Ending the war in Ukraine: this is how

If we want Happy Times in our life, we need to solve the Big Problems in the world and start living. What we do now however, is talk and talk about the pwoblems and how huge and unsolvable they are, without even thinking of how to end them. Not very smart if you ask me! Moreover it’s a lot nicer to read a positive-minded newspaper that provides solutions – again: if you ask me. Let’s ask me more often. Today we’re going to end the war in Ukraine, which is a really downhill thing to do. Hands on folks!

Let’s start with a couple (of) facts. First of all I’ll make you smile with the always so serious Russian State Secretary Sergey Lavrov, who says this about Volodimir Zelensky. Video lasts 14 seconds.




  • Ukraine is governed by Volodimir Zelensky, a marionet of the US, who is not even a politician.
  • So it’s actually the US that governs the country and that is why we call this war a proxy-war: a war between two countries of which one isn’t present. The Ukrainian army in fact fights for the US and for NATO, which is almost one and the same thing.
  • The Ukrainian army has been bombing, terrorising and murdering around 14,000 people in the east of the country for more than 8 years. It’s not true all these people are Russians living in Ukraine and it’s not true they are rebellions. The right solution was to make a federal republic of Ukraine, so that the western and eastern parts could live in peace with each other. Now it’s too late for that. This also means that in fact the US has been bombing, terrorising and murdering all these people in eastern Ukraine, since they give the orders.
  • The US demand that Ukraine must by all means become a NATO and EU member is injust. It is a direct threat to Russia and we have to acknowledge that, let stand alone that the US has promised Russia not to extend NATO further to the east. Promises do mean something.
  • Ukraine is indeed full of neo-Nazi’s who are spread all through the army in many batallions and who have been trying to take over the government: Azov, Aidan, C14 (or S14) and Right Sector.


Next: let’s point out another time why Russia invaded Ukraine – or why they started their military operation as they call it in Russia. Do you see how important language is in the media? If you say ‘invade’, Russia is made guilty. If you say ‘carry out a military operation’, there is no war and nothing illegal. The media do this kind of tricks all the time and it’s our task to find out where the truth is.

  • The Ukrainian army or AFU, Armed Forces of Ukraine, was about to invade the Donbass region in the east of the country in February. That would have caused many deaths and a lot of unnecessary disaster and panic.
  • The leaders of the two Donbass republics Lugansk and Donetsk had asked Russia to intervene and help them.
  • The Russians wanted to make the Ukrainian army harmless, arrest the neo-Nazi’s so they could be trialled
  • and they wanted to force the Ukrainian government to let go of the Donbass region and also Crimea. Not in order to take the region in, but to protect the population against the killings and other barbarian torture by the Ukrainian army with the neo-Nazi’s inside who aren’t called Nazi’s without a reason.
  • We aren’t allowed to include the Russian point of view in our view of the situation at the risk of being called names like Russian troll, Kremlin spy and so on. The Russian media have been blocked from our tv and internet, so their opinions are hard to find.


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Torturing and murdering people: very normal

One of the many crimes the Ukrainian army has done to the population in Donbass, is to wall up people (!) after they have sought protection from shelling in their basement. Here the Russian army frees a family in Mariupol. As you see, it’s not a lie. After you have seen all these crimes, you may just decide for yourself if you think there are Nazis or not and what you think about their actions. I am not forcing you to agree with my point of view.

Or what do you think about these Nazis harassing gypsy kids? Or about their women to murder a Russian soldier online (even if it was an “act”)? Or to put people in a pit and leave them there to die for 10 days with rigor mortis?


If you haven’t heard or read about these cimes or if you didn’t believe them because the media told you not to, then you know it now. Yes, there was a very severe reason for the Russians to come and help their neighbours in eastern Ukraine and yes, that wasn’t only now from February on, but that reason was there since 2014 (and who knows much before that). That is why there was a presence of Russian soldiers in the Donbass region during the last 8 years. To protect the about 4 million people there against real Nazi crimes committed against them.


What the Russian army is really doing in Ukraine

They have very systematically surrounded the Ukrainian army in the Donbass region, where most of them were. The rest was in and around Kiev, which was the reason why they surrounded this city. Not to overthrow the government, because if you have ever heard Vladimir Putin – or any other official from the Russian government – speak, you know the Russians never interfere in governments. They bombarded the army units where there were weapons and ammunition, arrested the Nazis and then left Kiev.

The biggest knot was Azovstal, the huge steel plant in Mariupol, a city in the Donbass situated by the Black Sea (or Azov Sea actually). Underneath this enormous plant there are immense catacombs where the Azov batallion keeps itself hidden. Thing is that there are also civilians that have sought a hiding place there and other civilians that are kept hostages by the Azov batallion. Last but not least there is a biolab in these catacombs that needs to be examined and stopped. Just shelling the place isn’t an option, since the Russians are very careful not to make civilian casualties.

Here is a short recap by Gonzalo Lira, a journalist who lives in Ukraine and follows and shares news from there:


Why doesn’t the war stop?

Well, the war doesn’t stop, because the American government tells the Azov batallion by mouth of the NATO officers in Ukraine that actually lead the war, not to come out of the Azovstal catacombs and not to surrender to the Russian army. They also order them to keep the civilians, who are estimated at a 1000 to 2,500, there and starve them, hoping the Russian army will surrender instead. This is how you know the Russians really care about the Ukrainian people, because if they didn’t, they would just drop a couple big fat bombs on the factory. They are however freeing civilians instead and they provide them with humanitarian aid. Here I have a video for you by an American journalist who lives in Mariupol and reports from there. Not only that, this sweet man also helps the Russians giving humanitarian aid to people:



The Ukrainian government tries by means of some rests of their army to get the civilians out and bring them somewhere in Ukraine. This is so that they can’t tell the media the truth about NATO indeed leading the war and the Russians being polite and careful with civilians. This is the battle of the moment.


And the solution?

Map of Ukraine

That is just a piece of good ol’ cake. The solution is that the Ukrainian government accepts the fact that the Donbass region is independent from now on (just like Crimea) and stops terrorising their own population. New and really free elections should be held after the whole country finally hears the truth about the doings of their government and army, so a good government can be formed. No EU membership, no NATO membership, but Ukraine will stay a neutral country just as it always was. That is exactly what the Russians asked before they started their operation and now the facts lay bare, we can see it has always been the right thing to do.

Ukraine is a country in which many different nations live. Their culture and languages must be protected and there should be peace and true democracy. No Nazi laws and practices, since the Second World War has ended 77 years ago and it’s time it ended in Ukraine too. Nazi’s have no place in the world! Ukraine is also a country with rich natural resources and an excellent climat for farming. And there is a vast film and music industry as well as a lot of IT knowledge there. More than enough to create a wealthy country in which everyone will profit.












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