Hypertension: a problem OR a solution?

The last few weeks I had again a new phenomenon in my disease: I almost fainted and only if I ate a bit salt and lied down for at least an hour, the crisis would pass. Of course I thought this was a crisis of low blood pressure or hypotension, but when I measured my tension today with that creepy device, I got a shock: my upper tension was over 200. I stopped the machine at 200 and didn’t even dare to look at the under pressure. Next stop: I had to find the essence of what blood pressure is and what the exact cause is. What heals it, I already knew and after reading this article you will know it too.

Hypertension according to modern medicine.

In order to find the soul or the essence of what a high blood pressure in fact is, I first asked Google to find me a medical website. Many came up and I was told hypertension is caused by more than one causes. There you already know science hasn’t found what hypertension really is, because there is always only ONE cause. That is the essence of the disease and that is what you should work on in order to get better.


Stress and anxiety

So I concentrated on hypertension and found the real cause, the base of the whole phenomenon, is stress or anxiety if you want. Heart attacks, heart failure, kidney failure and anything else mentioned here on your right side are consequences of hypertension, not causes. Your blood pressure becomes high if you have too many worries and too much stress to endure in your life. Some people tend to stress out easily and if that is the case, you have to look for the cause of the stress. It can be a nerve or it can be a loss of function of the left frontal lobe. Then you can’t process the emotions and impressions you take in during your day and you can have problems with anxiety. And so on.

But I am not a person who stresses easily. I have nerves of steel. So how can such a cool lady still get such high blood pressure crises?



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What heals hypertension?

What heals hypertension, is first of all like all diseases: you must go to your past and heal your traumas, shocks and other negative experiences. If you don’t do that, nothing will heal you. Old pain is always the deepest cause of any disease or other health complaints and if you refuse to look at it to finish with it in the correct way, you will stay sick forever. After you have done that and also during the process, you can take as much lime as you can. You know, these green lemons. You can put them in the tea, in the salad and in your drinking water together with lemon and if you like with other (culinary) herbs like flat persil, rosemary, coriander, cloves, laurel and/or ginger. If you have hypotension, watch out a bit with lemon. But don’t forget: this will not heal you without first processing your painful memories.

Something else that also doesn’t work against hypertension and even makes it worse, is negative people around you. People and doctors (!) who hurt you unnecessarily by saying the hypertension is just because you are too fat, because you eat too much or don’t work out enough. No, the order is like this: first you have been through painful events. You don’t process them, so you become ill with possibly hypothyroidism, diabetes type 2 or a lymphedema – or other conditions. Those conditions make you stress out and so you get fat (or extremely skinny) and then you get the hypertension. Looking at facts is always better than just hurting other people, especially if you are a medical doctor. Anyone who is negative, is ready to be ousted from your life. That will bring an enormous peace of mind and space that provides you with the chance to heal yourself. That is what real healing is about! Not taking a pill and expecting your condition to get better. It won’t. Only for a few hours if you are lucky.


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