Like most nights I couldn’t sleep last night and annoyed I started scrolling on Twitter. And what did I see? Yes methinks I saw a poster with a call by Dutch farmers to blue collar workers worldwide to support their protests. Btw thanks for the one donation that came in.

Why do I yell at you guys all those years? Because … the top of the globalist extreme dictatorial bossy and creepy ruling powers in the world is right here in the Netherlands. Thus the worldwide protest against blundering governments has no choice but to start in the Netherlands. This country is first to carry out any globalist programmes! From climate bonkers via Covid bull to immigrant nonsense. But. The Dutch population that is always as ‘gezapig’ as hell (deadly slow like the sugar syrup on their pancakes and always conform the rules) needed to get to their feet first. Not an easy task to get that done! And next thing that needed to happen was that the rest of the world would take over the Dutch fire and set the whole world in flames. Not literally please, but by demonstrating and protesting against the EU, the WEF, UN, USA and just the general malaise. Now that was a lot easier. Look what I found on Twitter? Jawohl. The much bullied but well-meaning Keean Bexte is our dear messenger:

And there is more. People start believing we can actually win this match against bad ruling of sleepy governments. I am not the kind of wary person to shout things like: “Oh if only you believe, you can do anything!”, but each victory does start with people who believe in their cause. Without considering that a victory may be possible there is no enthusiasm. No fire! Without fire you don’t have what it takes to win. And we must win this war against the governments of all western countries, because if not, we will be in serious trouble even this year yet. No food, no gas, millions of even more immigrants that are now already sleeping in the park because there is no place for them. Again lockdowns and forced vaccinations, which means even more businesses going bankrupt and more and more state control. We will end up really owning nothing and you already hear politicians say they find it absurd that people would own something simple and first-needed like a house. I mean … if you can’t even own a house, what purpose does life have??


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It’s true that the largest media outlets are stubbornly silent about the Dutch farmers uprisings, but farmers in other countries like Germany, Italy and Poland are already supporting them. Smaller media tell about it on TV in many countries. This protest grows like a mushroom and can’t be ignored any longer. The liberal media that refuse telling about it, will soon be made a fool of. Not only by small bloggies, but by millions of people and tomatoes will be abundantly thrown at them. It has already started and it won’t stop!

Since you all massively choose to ignore me, at least do one thing right in your life and support the farmers protests. Make them known everywhere in the world and talk to foolish people who still think they will be okay in a freezing house with no food coming winter, while sick and depressed by again Covid vaccines and lockdowns. There are just loads of better solutions than to let that happen to especially their children. If you are really too greedy and too angry with me to donate to the good cause called Untold Times, at least do this for your country.


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By Anastasía Vassiliou, MA

Anastasía (Natassa) Vassiliou, born in Athens, obtained a Master's degree in Greek & French Literature and studied music in Thessaloniki, Greece. She speaks 7+ languages. Natassa ran a successful business in in-company trainings when she suddenly got paralysed. Out of love for her children she found out how to cure all diseases and healed many patients including herself. Nowadays she runs news website Untold Times, where she shares world news and gives fantastic analyses about hot topics.

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