Farmers and to want or not to want

We are going to have a conversation about the Pineal Gland and his sidekick Melatonin today. How it is possible that this little Peebles in our brains makes us sleep – that is: provided that it works – and want things at the same time. At night you don’t want things, do you? You only want to sleep! Since the Dutch farmers also want something, namely to be, we will mix them up in our melatonin talk. It’ll be exciting, folks!


Gold, success and melatonin

The word ‘gold’ reminds me of a news item last week that said the EU now doesn’t want to buy any gold from Russia anymore as sanction number 9 – I think in the meantime. Not a too smart decision,  since gold belongs to the pineal gland with its nice friend melatonin. Gold stands for SUCCESS, doesn’t it? I thought for that reason that sleeping meant being successful at sleeping. It isn’t the easiest thing to do, is it? There is only one hormone working in the pineal gland, so how else could it work? Especially since this gland is also said to be the home of our willpower. I tried hard to find the answer, to help all those people with sleeping troubles and with unsuccessful lives, me being one of them. But I couldn’t find the solution until today, in the middle of the night when I suddenly saw it.


 The pineal gland is the seat of our will! During daytime we’re busy wanting and trying to achieve all kinds of things. At night the melatonin comes to pull the brake on all our ambitions and that is the secret of how we sleep. It’s pretty boring not to want anything, is it? So you fall asleep. Big Logics!


The other logical conclusion which is also right, is that people who haven’t been successful for a long time, stop wanting and chasing their luck. They don’t fall tight asleep like at night, but they do fall into an everlasting nap. That is why we call such people asleep. Because they are. They have a completely out of control busy pineal gland. Melatonin, an important little devil within our brain.


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Farmers and willpowerrrrr

Today here in the Netherlands the farmers are going to hold an enormous protest. The government and the EU want them to beat it in order to build even more houses for again new immigrants in this already so stuffed country, but the farmers want to stay and keep doing their beautiful job. Fishermen, truckers and people will be by their side today in The Hague and elsewhere as well. This is all the work of that eenee-meenee peanut in our brain called pineal gland or epiphysis with its magic substance melatonin. Wanting things and going for them.

Now the weirdest thing is that if you have a lazy pineal gland, your brains race like the cars in Cars. Remember the movie? During daytime the little gland also produces and distributes melatonin, but a lot less. It gives you small pulses of the hormone. These are meant to hold your horses so you won’t become a workaholic. With a quiet mind you can also find better solutions to problems, which makes you more … successful. Yes, success definitely comes from melatonin, but in an indirect way.


So what is ”flow”?

And then the other thing, even more weird. People who don’t want anything and live in some kind of a mysterious flow (I’m sure you know a couple of them), mostly have huuuuge loads of success. How can that be? Well a person who is completely passive, brings up feelings of pity in others. These others have a very marginally functioning pineal gland and so they have like a bee hive in the head. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! A certain amount of being bossy makes them looooove helping others and voilà there you go. They make the completely passive ones successful by doing everything for them. A lot of ex-husbands live this way! That works because of the superstrange ways of melatonin, see. It’s quite the eccentric drug.



A lazy pineal gland makes you feel hunted, chased after and stressed out. You can’t find any rest and have to go on and on being active. You don’t have time or patience to pull the brakes a bit. But this feeling can also come from your environment. If you have too many negative and bossy types around you, your pineal gland can’t hold it and stops sending out melatonin to calm you down. Small pulses during daytime and a big fat one at night to make you fall asleep. This is what happens in your brain when you get intimidated. You don’t have a natural mechanism to defend yourself against bullies and so you need to train the wild horses in your pineal gland to keep on producing and sending through the hormones. Otherwise you lose fights with our elder brother, you lose your job, every lawsuit you encounter and anything in general. It leaves you with no other option than training the little peanut in your head. In the mirror and until you can do it!

This is the reason why the Dutch government always sends police in civilian, called “Romeos”, to demonstrations. These paid scumbags start beating up innocent people. Many times they have been filmed jumping out of police buses and getting physical with peaceful demonstrating people. They only do this with right-wing protestors, never with BLM, Antifa and such. Next they show it on television in such a way that it seems as if the crowd got aggressive. In most cases that isn’t true. This is how governments steer the public opinion and silence the population with violence. Let’s hope the Dutch government will today be overwhelmed by the farmers and their friends instead of the other way around. It’s high time for some democracy in many European countries.

Last week a German journalist who lives in Ukraine and interviews people there, got threatened by the German government. Now she can’t go back to her country, since you get sentenced with 3 years in prison if you tell anything else than the wrong Western narrative about the situation there. It should be over with this kind dictatorial intimidation by governments that insist in calling themselves democratic. So let’s go train our pineal gland by being brave and standing for our just case! Today the issue of farmers and fishermen, hunted for no reason by the Dutch government. And tonight a nice and relaxing sleep!



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