Happy, happy wishes for 2021

For the first time in months I have the television on and I’m actually both listening and watching: the Ladies of Soul are on. Of the 6 (!) traditional Dutch Old Year’s Conferences not even one was good enough to watch more than 5 minutes, but the music is good. Temperature is below zero at the moment, so who knows will we see some snow tomorrow. Would be awesome!

Time to wish my readers a great, wonderful and explosively fantastic and cool 2021. May you be happy, healthy, wealthy and in good company. May Joe Biden still lose the elections in the United States. I heard yesterday evening finally the State of Georgia ordered a real recount of the votes in some counties. I wish the fraud will show itself and then this so important state will be called for Donald Trump.

May this horrible coronavirus just vanish into nothing and may we live normally again. May the Dutch people finally grow some brains and vote for good political parties in March. May we see justice and wealth in the whole world and may everything be happy and nice. I am happy to hear fireworks everywhere, even if it was banned this year. Hopefully nobody got fined!













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