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How to process your past

This is the long time ago promised video about how to process traumas and other pain from the past. Do your best with it but don’t stress out! It’s a skill you will need to learn. In the beginning it won’t go fast and you will maybe need more sessions for each step. That is no problem at all: your mind will get used to it and so you will be able to work faster and easier. Don’t worry.
















Anastasía Vassiliou, MA

Independent Crowdfunded Journalist. | Solves World Problems in Stunning Articles, Columns & Podcasts. | Studied Greek & French Literature, Specialised in Psycholinguistics. | Speaks Greek, English, French, German, Italian, (Spanish, Kurdish,) Dutch. | Unique Expertise in Traditional Medicine, Psychology, Education, Music, Business & International Politics. | Lover of Capital Letters, Coffee & Bougatsa. Proud Greek. Married and Mom of 2.

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