In Pakistan former Prime Minister Imran Khan fights his head off against the overpowering military in his country. In Arizona, US, Kari Lake fights for a just elections system and in the Netherlands no-one fights for justice, but the electoral system there is far from just.


Pakistan and democracy

People in western countries always say that if a country has a parliament and more or less free elections, it is a democracy. Well … the countries we talk about today all meet these two criteria. But how democratic do you find them? On the video underneath I also shortly explain the system in China.

Here is a very shocking video released by Al Jazeera 9 days ago. A young man tells about the military in Pakistan and its unlimited power to even oust a very well functioning and very popular Prime Minister last year.


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US and free elections in Arizona

Mrs. Kari Lake is an American lady who ran for governor of Arizona last November. Her opponent was … the rest of the story you will hear on my video underneath. Here first more about the research she is conducting to find even more evidence of the fraud that was clearly committed against her by her fraudulent opponent Katie Hobbs, who is governor now and who was the highest official in the state before, at the Department of State or Ministry of “Foreign” Affairs that holds contact with the federal government in Washington.


Then we have some news about transparency in the US. Three years ago a black man was allegedly killed by a white police officer. Ever since the whole Democratic party is furious and holds enormous campaigns against white people. The officer is in prison, but here is the full autopsy, done after Floyd’s death. It concludes the man was full of drugs and no lethal injuries were found. In other words: he didn’t die by actions of the police officer as it seems. Three years and thousands of hate crimes against white people later!


The Netherlands: such an example of a parliamentary democracy

Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands says it almost every day: the Netherlands is a parliamentary democracy and a very eh … transparent country. Yes, the country possesses even two parliaments – an upper and a lower chamber – and there are elections for the Lower Chamber and for the provinces. But does that make the country democratic? Well, I’ve got some news for you and a newpaper article if you understand Dutch about how democratic this country is. No corruption at all, you know why? Because corruption in the Netherlands is legal and politicians find it completely normal to scheme on a daily basis. You will hear more about the really crazy Dutch electoral system on my video, but first this newspaper article from NRC (a leftist newspaper)



And then we have a bonus! Yesterday the Yoeri Albrecht, boss – manager or CEO – of the well-known debate center De Balie in the Netherlands was asked if the rumour about his place that NATO subsidied it, was true. He got mad, seized the microphone from the hands of his interviewer and started fighting him in the middle of the street. Watch and be shocked! Dutch democracy, you see? Here I also give you the link to the website of BNN Vara for which the journalist works.


Democratic and civilised? Mwah …

These were just a few examples of how countries call themselves democratic, but how some people have their doubts about that. There are thousands more examples in each western (or not) country. It doesn’t mean per se the world is a mess and a jungle, but it is certainly food for thought. Do we like the system as it is in many countries that allege being democratic, while pointing at others – Russia and China being their favourites – or do we think we could do better? I leave the answer to you. Do react here and/or underneath the video on YouTube and don’t forget to support my hard work! Like, subscribe, share, react and donate.



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