“Give me one reason to invest in this new and successless news website, which is yet another one-man-show!”.


Here it is:


 You want a better world and Untold Times needs all public attention to make it better.


Untold Times is not just another more or less conservative news site in which the news is seen from a more logic point of view and where news that is missing in the large media outlets is also found. No. Untold Times is more than that and at least it’s different. Untold Times writes exactly the news items and even the words that are necessary to weaken the globalist elites that are ruling almost the whole world today by forcing a new way of life to us that normal people don’t want. You know:


  • Excessive immigration to Europe and North America as an example.
  • Digital ID’s with all your information on them, which makes the government control every step you make.
  • Fights and even war with Russia, even if that country hasn’t done anything wrong to us and if we need some of their export products, like gas, oil and fertilisers.
  • Again Covid restrictions from September on, which is in a few weeks already: totally unnecessary but devastating lockdowns, again the fight against the vaccines that now almost nobody wants anymore and yes: those digital passes with all your personal data on them, without which you won’t be able to even get your grocery shoppings.
  • Had you already thought about implanting chips under your skin, which is the latest superhip idea by Mr. Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum?
  • Or the wokisation of schools, complete with the normalising of pedophiles and sex lessons to toddlers.


Natassa Vassiliou, Untold Times’ owner and journalist, knows exactly from where these ideas come and why it is so hard to wipe them out to start doing something better and nicer for our beautiful world. There is a clan of mighty occult people who programme events they want to happen. Programming means just like you’d programme a computer or nowadays a robot vac. When they programme something, it needs to be professionally deprogrammed and Natassa has been doing that for more than a decade now. It’s hard work, but she has already managed to deprogramme a lot of dangers that were planned to happen. So when Natassa writes her articles and columns, she knows exactly what to write in order to make people know what is hanging above their heads. Her words bit by bit take away the power of this occult clan of generally unknown people who Natassa however knows.

rodi-pomegranadeThis makes Untold Times a news website that needs to exist and get all the attention of as many people as possible. Since this clan works very hard against Natassa Vassiliou, she can’t reach that goal on her own and needs investors. People who also believe our world is at the crosspoint of either going down and falling into the most harsh worldwide dictatorship ever, from which we may never recur, or going upwards into a flowering place for everybody. People who want to invest in the way up to the nice world, where everybody has chances to live well and not only a small elite group that is unwilling to share anything and bosses over the rest of us. A world in which you are free to speak out and to live a happy life. A world where your children are safe from pedophiles and sexualisation at school.


If this is what you would like to invest in, don’t hesitate to contact Natassa Vassiliou on Whatsapp: +31 – 6 – 3427 7058.



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