How can so much injustice happen?
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How can so much injustice happen?

A lot of American news is anxiously waiting for me to share it with you, but first something else needs to be done: my personal story must be written and spread among the public. Problem every time I make an effort to write it down again is that first of all it’s a horror story I loathe writing and secondly my readers don’t help spreading it. Why should I write this so all-important story if it doesn’t cause the explosion it is supposed to cause? Outside of my website people do react to my articles and on Twitter or Facebook they’re sparsely shared, but in my situation I need someone who is dedicated to me and who really and honestly helps. Everyone who is in a difficult situation has got such people around them, but not me. I also have to watch out that people won’t think I’m whining, which is seen as negative in the Netherlands. (Need to explain that to foreigners).

I know everyone who comes to my website expects to read my life story here. Some readers go through my articles in search of bits and pieces, but what they find is very scarce. The reason why I write so little is because it doesn’t have any effect and it’s terrible to write, but also because my two beloved sons don’t want me to tell about myself. They have a really difficult time understanding that all three of us are different people than we thought and that somewhere out there we have a real and even loving family, that however doesn’t show up. Why is that? Well, because the ISS aka Big Brother watches us closely and still has power over all kinds of powerful jerks that don’t hesitate to cause us all kinds of troubles, from injust lawsuits to injust bills and defamation campaigns if I don’t watch out with each word I write. Last week Dutch Youth Care sent me a letter that looked angry and so I didn’t open it. I know it’s a threat about something I wrote and which they don’t like. Well, there are lots of things about them I don’t like either. If they want anything from me, I have a phone so they can call me and very carefully explain to me what’s up. Carefully because I’ve had numerous allmost-heart attacks during the last year and this is exactly why I can’t open all my mail. It wasn’t out of fun that I had to keep the bed this whole week again.


How far would you dare to go?

So what would you do if no-one was helping you to get your story through to the public and if your children took a distance from you, because you still wrote it? If you knew however that if you don’t write AND get it spread through at least the country where you live, you will never get your family together again? You will never have an income again, be reunited with your whole family and be recovered from more than one deadly disease you have been suffering from for years and that wears you out? If you also knew the threats would only stop if you finally got that stupid story through to the public? I don’t write it because I have a need to tell it or because I need to process it by telling it. No, there is a thing called diary for such needs and I have plenty of those. Would you keep on trying to push your story through or would you take your weapons down and let the devil take you? You know it’s the Devil herself who is chasing me with those idiots that worship her for the money and for a big fat career. Power.

This is the dilemma I’m in and it’s even larger: I am not only a victim of the Satanist club that hides itself behind the world power – you know: the leftist liberal movement that wants to install a communist world led by China and that has already been delicately described in the book 1984 by George Orwell – but their ultimate victim. In plain English I’d say the devil has aimed all her arrows at me. All her magic and all her corrupt tricks like smear campaigns, threats that are even executed like losing any job or business I try to have, losing my family, my identity, my good reputation, my health and my bare existence. At what I’ve seen from the 287 pages long file which the ISS keeps about me in secret, they even killed the man who should have been my father-in-law. When I met the man of my life in 1985 in Amsterdam, the ISS knew who he was and got us separated under the threat of being killed by the traditional Cretan knives of his colleague that worked for the ISS. When he later on tried to contact me, they had his father killed and all this is written in that file my man has in possession, but can’t publish or even send to me. I have only had a very few looks into it, too short to even take a picture.

If I published that file now, they would instantly have at least one of my sons killed. The only defense I have against this horror club is energetic work. “Fortunately” I am a heck of an experienced trauma therapist and I can actually see not only the magic they used in the time when they still could, but also all other smear tricks they use against me. I see and hear conversations they’ve had with judges, lawyers, teachers and directors of schools I attended, employers of the past. I see them threat doctors and hospitals that were to hide the truth about my medical condition from me and even people they sent to me as fake clients or fake followers on social media. Many of these people have taken some kind of a professional oath that forbids them to exercise their function if they lie or refuse to help. Yet no-one can be sued, because they are protected by the Satanist-led establishment of whose members mostly don’t even know they serve Satan. They would not have done what they did if they knew. Problem: they would not only not believe me if I told them who they are working for, but they would immediately start the next smear campaign against me.


Your life ruined

You won’t believe it, but they even manage to have our house ruined. We have an enormous problem with clogged drains and how do I know it’s caused by them? Because the problem can’t be fixed. The car has quite some problems that can’t be fixed either and the same thing happens to the wrong bills I receive all the time: you can’t solve the problem, because the other party doesn’t listen and instead starts sending collection agencies or even sue you if you even try. They’ve got many ways to cause such things and what they basically do, is programme your sink to get clogged, programme your car to have damage and so on. They have done so much that it takes decades to solve it. Plus they may have sent bad repairers to the previous owners of my house or the car, that caused trouble instead of repairing the damage. When we needed to move from our previous city, the only house I could get, was the one where I now try to survive. Each time I found a house, it was sold before my eyes, 8 times. So the clique wanted us to sit in this particular house that they have prepared for our arrival. It’s a great house, but it takes a lot to maintain it and we wanted to live in a different city.

So why is this establishment so darn strong? Because they are backed up and led by Satan. Over and out. These days I am reading a very thick book by PVV (Party of the Freedom) politician Martin Bosman, called De schijn-élite van de valse munters (in Dutch). You can buy the book or download it for free by clicking on the title. They describe how this weird leftist liberal movement has come into life and you won’t believe it: it all started in 1968 by a group of new leftists that took over the socialist party PvdA. I was born in 1966, so the Satan club needed 2 years to get it arranged. The former leader of that party was Willem Drees sr. and later Willem Drees jr. who already warned the population for the dangers of too much immigration of people from countries with a too different cultural background from the Dutch. So not right-wing political parties, but socialists started saying the thing. They were brutally kicked out of the party and each and every person who dared say a word about immigration or Muslims, was destroyed in the most horrible sense of the word. When Centrum-Party Mr. Janmaats wife lost her leg after an organised (!) raid by “anti-fascists”, she was laughed at by the whole Parliament. Later Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn who also dared to say the word, were killed and nowadays Geert Wilders and even Thierry Baudet don’t have a life. Exactly the same way I am treated.


So about my past …

About my past I will tell in a few sentences what I’ve been through and how weird it is that I didn’t remember the slightest thing of it. .When someone helped me opening my erased memories in 2019, we were both shocked to death. She didn’t find it strange that I had lived so much violence, brutal rape and hatred in the first 5 years of my life, because it explained the horrible situation in which I currently am. My chronical illness, my two ruined businesses and my ruined family. But I had been in complete denial about it, since I didn’t remember anything of it and everyone in my life had always said I was so ungrateful to my “parents”. Well, what they have done to me, especially during those first years but also later, is undescribeable. Brutal rape almost every day, beatings and impossibly mean tricks and things they said to me in order to humiliate me.

Before I was sent to these monsters, I was kidnapped from my dear parents, who temporarily lived in Cologne (Germany), when I was 2 days old. The ISS had me ritually abused in a hospital in Amsterdam and later in Utrecht. I was heavily sexually abused, beaten and neglected there, so much that they gave me to eat and changed my diapers only once per 2 or 3 days. That’s why I stayed small and didn’t even get my beautiful Greek colours (vitiligo). My parents are way darker than me. When I was 4, instead of taking me back to my family, the ISS monsters allowed these people to adopt me and they erased my memory. I have many times been in hospital for a long time and that is visible in my photo album, where there aren’t any photos of those times. The ISS programmed my not-parents so that they weren’t so aggressive anymore, they erased all my memories and from then on I ‘just’ had horrible parents. They had much more money than anyone else while this “father” was only a simple bank manager in a small town, so I guess they received huge sums from the ISS to keep me.

At the age of 16 they threw me out, but still kept me prisoned by paying me very little money, while I had the right to receive an allocation from the municipality that was much higher. My life has always been immensely difficult, complicated and I always had bad luck. Now I know it wasn’t bad luck, but the ISS that didn’t want me to have a life. Because I am capable and well-educated, there were always people who wanted to hire me for jobs and so. But it was all blocked and honestly I was also afraid to infect others with my bad “karma”. And I was afraid they would see how difficult it was for me to keep myself standing at work and they would blame me for it. It’s actually a miracle that I was able to work at all with such a past. The most difficult part of my life was that I knew all the horrors and humiliations I had to go through time and time again, weren’t my fault. I only didn’t have a clue from where it came until one and a half year ago. It is so hard to see people hate me, while I am such a warm and sweet person.



© Natassa Vassiliou


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