In the Netherlands paedophilia is called Youth Care

Sexual child abuse, the most horrible crime that exists in the world. Yet in the Netherlands the government is totally unwilling to even make it an illegal act. In the oh so progressive inclusive society it is imperative that pedophiles have their place just like anyone else, according to Ministers and House Representatives. There is even an interest pressure group for pedophiles, Martijn, that states a pedophile is supposed to be a person that has sexual feelings for children but who doesn’t abuse them. A pederast does, so they say and now they managed to make paedophilia a sexual orientation to the Dutch law. They push further and further, regardless of how the rest of the Dutch think about the issue and so now we have a real legal pedo handbook.

It circulated a few years ago, but was quickly hidden before people had a chance to raise their voice about it. Last summer it appeared again. Dutch Minister of Justice Ferd Grapperhaus – often called Grapjeshuis because the man is a joke – had it legally examined and came to the bizarre conclusion he supposedly couldn’t prohibit possession of the book. Changing the law was of course not an option, just like listening to the Dutch people whom he should serve. And so the Netherlands are again in the international news as a pedophile nation. You’re free to think of it what you want, but if you think the Dutch find this normal you’re very wrong.

Most Dutch hate paedophilia so deeply that they are in total denial about it. Just like the Germans were in denial about Hitler and his Nazi practices during WWII. Problem is that the Dutch government is infected with the phenomenon. Some politicians are said to have bonds with paedophilia networks or other scandals in the field and it’s a fact that the Minister of Justice Ferd Grapperhaus did conclude possession – and therefore also writing and issuing – of the pedo handbook, a manual for how to rape babies and children, is not illegal. Here an article in English that warns the public not to chase down pedophiles. The police and authorities don’t prosecute them, civilians aren’t allowed to do it, so in other words the problem grows day by day and no-one will do anything about it. A stalemate solid as concrete.


 It’s a fact that the Minister of Justice Ferd Grapperhaus did conclude possession – and therefore also writing and issuing – of the pedo handbook, a manual for how to rape babies and children, is not illegal


What makes it even worse is that three quarters of the Dutch population are strongly in denial about the bare existence of paedophilia networks and satanism. Satan’s Church is right in the center of Amsterdam, but almost no-one even thinks of the possibility that inside that building things may happen that can’t bear the daylight. This is a much bigger problem to resolve the paedophilia problem than the fact that the Dutch government stubbornly holds on to practising and denying paedophilia. President Trump in the United States, who does hunt pedophiles down and brings back trafficked and abused children, receives a lot of annoyance by non-believers, but he doesn’t care about what people think and has his people save as many children as possible.

In the Netherlands nobody dares to stick out their head and to ignore the sarcastic remarks of dumb and arrogant people who don’t believe in sex trafficking of children and even babies. I myself am the ultimate victim of this network, so we can at least conclude they exist! How can my family and I otherwise be caught in it? But sceptic people who don’t believe anything except the corrupt media and anyone else who tells bogus, aren’t too open for plain logics and common sense. If the government would want to turn these people around, they would need decades and a heck of a lot of psychiatrists.

The case however, is that paedophilia can and does thrive in an environment that doesn’t fight it and where pedophiles can even take place in the government. They can become schoolteachers and they can in every possible way work with children. Whenever they hurt them, no-one cares. This must stop!


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As if this isn’t enough the Dutch CP and Youth Care – which is one organisation even if very few people know – never undertook any action against paedophilia in foster parents and in institutions where children may live in case of being taken away from their parents or having health issues that make living at home impossible. They lock up children there, they forbid them to ever seek contact with their own family again, they threaten children and parents and these children never have a life again. When you live child abuse, you become ill at a later age or even as a child already. See my example. There has been a lot of scientific research for that and it has been proven abundantly that this is true. The Dutch CP however continues to deliberately steal children away from their parents for no reason and to put them in pedophile families and institutions. A couple of months ago I made an article full of links to stories and even pages full of stories about injustice committed by the Dutch Veilig Thuis (Youth Care) and Raad voor de Kinderbescherming (Child Protection). You can find it here. In Dutch, because it all comes from the Dutch media.

Now the last question is: where does this all come from? Why don’t we have the right to speak up the truth and why do we have to let our children be molested and raped? This is an evil development of our society, where no normal person wants to go, but millions of people are blindfolded and indoctrinated, thinking Youth Care is a good thing! That is extremely powerful. This movement is also a lot larger than only Youth Care, but International Youth Care or better ISS – International Social Service – is the root of it. In many countries this wicked organisation hides behind other organisations. In the Netherlands its curtain is the FIOM that I’m sure you know. The fact that our government can just lock down life because of a virus that isn’t even dangerous to 99% of the population, tell us blatant lies in the media and keep us busy with sweet nuthin’s while the world is burning, is because the ISS is so powerful.





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  1. Johan Jan Hendrik

    My country and I don’t care about any of your opinions, do not interfere in the affairs of our country.
    Stay in America, don’t ever come to the Netherlands, you’re not welcomed.

    1. Natassa Vassiliou, MA

      Hm. I live in the Netherlands because YOUR state keeps me and my family prisoners here. And I am a victim of child trafficking, paedophilia and satanic ritual abuse, so if I were you, I would close my mouth quickly.