Instead of solving problems: this is why we must hate Russia

Like many, I didn’t know a lot more about Russian-Ukrainian relations than this horrific famine the Holodomor in 1932 and 1933 that was orchestrated by Joseph Stalin. Stalin was not Russian but Georgian and so it seemed to me that the Ukrainians shouldn’t hate the Russians anymore after his death and even more after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. But things are a lot more complicated and the facts of what happened in the end of and after the Second World War explain it all.


Churchill and his Operation Unthinkable

Today when I woke up, sick again, and did my daily round on Twitter, I found a tweet about Operation Unthinkable. I hadn’t heard about it, so I opened and read it. And so I learned that at the very end of the Second World War the three Allies Britain, US and the Soviet Union heavily distrusted each other. Better said: the already known as paranoid Winston Churchill distrusted the Russians. They wanted control over Eastern Europe and when the plans for the future were changing, didn’t want to give them up. The most important for Churchill was that he wanted “democracy” – or in other words British control – in the whole world to begin with Poland, but the Russians felt they had to make up some things to the Poles and wanted to confisquate the country to make their mistakes right. Here you find information in Dutch and underneath this article a Russian video about it in English.

Churchill looked deep into his glass of whiskey and came to the plan to attack Russia until they would be totally defeated and would let go of their Polish plans. He wanted not only American support in his endeavours, but also the help of quite a lot of German soldiers that were taken into captivity. The British, Americans and Russians were in the middle of a race to Berlin, since they all knew the one that would arrive there first and would take the city, would have the greatest influence in Europe. Roosevelt held back his troops, because he knew the Russians would take Berlin afterwards as was agreed a few months before (February 1945) in Yalta at the famous top between the three Allies. The Russians took Berlin, Churchill was furious with the Americans and started pushing his plans to attack the Russians. The plan was studied by the highest circles of war strategists, but they found it much too risky and so it wasn’t carried out.

What did happen however, was that there was now hatred towards the Russians instead of at least some gratefulness for the enormous Russian sacrifices to free Europe from the Nazis. The British propaganda said the Russians would try to conquer Western Europe after the Nazis had been defeated and so Europe was divided into the famous Eastern and Western part. This is how the Cold War started and in some way we could say that the Second World War never really ended. Just because Winston Churchill’s paranoia and his failed Operation Unthinkable to attack Russia.


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Ukrainian hatred against and fear of Russia

So the hatred against Russia – or the Soviet Union in that time – started with a fable by Winston Churchill, that apparently made many Europeans fear the communists. But didn’t the Russians themselves have some say in it? Well, yes they did, or better their Soviet leader Joseph Stalin did. And whoever dared to oppose him, would find a horrible death, so not many people in the Soviet Union dared to do that. The Soviet Union started in 1922 with Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Transcaucasian Soviet Federated Socialist Republics (Armenia, Georgia and Azerbeidjan). Only the Ukrainians dared to protest and in 1932 when the south of the country was hit by a famine, Stalin hit them with the holodomor where nobody even knows how many people died. Estimated is 7.5 millions. He only stopped murdering the Ukrainians after they laid down their protest against the confisquation of all farmers’ possessions and silently went to work in the kolkhozes (state-owned farms).

As if it wasn’t enough, Stalin let millions of Ukrainian protestors rot away in his gulags. And when the Second World War came, it was mostly these prisoners who fought for the Allies against the Nazis. But also a lot of Ukrainians fought for the Nazis, since they occupied Ukraine in 1941 and many Ukrainians thought this was their chance to fled the Russians. The country was freed by Stalin’s forces of the Red Army in 1944. Countries were redivided during and after the war and so Ukraine ended up owning some Hungarian, Romanian and Polish territories. Ukraine has reasons to hate Russia, although they could have talked together to solve the problems and make real peace for 75 years.

The two countries didn’t do that, so apparently that wasn’t all that important. The Nazis aren’t worse than Stalin’s times, but they are a lot worse than the later years of the Soviet Union. Half of the country having Nazi sympathies and wanting all Russians to die a painful death isn’t healthy at all in my opinion. Also Ukrainians should have their priorities set and whoever has love for Nazis can’t be taken seriously or supported in today’s world. Yet all western countries empty their own treasuries to help the Ukrainian government in their conflict with Russia instead of trying to resolve the conflict. And we, we are forced to believe it’s all Russia’s fault. Well …


Nazis in Ukraine after the Second World War

When the war ended, there were quite some Nazi sympathisers in Ukraine and others came in from Germany, fleeing the post-war tribunals. The east of the country had been filled up with Russians by Stalin in 1933 and today about 38% of the population in the in the meantime Russian oblasts of Donetsk and Lugansk consider themselves ethnic Russians. In Zaporizhzhya and Kherson that is about 15 to 25%. The same problem as always: Ukraine doesn’t seem to count its inhabitants and always estimates everything. In any case it isn’t true that almost everyone in the east of Ukraine is of Russian descent. They speak the Russian language, that is something totally different and it is also due to the fact that Ukraine has been Russian territory since the 18th century and is an independent country only since 1991.

It’s just as justified to say in Ukraine quite some people also speak Polish, Romanian, even German and other languages. Its borders in the west were set in 1944 when the country was freed from the Nazis and in 1967 Soviet leader Khruschev added the Donbass region to it, which wasn’t a success at all. On the contrary, it made the scale for Russian speakers and sympathisers about 50% of the torn country. Almost half of Ukraine still sympathises with the Nazis and they have Nazi divisions like C14, Azov and more in their army and even in their Ministry of Defence today. And these people don’t only dislike Russians, but also want them tortured and dead.

After the war American (CIA) and NATO forces came into Ukraine to train those Nazi clubs, which made them strong and which made the population vote for politicians with Nazi ideas. There are also biolabs financed by America in Ukraine and no-one is allowed to know what is done there. Russia tries to tell us, but the western media and politics block them and so we don’t know more than that the labs exist and “study viruses”. It is a reason to worry.


So why do we hate the Russians again? Communism

Until 1917 Russia was governed by Czars of mostly the Romanov family. These czars weren’t really nice for the population and didn’t take much care of them. So when Vladimir Lenin came with the idea to push them from their throne and start a whole new society where the people would so-called govern, many people became enthusiastic. I still have an unanswered question about the Bolsheviks: were Lenin and also Stalin Jewish and if so, how important is that? Yesterday I heard from my Turkish friends that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoǵan is of Jewish origin and so this Cabal is really Jewish in majority. You know the Cabal, that powerhouse in the west that tries so hard to dominate the whole world and is now pushing forward the Great Reset in order to start a new communistic world that nobody wants except them. But if you talk about them, you are called a conspiracy thinker. No they exist. I grew up amidst the top of ’em, remember?

Only thing I can do to get my question answered is to look it up. Jewish website My Jewish Learning says his great-grandfather was Jewish and Lenin didn’t know that during his life. His sister found out about it at his death and had to keep it a secret, ordered by the Communist Party. Great-grandfather himself had already converted to Christian Orthodoxy. That doesn’t mean however the family didn’t think like Jews or better said: like that Cabal. Now Stalin. He was born in Georgia as Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili and Stalin was his nickname, made of stal = Russian for ‘steel’ and Lenin. He was neither Jewish or Russian and even studied the Orthodox Christian religion for a couple of years. He granted the Jews some permissions, didn’t see any national status in them and and the ones he killed were Nazis according to him. I guess he had heard about the Jews and their Cabal-thing, but he didn’t take it seriously.

Yet Lenin’s entourage was made up for the greater part of Jewish friends and his ideas about communism also originated from the Jewish Karl Marx. The higher placed Jews have always wanted a society with an elite formed by them and a plebs formed by the rest of the people, so yes the Soviet Union was based on Jewish thought. Adolf Hitler, no matter how much horror he created, was very much against anything Jewish and especially communism. But he was half Jewish himself and was in the top of the Cabal, in contradiction to both Lenin and Stalin. So the communistic system in Russia and the Soviet Union may as well have been a try-out for this Cabal folks to see if they could really dominate the whole world by forcing communism. The answer was yes and that is why we today are pushed with force through the taking away of all our possessions, beginning with freedom of speech, our control over our own health, our small and medium companies and our house.


We are obliged to hate the Russians because our government is with the Cabal

Yes, the communistic ideas in the Soviet Union were Jewish and came from this Cabal, but Russia has always been fighting the Cabal at the same time. So the Russian people mustn’t have known in time they were played by Lenin, Stalin and their friends and must have fallen into the trap. Now that they’re out of that trap, we all must hate them by force, because that is the only way this Cabal with its communistic ideas can possibly govern large parts of the world. It’s time to start understanding our priorities and to choose what we want our future to look like. Russia is no paradise, but neither are Europe, Australia and North America. In Russia the Cabal is largely under state control or banned, while the west doesn’t even fight it. Only in the US the Republicans do their efforts, but even part of their own party doesn’t get it or doesn’t oppose the Cabal.

If you want to call them differently, please feel free. They are the highest people in the world and I have told a lot about them. I have grown up in their midst, so at least we can say they exist – otherwise I couldn’t grow up in one of the 12 families of their top, could I? – and they are very dangerous. Even if most of their secrets are rapidly coming out lately, they have so much power over 80% of the population that we still can’t stop and eliminate them from their positions. I think that if we can finally persuade the Jews to opening all those secrets about the history of mankind and what they have been cooking all those thousands of years, we can still save the world. The Jewish people weren’t even allowed to talk about the secrets with any non-Jew.

If we manage to stop that club lunatics that think they were sent by God to maintain the balance between good and evil (and so they do only evil), no-one can make a trap for us ever again and destroy humanity, create wars, famines and all horror we know. First step towards that is to stop believing the idiot fairy-tale that Russia would allegedly be the devil and the Ukrainiain president, who is a Nazi sympathiser, is “good”. And that the man deserves all our money and weapons, even if he doesn’t even give account of what happens to those and clearly kills his own population with them.







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