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The queen of quackery and skeptic paranoia in the Netherlands, yes who else can that be than Catherine de Jong, has given an interview on BNN/VARA half a year ago. 

It was so well listened to that I just discovered it tonight. She tells 7 lies in 25 minutes and the rest I didn’t even bother to hear. Since this evil woman has been hunting me down for more than 10 years now and won’t stop, I introduce her to her colleague of the European Council of Skeptical Organisations. This is not even an association but just a club of out of control freaks who are against any way of medicine that is not exactly taught at medical school. 

But they make themselves look like they are something AND they have professors and medical specialists among them, who have lots of power. Catherine de Jong is also guilty of me not having an audience for my journalistic work, so that’s really enough now. I have never been an alternative therapist, I was a regular healer who worked with scientific psychology. But alternative therapists are heavily scolded by her and I do defend them of course. So do share this video anywhere you can, subscribe to my YouTube channel, to my website, like, comment and share! Hit that notification button and donate for my independent crowdfunded hard work!







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