Inclusive or all-inclusive?

Today I’m going to write in English and you’re certainly going to laugh. English is my fourth language, I’ve hardly ever been in the UK and not at all in the USA or any other English speaking country. Imagine how bad it can be! Yet I will do it, for I know my message will be clear enough and I have another secret target which I’m not going to reveal (because it’s a secret). One day I will need to learn to write academic articles in English, won’t I? And what makes more perfect than practise? The Dutch make it even more wonderful, because their practise gives birth to art. Maybe it’s also good to again mention that in the Netherlands – and in many European countries – left-wing thinking in inclusive socialistic societies is done on every level of the government. People who don’t agree, are simply called extreme right and they’re done with.

Only breakfast included

In tourism you’ve got these breakfast-inclusive holidays. Then you eat every morning in the hotel where you stay. There are also all-inclusive holidays for beach-loving people. Then you can eat as much as you want three times a day without paying a cent extra. Those are the vacations from which people return stuffed and totally fat. Very bad for your health! Let’s investigate today what an all-inclusive society would make of you. If such a society even exists and how do you actually include everyone in a society? How do you exclude people? Not with scientific thinking or logics anyway! We’re going to put some cubic logic thought in the process as we say in Greek, a fine touch of humour and a scale.

According to dr. James Lindsay the modern way of thinking in the idea of an inclusive society comes from American scholar Robin DiAngelo and some more scholars in her environment like Özlem Sensoy. Lindsay is the hero who stands up against this ‘Wokish’ thinking with his New Discourses. Before DiAngelo and her friends it was Michel Foucault who touched it and before him … the Christian church! I haven’t heard anyone say so yet, but when I looked up Ms. DiAngelo, I immediately found an article called “What’s my complicity?“, all talking about the guilt the white people are supposed to carry, just because they are white. In the Greek-Orthodox church this feeling of guilt just because you’re human isn’t so wide-spread, but in the Western Churches it is. Deeper than today’s scholars that is where we will have to start our search for the real roots of Social Justice, Woke and the inclusive society of anti-racism and anti-sexism. It’s not at all impossible that the illogic character of it is due to the age of the theory. It goes even beyond Christianity, because the Jews in the Ancient Testament of the Bible already knew guilt: because they were descendants of Adam and Eve. The belief that we are guilty is as old as humanity. Maybe that’s why it is so hard to wipe it out of everyone’s mind and why it has again taken such a high flight in recent years.

Today we’re not anymore guilty because we exist, but because we’re white. And white … that is almost half of humanity! From Iceland until India and Bangladesh, in the USA and Australia the vast majority of people belong to the white race, even if they don’t have exactly the same colour. Nor do they share the same history, language or culture. The white race is so diverse that the people belonging to it don’t feel connected at all. Yet today we’re all racists and sexists according to our dear anti-racism thinkers, so that will certainly bind us together. Maybe I should correct myself here, because they actually mean only some European people are racists and sexists: the English, the Dutch, the Belgians, the Scandinavians, the French, the Germans and the Italians. Eastern Europeans, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, North-Africans and the whole Middle East are no racists and no sexists according to the anti-racists. Yet they talk about the white race, so for today that’ll be the first mistake in their thinking process. They will for sure come up with a different race theory, but I am not that easily convinced.


No racism

What these people want, is to wipe out all race and gender inequality from the planet, forgetting this has already been done in the last century. If you look in the Netherlands, about 75% is still Dutch and out of a population of 17 million there are a million muslims – about 6%. If you look at percentages of working class, you will see that about 19% of foreign young people are jobless against 9% of Dutch youngsters. In this article the reason is explained: many foreigners feel they could be discriminated and don’t even look for a job. They go into criminality instead of working and many of them have criminal records. Most of them also don’t have a network that can help them find a job and they lack education. Let stand alone most foreigners in the Netherlands belong to the white race (Turks and Moroccans) – the reason why so many of them don’t work is not racism but their own behaviour. School is accessible to everyone and anyone can build a network. You don’t need to be Dutch for such things. The first article of the Dutch constitution is a law against discrimination, so there is no institutional (or systemic) discrimination in the form of racism, sexism, homophobia or whatsoever in the country.

Instead of increasing punishment for criminal acts, the Dutch government decides time and time again to spend millions of euros to get the unwilling foreigners integrated. In this article about a test in Amsterdam you can see the municipality literally forced foreign job seekers upon employers and they forced young people to actively find a job. This is a method you can’t apply forever. If people don’t want to work and if they become criminals, they have to be sent back to the country of origin. Any logical government in the world would do that, but if the Dutch government tries it, they are immediately called racists, islamophobes or sexists by a large faction of their own population. But why is e.g. the Greek government allowed to send back unwilling foreigners, while the Dutch government isn’t? Is the discrimination – or inequality – not rather there than in the fact that even the Dutch government’s patience with unmanageable immigrants ends somewhere? Why does a country like China have the fullest right to have a 98% Chinese population, but are the Dutch racists and even fascists if they want a homogeneous population too?

I was raised in the Netherlands and I myself am foreign, even though my identity was falsified by Youth Care and I have the Dutch nationality. My real family name is Vassiliou, but on my identity papers there is a Dutch name which isn’t me. Yet I use everywhere, even in governmental cases my real name Natassa Vassiliou, which isn’t Dutch as you see. Nowhere have I been declined because of that! Never have I been called names by Dutch people and never have I been excluded from jobs or anything because of my “Greekness”. That is because I am a friendly and willing person and the same thing is the case for anyone in this country: if you are a positive person that wants to work and to contribute to society, no-one will refuse you. Dutch people don’t look at colour or at descendance, but at character. If you nag about everything, they won’t like you and reject you, which is logical and totally normal. If you behave like a normal person, you will be treated that way and if being proactive is difficult for you if you’ve come from another country, everyone understands that and will help you learn it.

Exactly the same applies for people of different sexual orientation. If you are dressed like a drag queen and want a job at an office, no-one will hire you. If you are dressed like a punk, it’s exactly the same. You are not discriminated because of who you are, but because of how you behave. And about street violence: yes that exists in the bigger cities and it goes against anyone who can’t defend themselves. A person alone, a woman or a dressed up homosexual e.g. are easier victims than groups of people and yes there are racist criminals in some streets. But not only Dutch racists! Most criminals in the streets in the Netherlands are foreign, with Moroccans on top, who really hate the Dutch. So where these Woke people see the racism in the Dutch – and all those European people – I really don’t know.



What this ideology wants, is that everyone participates in society and it must be even as well. At least that is what they say, but what they really want, is to have the country taken over by foreigners, who they call people of colour even in Dutch, which is Dunglish. I don’t even know if it’s correct English. In good Dutch you say ‘coloured people’: gekleurde mensen or kleurlingen as they say in South Africa. Like halflings in The Hobbit. Not only foreigners are taking over though: also other so-called weak members of society like women and LHBTI’s. My skin crawled when I heard people in the series of Supergirl tell extraterrestial Brainy on Earth the girlfriend is always right. Not in normal relationships, I thought angry. But do you know how many women are actually convinced their male partner must take totally care of them and adore them?

Not long ago I was taking part in a Twitter conversation about relationships, when the man who started the conversation, asked how he should make his [difficult and demanding!] girlfriend feel at ease as she came home from a long working day. One of the women in the conversation bluntly said: “A glass of wine and a foot massage”. I was in shock that she even dared to utter such a thought, but then ALL of the women agreed. They found it not more than normal that their husband would take fully care of them when they returned home from work! And I thought: remember what those same women did when they were still stay-at-home Moms and their husband would come home tired from work? Shout at him about how difficult the children had been and not have any food ready. And if their husband complained, they started a divorce, never letting him see the kids again. My foster mother was like that, so I know all about it. All the women in the neighbourhood used to take her side, while her husband did everything for her. He treated her like a queen and still she complained all the time.

So the inclusive society wanted by anti-racists and Social Justice people is not all-inclusive. White men are definitely not welcome neither are straight white people. Muslims and black people are more welcome than the rest and that is what they see as an equal society, in which everyone has the same possibilities and chances to succeed in life. Islam is their beloved religion even though women and LHBTI’s don’t have any rights according to the Quran. They don’t consider at all the fact that Westernised white people are in general more proactive and more convinced they will be successful than most others. That the reason for that is not that they are privileged, but that they have a more positive view on life. That a few Western European countries are wealthier than other countries, because the – mostly white – inhabitants are convinced they can have as much success as they want, if only they do their best. There are so many studies on that subject and all have the same outcome: Dutch people are among the happiest people in the world, because they have a positive attitude to life. They are responsible and proactive. Logical thinking is really hard to find in anti-racism Woke philosophy.














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