Inclusive or exclusive LHBTI?

Did I just a few hours ago write about people of different sexual orientation – LHBTI’s – that they belong to the so-called inclusive society? You know: the society in which everyone can supposedly equally contribute, participate and feel safe. Except certain white people of course, since they are privileged and need to have less rights. Look what happened to the LHBTI group.

Well, I was looking on Twitter if there was any news today I’d missed. With my brain damage it’s very difficult to follow the news daily and to read books, so I follow the news via social media. Then I can click on a message that interests me so I stay at least a bit informed. A few minutes ago a tweet passed by from columnist Jan de Roos: in refugee camps in the Netherlands LHBTI’s aren’t safe anymore. COA – the office that runs these camps – asks these people to get back into the closet, because their lives aren’t safe with so many muslims around. Instead of sending away those too hard believing muslims … If you have space in your life to bully other people, your political problem isn’t big enough to come and live in Europe! True or not? Here is the article from EW Magazine (Elsevier).

You can have your opinion about homosexual, bisexual, transgender and otherwise sexually oriented people, but at the very least they aren’t aggressive. I’ve never heard they burnt houses or other people’s businesses and they never start wars and such. I am against making propaganda for sexual orientations, because I think people are already confused enough in this crazy world. It should not be considered normal to be LHBTI and people should not be told it’s a choice. No it isn’t a choice, but accepted it is and in my opinion that is very right. They belong to the peaceful people in society and must be protected against monsters that want to harm and kill them. And … the whole society must be protected from such monsters! If we can’t get the triggers for agression out of the people, let’s at least get the people away from triggers for agression. Out of our country where they’re triggered the whole time, because they see ALL those things the Quran calls haram and then want to smash them.

Let us just look for peace in our hearts and stop making war with each other. Woke thinking makes you miserable, because you think you’re a victim which you aren’t. Victims always hate their oppressors and with woke in power there will always be groups of people excluded from society. Everyone who disagrees, certain white people, now LHBTI’s too … You know what? In victim thinking the strongest one always survives and guess who that is?




The people who hate women, homosexuals and transgenders, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Yezidi’s (shamans). Children, pigs, dogs and other animals, freedom and democracy. This “religion” must either stop hating all these people and things or else its believers should return to their own country. Otherwise we won’t survive and I mean it. I’m shocked!















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Natassa Vassiliou, MA

Anastasía (Natassa) Vassiliou analyses the news with her unique fresh insight. She studied Greek & French Literature, with minors in law ethics and teaching mother language plus specialisation in media psychology. 25 years in education & business trainings followed. 13 years in traditional medicine research and coaching & 2 years in the media. Natassa loves kids, Greece, coffee & nice people. Also cherries, apes, boeren, cooking & experts. No to Jeugdzorg, egoists, bonkers, dipshits & digital ID's. Proud Greek, Orthodox Christian and Mom of 2 Awesome Big Boys, she is sadly handicapped.

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