The exit poll with a huge win for ND the conservatives

Greek conservatives fly through elections – very special ministries

The exit polls are there and more than 80% of the votes have been counted already in Greece. Not only that: the new cabinet is already waiting to start and we’ve got some really special ministries in Greece!

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who has been the Prime Minister of Greece since 2019 and finally after 40+ years got the economy growing again, wanted to govern with only his party Nea Dimokratía. Αυτοδύναμη we call that, aftodhínami, on their own powers without a coalition. That is why he asked for a second round of the elections held last month. His party won those elections too, but didn’t receive enough votes to govern alone. This time they made it though and that is happy news for my beautiful country.

The exit poll with a huge win for ND the conservatives

In the exit polls Nea Dimokratía got about 42% of the votes. In the new voting system that – as I hear – no-one understands, his party will receive a bonus of another 25 seats in the 300-seat Greek Parliament called Voulí.

I will tell you a little secret: the new cabinet is already there! That’s not the same as in the Netherlands, is it? In two hours the whole government is set. Ha! Here is what our brothers and sisters in Cyprus tell about our elections. Really nice, thanks Cyprus!



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If you understand Greek, you can see the new cabinet here:



If not, here I explain a few things about our special Greek ministries. At 3:23 minutes you can see the Greeks have a very special Ministry: The Ministry for Protection of Civilians. I cite from the Wikipedia: Hellenic Police, the Hellenic Fire Service, Hellenic Prison System, the Agrarian Police and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection. So the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Safety in Greece is a normal Ministry of Justice and this one for the civilians. Not against civilians like here.

We also have a special Ministry for Cyber Government or Online Government, I don’t know how to call it. Wow! There are really good and informative government websites nowadays in Greece, I discovered not long ago. Greece is maybe somewhat late in digitalising, but they do the best thing rightaway.

With 3000 islands we naturally have a Ministry of Shipping and a Ministry of Tourism which is famous and very popular in our country. One of the first Ministers there was Melina Mercouri, the actress and singer from the legendary movie Never on Sunday (Ποτέ την Κυριακή).

Most important of all maybe: there is a Ministry for Family. And a Ministry for Culture. And what we have not, is a ministry for media. Very important: no censorship and that kinda bonkers in Greece. Democracy is a Greek word and we will never step on it.

Also there is a Ministry for Development and Investment. Independent from this ministry there is a Ministry of Economics with a Minister and an Under-minister for Economics. With so many money guardians we can’t but make a fast growth to our economy in the coming years, don’t you think?

With so many Greeks living abroad there obviously is a Ministry for Emigration.


Well folks that was it for today! Greece is happy, because we are going upward again as a country, even if it isn’t an easy pathway. The EU and the American government don’t like our growth at all, because they’d like to keep our heads down. But they have bad luck there, because we chose for development, a good health care system and a growing economy. And for a Greece that is on the map again in international negotiations and stuff like that. Very necessary with our wisdom! We are needed.




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