Holle Bolle Gijs loves taking up even more immigrants

Good afternoon folks. Every day something crazy happens and sometimes it’s so many crazy somethings that you can’t write about all of them. Today’s crazy thing was that Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said “we” were dozing off about asylum matters and now next year we’ve got to can in another 50,000 immigrants in the can called Holland. Wouldn’t there be another, better, solution for refugees?

And that’s just it: we cannot squeeze in more immigrants into this country. Not even refugees. People have tried everything, but it’s just impossible. People can’t be forced to take totally unknown people from the other end of the globe into their houses! That is the stage where you must draw the red hot line. The Netherlands are so packed with people and especially with people from different cultures that can’t adapt themselves to their lifestyle even if they wanted to, that everyone is cranky and irritable. Plus the most important thing of the story: saying NO to new immigrants doesn’t mean you turn your back on them. I am totally not for letting people swallow their misery, but I am against letting more people into this country. Let me plead my cause to you.


As I said many times: Denmark is just a few square meters larger than the Netherlands, but it only has 5.8 million inhabitants. Yet Denmark says it’s packed and is deporting immigrants, while the Netherlands with almost 18 million inhabitants think they are obliged to take in even more people. “Because they are so sad”. Yes, some immigrants are sad and so they need help in a place where there is space for them to get over their war traumas and to build up a new life. Somewhere in the region of where they come from and in a decent camp or even better a village with real houses that they can help build. A garden that they can help cultivate. A doctor and a psychologist to help them with their traumas. A school and a playgarden for their children, that they can also help build and where they can teach if they have a licence. Why is everyone so against this idea?


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Real help to real people

Helping refugees in their region doesn’t mean you put them away with tens of thousands in these horrible UN tents and then you leave them alone to starve. Like in Syria or Turkey, like in Libya also. Helping refugees in their region means building them a nice place where they can come to rest, contribute and continue living in a safe space. Somewhere in their own region, so that they don’t need to accustom for years to an entirely different culture and language, where they lose their degrees and diplomas and have to start from scratch all over again, while already traumatised.

Costs for one asylum seeker per year according to the Dutch government.
Netherlands Refugee Statistics 1960-2022
Netherlands Refugee Statistics 1960-2022, by


There is another enormous avantage to this solution: it costs a lot less money to build this kind of places in safe countries, because they are much cheaper than Europe. Not long ago I read that each asylum seeker in the Netherlands costs the Dutch tax payers millions. That was of course not true, but the real costs are not cheap, as you can see here at your right side: €27,900 per year per person. This multiplied with about a 100,000 per year is €2,790,000,000 or 2.79 trillion euros, says my calculator. I can’t even believe it. Many refugees stay for years in refugee centers where they cost this money. This is impossible to carry for such a small country and actually for any country in the world. Refugees and other asylum seekers must be placed in a safe space not all too far from their country of origin.


Most asylum requests granted in most packed country

I also want to show you this graphic from Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland, the official refugee support instance in the Netherlands. It shows you which percentage of asylum seekers in different European countries are granted (red) or refused (orange) asylum. You can see clearly that most requests for asylum are granted in the Netherlands. I really can’t say more to wake everyone up!

Asylum granted or refused Europe


Affordable help in a better world

If western countries would pay something like 10 or 20% of what they now pay for receiving refugees and other immigrants to such new-to-build places, everybody would be happy. In the Netherlands there is a huge demand for more money for education and health care and in other European countries it’s the same. 80 or even 90% of these trillions could go there and make Europeans themselves happy too! What would be the problem if any?

I have another idea. If we made less war and poked our noses less into other people’s affairs creating discord and other problems outside of our own countries, the world would be a lot happier place to live in for everyone. Only exception would be weapon plants and sales people, but they could build other things than weapons in their plants and sell those. Furniture for instance or reinforced concrete for the refugee houses. Fences for their gardens and who knows what else. If you can’t make weapons, it doesn’t mean you can’t exist. Just need to be a bit creative and think about something else you can produce and sell. Something less destructive. There are more than enough options to make the world a nicer and safer place, so why not do it?



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