“Give me one reason to invest in this new and successless news website, which is yet another one-man-show!”.


Here it is:


 Untold Times strives for a better world just like you!


Untold Times is not just another more or less conservative news site in which the news that is missing in the large media outlets can be found. No. Untold Times focuses on writing about countries that take the bold step to accept help from other parties than the US and Europe in order to develop their economy. How that works and how it works out. What the differences are and how these countries stand up from a long, long time of a reverse economy and many other problems because of it. Like unemployment, terrorism, bad healthcare and education and corruption.

Untold Times tells their stories, so that everyone can know there are more possibilities in the world than accepting the west as the world’s only bosses. Their solution doesn’t fit each country and so it is awesome that countries like Russia and China also help others grow. And that they can help each other by working together trading and fighting corruption and terrorism. Or drugs. Or natural disasters.


rodi-pomegranadeNatassa Vassiliou, Untold Times’ owner and journalist, has lived hell herself and doesn’t want anyone else to live that anymore. Life is meant to be safe, happy and fulfilling. People should be free to live well and to speak up if they don’t agree to some policies made by their government. Without being punished with 0 reach on the internet (which means zero income), by taking their children away or even by being arrested.

If this is what you would like to invest in, don’t hesitate to text Natassa Vassiliou on Whatsapp: +31 – 6 – 3427 7058. Of course you can also contact her on Twitter or by reacting here underneath this article.



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