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Imagine you are someone who is incapable and you are very ashamed of that. You want to hide it to any cost, because you don’t believe anyone could help you solve the issue and if you would trust anyone to tell about it, you would die of anxiety. We bought our house from a totally incapable person, but I myself was quite the clumsy one when I was younger and I know many more people who are not very capable. It is something that happens and that you can heal from. I also finally found the medicinal heart of turmeric or curcuma.

Before I start: I received a special donation from a very special person, enough and meant for finally repairing our house so that we can hopefully leave Friesland to live somewhere better. I want to thank the donor from the bottom from my heart, just like the six others who kept me alive during this horrendous and difficult time where I lost all my income without having done anything wrong. It is them to who I owe my life. The problem isn’t over yet, but I did find the last piece of the cause of my so enormous evil luck that destroyed my whole life and that of my family and kids.


Imagine you are incapable!

I myself have never been ashamed of my incapability, because I knew the only way to ever overcome it, was by being open about it and trying to become better and handier. I hated being like that, since it stood in my way of having and keeping a job, but the root of the problem was actually not that I couldn’t do things, but that I was extremely insecure and didn’t dare to try things out. Then I’d feel I didn’t deserve my payment, because I was clumsy like heck and sometimes even made a little mistake or so. That was a drama for me, but I never made others pay for my own shortcomings.

Now let’s go to someone I once knew. It was a couple with kids of whom the mother had this incapable problem. And boy was she ashamed of herself! She didn’t know what to do to hide it and to make things even worse her partner was an engineer. He could do anything he wanted, but she couldn’t! Imagine her pain and her shame and imagine she is a person who doesn’t care to use evil methods to solve a problem. So she went to find herself a woman who knew unfair and dumb programming methods known in modern “psychology”, made a plan and had her whole house “fixed”. On not less than 40 places in and around the house, she had made a point where one of her insecurities or incapabilities was buried and changed for the knowledge of how to do it. Example: she had a place to receive love from her man; a place to keep the children’s clothes clean, another place to get the administration done, a place to keep the nasty Youth Care away since she also didn’t have a clue how to bring up her children.

A place for keeping the neighbours at a distance, another to have communication with people she did like, another to be able to cook and eat healthy food and so on and so on. It was ridiculous to see what she had been doing in order to become capable without seeing her problem through and working on it like normal people would do. But … well I had to learn about all kinds of unfair methods for “solving” problems when I became a traditional healer, because many, many people use those to solve their own problems over someone else’s back. This woman probably never got punished for her actions for which the next inhabitants of her house has to pay dearly. When I found out what she had done and saw she didn’t want to correct herself and grow, I stopped the contact and tried to help her victims for a while.


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How do you solve such a problem?

Well, if someone is clumsy and incapable, the deepest cause for it is without exception insecurity. So what needs to be done, is to work on the self-esteem of the person. I have helped a couple of people who had this problem and all of them were extremely insecure – including me myself and my eldest son, who probably inherited the shortcoming from me. Such a person needs as much love as you can give and then a 1000 times more, especially if they still live in a negative environment. And you need to find the moment where they started being incapable, which most of the time lies deep in the childhood. If you find and solve the deepest cause and give as much love and patience as you can, the person starts thriving. But there is also another possible cause for people becoming incapable: when they try to reach too high in life. When they’ve got aspirations for a husband or wife who doesn’t fit to them and who they don’t deserve or for a job they can’t do and such things more. In that case the person does not need love and patience, but a firm push to take up responsibility.



For a long time I didn’t know how to help the victims, but when I had detected all the 40 points in their garden, it became clear what I needed to do in order to get the whole thing away: throw curcuma or turmeric on the garden. Turmeric IS a medicinal plant, but it was really hard to discover the very soul of it. A medicinal plant doesn’t do more than one thing. If you find more than one function of a natural medicine, you haven’t found its soul or essence. Turneric’s soul gets you well grounded and any problem or disease you may have that has as its deepest cause that you aren’t well grounded, will be healed with the help of turmeric. Turmeric gets you back to yourself. In this case it helped to deprogram the garden and if the perpetrator had used it too, she would have become less clumsy.


In India they love the turmeric root and here it has also become very beloved. But if it helps you, that means that you aren’t well grounded and that is how medicinal plants work. I can see most of the time what a plant does and if it’s medicinal in the first place, but there were a few that were really difficult to discover. Turmeric was one of those, but now we discovered its deepest secret! There is one last medicinal plant of which we still need to know its soul: the tamarind. I am too tired to search for it now, but I will write about it as soon as we have discovered what this great fruit can do for you.



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