Ten times the same widget and so, very funny. Or no widgets at all so that you can’t find any information about who owns this website and what is its goal. I see those things, because I always create my websites by myself and then you see other people struggle with the same things as you do.

Now people who aren’t very honest and serious about their job often have badly written articles and web texts. In the beginning you think: am I so dumb I that don’t understand this text? But then you realise it’s the author who can’t write properly. You can say what you want about my English, but I do write very clear language. People always tell me they read my texts like automatically and I have seen the same thing in other writers. That is achieved by working hard for it and by criticising myself out of a desire to always improve my work. Why do people who aren’t so honest and positive write so bad? I think because they want to create a smoke curtain around them, so that they seem mysterious and attract readers who think that’s interesting. They don’t tell anything about themselves on their websites, because they aren’t hard workers about whom anything nice could be said. Readers tell me they like my design a lot. Moreover the picture in the header clearly says Greek wisdom, Greek democracy and good health. You don’t need to look for anything, because you can find any information you want in one click. Everything is clear, sincere and open. There are no secrets and that is exactly the style of people who are positive-minded, honest and serious about their job and their life. People who do things because they need to be done and not for selfish reasons.


Mouth muzzles: yes or no?

The Netherlands, Covid-19 and the war for mouth masks or muzzles as some call them. A virus broke out, made people worldwide sick, some even died from it and panic came loose: what shall we do about it? The WHO – which has a real good and clear website by the way, made by a good webdesigner – knew it in March this year, after having hidden itself for at least three months: mouth masks, social distancing and … a total lockdown! But then the discussions started: okay a short lockdown of a couple of weeks is understandable, but not longer. People will lose their jobs and there will be chaos everywhere, which will cause criminality, child abuse and who knows what more. The lockdown lasted about 6 weeks here and in other countries longer or shorter. After it the virus wasn’t gone, what scientists had hoped, because the temperature would rise in spring and summer. Influenza kind-of viruses don’t like warmth. But that too didn’t happen, so then governments insisted on social distance – the ‘anderhalvemetermaatschappij’ – and people wearing masks. This is what many doctors think about masks and other corona rules. The measures cause more casualties than the disease itself.

The war started: “Masks don’t work” versus “You do wear a mask or I will eat you!”. Police started writing tickets for people who didn’t keep distance or who came together with more than about 3 or 4 people. If you had a ticket, you also had a criminal record. A few weeks later one of the Ministers in the Netherlands got married and didn’t keep social distance at his wedding. Normally he should have resigned, because he was the one who made the rules, but no: he had said “sorry” so he could just stay in office, the Rutte administration decided. Scientists said masks protect very little against spreading of the virus plus they cause more people to fall ill with the virus than if they don’t wear a mask. And masks may also cause respiratory and hygiene problems, so people became reluctant to wear them. Okay to some social distancing, but no to masks. Other people are so scared that they even wear masks in their car.

It was again science that published in the Covid statistics that people now in autumn are seldomly sick from the coronavirus, but just have a cold. But the law doesn’t change, the government and the media keep on making people afraid they may get sick and die and they keep on giving false information about the virus. That is of course behaviour of negative people, who don’t care at all about the truth, but only don’t want to lose credibility. It can be quite hard to see sometimes. The logical thing to do is ask yourself why nobody advises people to boost their immune system by eating healthy and sporting? The answer is obviously because pharmaceutical companies have a huge interest in selling vaccines, so why tell people the truth that the virus is actually over and we can live normally again? Another answer is that “Silicon Valley” or Big Tech as Mr. Trump calls them, the enormous high-tech and social media companies just outside Los Angeles silence people in all media, if they speak up against the Covid rules. They develop all kinds of filters, algorithms and other algebra to ban anyone who has a different opinion from having a range. I told you about it in the previous article and today when I tested my website and social media again, I was banned even worse on some. We’re talking about this website which is just blocked and doesn’t reach many people.


Way of expressing yourself

Honest and well-meaning people have the tendency to express themselves freely and a bit carelessly. President Trump just waves problems goodbye and says “we’ll overcome all problems, don’t worry”. That’s heartfelt, but not clear enough for many listeners. Frightened people want to be reassured they will be safe and protected. It is understandable, because who wants to get financially ruined because of the next crisis that will hit the country or the world? Now dishonest people. They follow courses in communication, because they want to look good on tape. So they smile a lot fake smiles. A great example is Ms. Kamala Harris, Mr. Joe Biden’s runningmate. Body language, non-verbal communication and more hocus-pocus about how to appear nice and well, regardless of what you actually say. Have you seen it? Even if she tells something really serious, she laughs fullsize and then starts talking. She finds it enormously important to look charming, but if you look well, you see the scars of her facelift and the hypocrisy of her words. Every day she says different things and so no-one knows what they vote for if they vote for the Democrats. That is how much this type of people cares about their looks and how they appear to others. It’s so exaggerated. The difference is in the fuss that lying, dishonest and evil people make about looks. I hope this writing of mine helped you a bit seeing the difference between real and fake; truth and lies. I find it difficult too!















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