In Ukraine they probably don’t like math

It rains angry discussions in the media and outside about the question if Nazis, or neo-Nazis if you want, are a problem in Ukraine or not. Right-wing people say yes, leftists say no and they both seem to be right, that is the strange thing. Today I thought: let’s look for some statistics from Ukraine itself. They must have some organisation like many countries do, that occupies itself with the math of the country, but I only found beautifully designed websites from a couple of Ministries in Ukraine, nicely and well in English, but without a search function. And no statistics at all.

Water met (citroen, koriander en) limoen

This would have been an exquisite item for a video, because I could show you what I encountered on my search through the internet. But first of all I have been detoxing these days from the graphene oxide that I have been poisoned with and still look like a big fat hell monster. Wearing sunglasses isn’t really an option, since Alex Christoforou already does that (The Duran) and I of course don’t want to imitate the good man. Second of all no-one ever visits my videos, so why go through all the trouble making them?

Anyway, I thought you’d want to know I got the poison out of my system after two days hard suffering. I have been poisoned twice in 10 years time plus many times via letters. Did it with a home-made cough syrup, a pan of onion soup (galactic acid!) and liters of water with lemon, lyme, ice cubes and fresh coriander. When I started to come by: coffee. Now you can do it too if you’re vaccinated against Covid. Graphene oxide is the substance that ruins your immune system. In the meantime I am trying to learn some Russian, because I’ve always wanted that, but thought it was an extremely complicated language. Nope, it isn’t, only the pronunciation is a bit hard.


Nazis or no Nazis in Ukraine?

How many Jews in Ukraine, NBCNews …

That question is actually wrong. It’s not a question of to be or not to be – did you actually know that the Russian language doesn’t have the verb to be? – but a question of how many Nazis are there and how much influence do they really have in the country? Normally that shouldn’t be too hard to figure out

One seat for Right Sector om 2014 and you see Zelensky’s party won in 2019 with 254 seats. Wikipedia Political parties Ukraine.


2.15% and no seat

for a keyboard warrior like myself, but really on all websites from the “official” world media they just estimate the figures. Look for yourself, I have a few examples here. Right Sector seems to have 10,000 members, S14 (or C14) around 250 and the Aidar Batallion somewhere around the 300. Right Sector tried to get into Parliament in 2014. They got 1 seat according to the Wikipedia and 2.15% of the votes but no seat according to the media, with example from CCN.

Estimated Azov members in 2014!

It’s unbelieveable that so few hard numbers are available about Ukraine from the country itself and that the media are so guessing. But if you doubt their ‘data’, you are a Putin hugger or things like that. The only estimation about for example the Azov Batallion is that they could have had somewhere between 900 and 2500 members in 2014. It is said that about 10% of the batallion has a Nazi ideology, but everyone in it carries out the orders which are: “Kill all Russian-minded people in Ukraine!”. Sounds quite Nazi-like to me … so we can actually state that the whole Azov and also Aidar batallions have a Nazi ideology. And then we’ve got over 20,000 Nazis in Azov alone, without supporters.


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So … what is the Nazi problem then in Ukraine?

The best numbers I could find, add up to about 13,000 and according to the media 15,000 active Nazis in Ukraine. They are people with neo-Nazi ideas, far-right and especially very much against anything Russian in the country. They are also against Jews or other minorities and are just dangerous bullies, but most of all against the Russian-speaking population in the east of the country. Problem is that former President Petro Poroshenko threw oil on the fire in a speech in 2014, where he said that the people from Donbass ‘aren’t people, but pigs that aren’t good for anything and their children must grow up in basements’. And so on.

Here is an excerpt from his speech in 2014. If you take the whole speech, he actually said that the conflict in the Donbass shouldn’t be solved with weapons. On the other side he called the people of Donbass pigs that aren’t good for nothing. I had kept a video of him saying it, but can’t find it anymore. Fact stays that he urged his army to murder people in the Donbass and his follow-up Zelensky didn’t stop the violence either.


Now I have an honest question to you. The video underneath was taken a month ago, when there was still heavy fighting in Mariupol. It was heard that the Ukrainian army had locked up people who had fled into their basements, in concrete. On this short video you see a group of Russian soldiers indeed cut a family out of their basement. Now what do you think when you see this? I am not judging and not pushing you to agree with me. Just look if you want:


Not numbers but actions!

What is important about the Nazis in Ukraine, is the fact that they have been inserted by their government into batallions of the official army and that they murder people in the Donbass, while shooting and bomb shelling at their houses and schools. It doesn’t really matter how many they are, since we can’t find any accurate data about that. The only numbers I found about the whole Ukraine come from an organisation called Unesce, which belongs to the UN.

Another thing that in my humble opinion is very important, is the fact that it is just impossible to find out what is exactly happening in Ukraine. There are to my knowledge four journalists there, of which three go around in the Donbass and Mariupol (which lies just outside the Donbass in the south-east of Ukraine) to film and interview people. Sometimes there are people who say they don’t know if the Ukrainians or the Russians shoot and shell, but amost all of them point at the direction where shellings come from and say that is the side where the Ukrainian army is. The journalists are all heavily criticised of so-called being pro-Russian, but if you see with your own eyes and you literally film Russians giving humanitarian aid, while bombs and rockets come from the Ukrainian side and are also types the Russians don’t even have … are these journalists then still biased or can we say these are facts? I leave it to you to decide!

I will show you which journalists are in the Donbass. This here is a short and funny but chaotic video from Graham Philips. He always makes this kind of videos of which you don’t get a thing if you’re not fluent in Russian and English. And even then.



Then we have human rights activist Eva K. Bartlett, who in my opinion makes very good and clear videos, but not too often. I don’t know how objective they are, but see for yourself! Here is her latest, two days ago:



Then here we have Gonzalo Lira, who doesn’t film what is happening around him in Kharkiv where he lives with his family, but gives his opinion on all kinds of things. Maybe you find me arrogant, but even though I like listening to his talks, I don’t always agree with him and have a much more positive view on the future of Ukraine. Call it my dumbness if you want! Here he is:



Here we have Cypriot Alex Christoforou from The Duran, who holds talks every day about Ukraine and other very interesting political events as well. I again like listening to him, even if he has the same problem as I do myself: he is loooooong! But he is not in Ukraine, so his information on the war is not first-hand.



So unless I forget something, the best video maker in Ukraine, who makes very clear videos in which he interviews random people and shows how Mariupol and sometimes other cities or villages look, is the journalist underneath. He sometimes even cries for the Ukrainians and he always helps the Russian army to evacuate people and bring humanitarian aid. No matter how hard he is criticised, I believe him more than anyone and have a lot of respect for him, but of course that is my view. Here he is folks!




What I see is that Ukraine is a country in which the majority wants very much to be westernised and to belong to the European Union. I find them a bit materialistic, but on the other hand they want to have a good life. They are being told that “Europe” would be so rich and everyone there lives in a golden palace or so. What they aren’t told, is that we face a lot of criminality, an enormous shortage of houses, that we are blocked by Google and social media if we don’t agree with the miserable and catastrophical views of the EU and the US and that we now also face very serious food and energy shortages. If the European governments don’t take a stand in Brussels or else turn their back on the EU, this autumn we won’t have a lot to eat and we will freeze out here in the cold countries.

The Nazi problem in Ukraine involves most of all gypsy minorities and speakers of the Russian language, although they also caused the blood massacre in Bucha. So the problem is bigger than it may seem if you look at the numbers of Nazis Ukraine counts. Other countries have Nazis too, of course and unfortunately! Difference is only that they don’t kill people and aren’t institutionalised into the armies of those other countries. That is the reason why Russia invaded Ukraine and now the only thing we can do, is wait for what they are going to do. I have been quite optimistic about the end of the war, but now that they have conquered the Donbass and Mariupol, they should disconnect them from Ukraine, have free elections there to see if those people want to join Russia or to form their own country and then help to build Ukraine up again. Since I don’t see this happening, I start doubting just like everyone. In Russia there is no freedom of speech either, as it seems. We don’t know the truth about it, because the US and EU insist it’s an autocratic country, while almost all Russians support their President. Would they really do so if there was no freedom of speech in Russia? Many questions to answer yet!


Have a fine evening and don’t forget to support my hard work! I have enormous trouble surviving, since whatever I do and no matter how many specialists help me: I am still totally blocked on the internet and you do need to help sharing my articles and videos and support my work with donations! I do my work as sick as I am, so please show your appreciation for keeping you well-informed and always providing you with solutions and a positive outlook. No-one else does that! The whole world is grim, sad and angry about the future and the only hope you get, is in my articles and videos.


P.S. to give this article a really positive end, I will give you the news I just got from the American news website ZeroHedge: Mario Draghi, the head of the ECB, the European Central Bank, said that a lot of energy companies in Europe have already secretly opened an account at Gazprombank. So this winter we don’t need to sit in the cold and our cars will hopefully have gasoline to drive on!













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