“Give me one reason to invest in this new and successless news website, which is yet another one-man-show!”.


Here it is:


 You want a better world and Untold Times is your means to that end.


Untold Times is not just another more or less conservative news site in which the news is seen from a more logic point of view and where news that is missing in the large media outlets is also found. No. Untold Times writes exactly the news items and even the words that are necessary to weaken the globalist elites that are forcing changs on us that normal people don’t want. You know:


  • Excessive immigration to Europe and North America as an example.
  • Fights and even war with Russia, which is in nobody’s interest.
  • Covid restrictions: totally unnecessary and devastating lockdowns, forced vaccines and yes: those digital passes with all your personal data, without which you won’t be able to even get your grocery shoppings.
  • The wokisation of schools, complete with the normalising of pedophiles and sex lessons to toddlers.


rodi-pomegranadeNatassa Vassiliou, Untold Times’ owner and journalist, knows exactly how to start doing something better and nicer for our beautiful world. This makes Untold Times a news website that needs to get all the attention of as many people as possible. If you want to invest in the way up to a nice world, where everybody has chances to live well and not only a small elite group that is unwilling to share anything and that bosses over the rest of us, Untold Times is the business for you to invest in. A world in which you are free to speak out and to live a happy life, without being controlled all too much. A world where your children are safe and can live a happy children’s life.

If this is what you would like to invest in, don’t hesitate to text Natassa Vassiliou on Whatsapp: +31 – 6 – 3427 7058. Of course you can also contact her on Twitter or by reacting here underneath this article.



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