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Don’t be afraid: I am not going to become a wokist. The woke movement consists of people who find themselves victims and wallow in complexes and self-pity. I always try as hard as I can to take the strings in my own hands and solve injust situations. And I never wanted to admit it until now, but the world is packed with racism, discrimination against people from less rich and fortunate countries and inequality between men and women. The oppression against me personally by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Safety is also racist in its deepest core. Today an article about it and of course as always a possible solution to the problem.


Racist adoptive families

Let me start with adopted children like myself. I have always been forced to be – and since I wasn’t, to become – Dutch. At the age of 11 I found out I was adopted, since my memories had been erased when I was 4 and I couldn’t remember my own family. I immediately knew my descent had to be from Southerm Europe somewhere and when I went to Italy with my illegal foster monsters, I felt it wasn’t far from there. Nice: the Italians themselves too recognised me as one of them. After this the racism started even worse: “You are \DUTCH and not foreign. Look at those Italians! There are inferior. They are crooks who lie and cheat, they are poor and you can’t trust them. Be glad to be Dutch. WE are better people”. Not only the satanist monsters where I had to grow up, but also at school I was treated with this racism, by my friends, by the illegal foster family and by anyone else I told my story to.

Greece to the Dutch – and to most Europeans – is just a country full of poor bastards, where you can go on holidays almost for free. They wlll serve you anyway, even if you don’t pay them, because they don’t know what civilisation and wealth is, so the Europeans reason, forgetting that without us Greeks they wouldn’t have any civilisation. They were poor nomads walking around in bear skins, while we were discussing politics, philosophy and literature in beautiful buildings that still exist today, as far as they haven’t been plundered by Europeans and Turks. We’ve had fights with the British museum and the Parisian Louvre to get our stolen marbles back from them for ages. That’s how civilised they are. They gave away 3/4 of our country and a lot more actually to the Turks and Albanians (who are also Turks) and then expect us to build up an economy like theirs without stealing or even getting back our possessions they have stolen from us and without any support either. In a dry, rocky piece of a country that used to stretch from Southern Italy until Romania in the north, Egypt in the south and north-west India in the east. The proof of what I say is still visible in the many Greek communities in all those places, where people speak ancient Greek and worship the ancient Gods.


Plundering rich colonised countries

Yes really, European folks are richer than most other people in the world and more arrogant too. But better? They have stolen all their wealth by plundering countries that used to be much richer than Europe, like the whole African continent, Greece, Italy, Indonesia and loads of other Asian countries and South America that they colonised and devastated. Former French colonies in Africa still have to pay colony taxes to France until today, hence the coup in Niger and today in Gabon too. Dutch people like all Western Europeans are icy cold, mean and racist. I have got to know many adopted children from other countries in Europe and the rest of the world. They all told me their foster parents told them the same things mine told me: Dutch (Europeans) are exceptionally good, capable and righteous people and the rest of the world just sucks. And you, poor thing from India / Colombia / Greece / Romania / Sri Lanka / Korea or from wherever, you are soooo lucky to have gotten here in this paradise of equality and wealth. “Don’t you see how many people from your country of origin come to live here for the money?”. And on it would go and on and on and on.

I had a Dutch friend in my class at school, who was adopted in another Dutch family and even he said the same thing about his parents. They just wouldn’t let him search for his real family and kept on calling him inferior because adopted. And oh I was sooo lucky with these satanist monsters who had sexually abused me for 4 years and abused me in all other ways until their death. They threw me on the street when I was barely 16, while my own parents are the sweetest people. Rich, high-educated and so loving that I can’t even put in into words. And by the way: do you know how many children have been stolen from their families and illegally adopted in other countries like the Netherlands, the UK and the US? Do you know how many of them have been abused? Well, most, I can tell you! Adopted children are NOT inferior. Any child has the same rights and must be protected by their family and the environment in neighbourhood, school and later on at work. Chiildren need love, love and more love and if they don’t receive it, they will become as chilly as the Dutch.

Of course it’s understandable that people who adopt a child don’t want to lose it. But if they are honest about the origin of their adopted child and if they are supportive instead of afraid and racist, they won’t traumatise the child more than necessary. You are what you are and you can’t just become Dutch if you have totally different genes! If you try, that will lead to many problems, dependent from how hard you oppress the real you. You can become depressed but also physically ill. Your life can get stuck and that is what actually always happens if you try to look for your own family. If you go along with your new life and totally bend your head to the Dutch, becoming one of them, you will have a life. To the cost that later on you will have one of those devastating and proliferating auto-immune diseases like cancer, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, a fast or slow thyroid and more such horror. And it’s banned to cure yourself from those diseases, as you saw when I found out how to find the cure.


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ECOWAS members
ECOWAS countries in dark green, former ECOWAS in light green


Shall we take a short trip to Africa? The place in South Africa where the Dutch first went and where they took in more and more space for themselves, chasing away the original population of Zulus and San or Khoikhoi (called ‘bush men’ by them, which was totally not racist or so). The story that I believed myself too for a short period goes that the Dutch farmers lived in nice harmony with the Africans and they had such a good and equal understanding with them. And they totally didn’t have them working for them as slaves, look how good they were!

Maybe, but the Dutch VOC, the organisation that sent the farmers to Africa, demanded that there be slaves. They were brought in from diverse Asian countries and from neighbouring African countries like Mozambique. How do you think the Zulus and San thought about that? These slaves had (almost) the same skin colour as they themselves, so they were brothers and sisters taken into captivity. The same thing happened in many other African countries by English, French, Germans, Italians, Portuguese and Belgians. Their richesses were taken away without them profiting from them and their own population was made to slaves in their very own country. I am from a country this happened to as well, so I have an idea how that feels. Not well, I can say. And very far from equal or just.


Why military coups in Niger and Gabon?

Did you actually know that the French government makes all their former colonies in Africa pay colony taxes? These are for “compensating the loss of these countries as their possession”! So these countries were made to slave and exploited until the bone and when they finally liberated themselves, they also have to pay restoration instead of the French paying them an indemnification? Not only that: mostly the French and English still mingle in their politics and still steal their minerals and their oil without compensating the Africans. Countries like Algeria, Gabon, Niger and Nigeria are packed with oil, but they don’t even have electricity in their own country. It’s the French that steal their oil and live well on it, saying: “Look how good people we are. So rich and developped! We own the world”.

Why do you really think the Nigeriens came into revolution and did a military coup? Why do you think the Gabonese did? Do you really believe these people are so stupid that they love being governed by military juntas? Well, I have an emission for you by Al Jazeera, where it is all explained about Gabon. About Niger you already know about the French exploitation of their oil, the taxes and the former President that was put there by the French in not so democratic elections. In Gabon the same French-allied family has been governing the country since the French left in 1960. They have had THREE Presidents in 63 years, so imagine how nice and democratic their system is. An OPEC country full of riches where the people don’t even have enough food to eat, because of the French and the Americans who also mix themselves in everywhere in the world. Here is the Al Jazeera emission with unbiased news:



Woke? Please no!

The woke movement exaggerates a lot about injustice in general and also makes many mistakes in historical facts. I am not against the Dutch Black Pete, because he is the personification of the Moors, who were the ruling elite or colonisators in Spain for nearly 800 years. It isn’t racist to use this figure and make him the assistant of a Greek (also an oppressed nation) arch bishop. When the Greeks were still a powerful nation, they only governed in places where Greeks lived and that once had been Greek. They never colonised any country and didn’t steal either. They brought democracy, peace and rest to the people they governed and I have heard that from people in all countries where my ancestors have ruled. Just like the Chinese and the Russians only rule their own people. That is no colonisation and no racism. People in Southern Italy even today say they are Greek and want to be reunited with the rest of our country.

It is not true at all that white people would be innate evil people. There are nasty dudes amongst them, but then again these people are everywhere in the world. Wokists even say that we Greeks are “white supremacists, imagine! First of all we aren’t white but Mediterranean and we aren’t supremacists at all. And that while their own ancient stories about the ice age and the floods afterwards tell us it was Greeks who arrived in large boats to teach them about civilisation. How to build these enormous ancient buildings, how to measure time, the meaning of the stars and planets and a whole lot more that we unfortunately have all forgotten today. We can’t build amfitheaters today or pyramids. We have forgotten (and banned!) how to cure diseases and we fight about how to maintain nature.


The solution against racism and inequality?

Start seeing each other’s wisdom and beauty instead of criticising others for being different. Show respect for others and stop oppressing people just because you can. Trade with countries that are rich in minerals instead of plundering them and do respect nature in other people’s countries. Don’t keep people hostage like the Dutch government does with me and don’t kidnap babies and children in order to have them illegally adopted by satanist families. Build up an economy by doing fair business in win-win situations like the Chinese and Russians do and stop stealing from others.

And if you believe women today are equal to men and even above them sometimes: well if a woman becomes like a man, she can climb really high, true. But if she stays a woman, she won’t stand a chance. Or she has to become a mean witch. There is still prostitution everywhere and many women in Eastern European and Asian countries have to sell their bodies in order to save their families. When couples with children get divorced, the mother is forced to work like a dog and her children are unprotected. Single fathers meet much more understanding. These children don’t stand a chance in life next to others who come from a stable family. Do you really consider that civilisation and equality? In Greece mothers work less hard for the same salary and the same happens in all civilised countries, but not in Europe. There is still a lot of work to do, so let’s stop being blind for the facts and let’s start working for a really happy world for everyone.





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By Anastasía Vassiliou, MA

Anastasía (Natassa) Vassiliou, born in Athens, obtained a Master's degree in Greek & French Literature and studied music in Thessaloniki, Greece. She speaks 7+ languages. Natassa ran a successful business in in-company trainings when she suddenly got paralysed. Out of love for her children she found out how to cure all diseases and healed many patients including herself. Nowadays she runs news website Untold Times, where she shares world news and gives fantastic analyses about hot topics.

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