Beautiful ancient momument in Persepolis, Iran

Iran stubbornly stays in the Middle Ages

There is a lot of events going on in the world. If I want to cover even a small percentage of it, I need a staff that works around the clock and even then it’s just impossible to keep up with the facts. You write your story down and in the meantime things have changed already. It’s a good sign actually that the world is becoming a more transparent place, where angry and corrupt secrets don’t have a place anymore, but it also requires hard work to stay informed. My solution to that is that I will just mention a few news items that struck me with a link to their source, so you can read them if you want. And then we’ll go straight to Iran, because I didn’t have the time yet to write about the horrible happenings there. 

During the last week I had to arrange some personal matters in order to help the establishment become more transparent, fair and less powerful. You have maybe seen I sang two videos with karaoke songs in order to get my voice back. My voice is not only about singing, but also about being heard. You also saw I made a couple of videos for the Dutch Youth Care that just insists that I would so-called not need to have my real identity, my sons, my newly found sister (about who I won’t write yet, since she was very shocked and needs some time), my husband, my parents and uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces. They also think I don’t need an income just like all of you or some human rights and things like that. We thoroughly disagree there and this week our fight took place here on Untold Times under the public eye. It is because they have to see that I have more talents than ‘only’ teaching language and curing sick people. I can sing, I can do cabaret, I can write … but I do need a public for it. So they must and shall deblock me from being heard and seen!


Morocco vs France and Messi’s last days in international football

A few days ago Mark Rutte sent a tweet to Joe Biden in which he called football ‘football’. In the UK they do so, which makes it correct English, but in the US football is called ‘soccer’ as I’m sure you know. It is the Neanderthal sport rugby that has pickpocketed the name of football, even if it isn’t played with feet but with hands and not even with a ball but with an egg-shaped … thing. But here on Untold Times I write British English, so football it is! Dutch newspaper Telegraaf announced Lionell Messi’s departure from World Cups and mentioned that Argentina never won the world title with Messi. Something else I find a pity is that because of the mess that he and his Argentinian team created last week against the Dutch Orange, the Dutch referee Makkelie who did a very good job during the World Cup, will probably be denied this match.

But today at 8PM there is a great match between Morocco and France. Even if many Moroccan youngsters in the country have really heavily misbehaved, it will be a very interesting match that I will certainly watch on NPO1 tonight. What I hope, is that the best team wins, so that it will be able to conquer Argentina. That country does need a stop to their behaviour and a punishment for the horror match against Orange. Royal Air Maroc cancelled some flights to Qatar, so many Moroccan fans can’t watch tonight in Qatar. I hope they will still enjoy it and not make any devastations again, since the police doesn’t even prepare itself for them.


Happenings in the Netherlands

Transport by train is getting too expensive, FD says.

FD or het Financiële Dagblad announces that the train has become too expensive for transport of goods. You can’t read the article without subscription, but I think the title says enough. Society has grown out of its potentialities and quickly needs a couple of large reforms in order to save the economy.

This rather messy essay from EW Magazine by law philosopher Alban Mik explains why it is so difficult to change the leadership in the Netherlands. The system as it is, doesn’t let that happen, he says and we already know that one problem in this country is that judges aren’t allowed to ensure their verdicts are in line with the constitution. There is also no constitution court, so why we still have a constitution isn’t really clear. Another problem is that we only vote for the Lower House (Tweede Kamer) and we don’t vote for a Prime Minister like in most other countries. That is a problem, because now the coalition always has a majority in both Parliaments. That makes it totally impossible to vote away bad government’s plans of which we have plenty.

If we would vote for both the Lower House and for a Prime Minister and even more if the elections for the Lower House would be at the same time as the elections for the Senate or Upper House (Eerste Kamer), governments would at least have two difficult years in which they can’t simply tear down the country as they do now.
Another issue these days is the battle between higher salaries and higher prices: if the government forces employers to pay out higher salaries, they push the prices of their products even higher. The solution for this is of course to just trade with Russia for gas and fertilisers, but that is higher math for Brussels.


Peru, China goes Mars, immigrant drama UK, Biden signs weird act and Nigeria

In Peru the President, Pedro Castillo, has been removed after insinuations of corruption. The people stands with him however and now the whole country has become a battleground of protest.
Meanwhile China is preparing a trip to Mars in which they want to transport people to the planet. The plan has shocked the world. Yes folks, the United States with their NASA are still in the run, but not alone anymore in their space travellings.
In Nigeria the terror Islamist group Boko Haram has again terrorised a woman, making her pregnant and forcing her to an abortion. This lady had already been raped by their adversaries. It’s a real terror war against women there and here you can read more about it.

A source of energy we are all hoping for, because it’s the least bad for the environment and very cheap as well, is nuclear fusion (kernfusie). A group of scientists in California now achieved some breakthroughs in the efforts to make it possible. Fusion is the nuclear reaction that makes stars shine. The problem producing this energy was always that the production needed more energy than it provided. Thing is that the scientists now have to see how they will reproduce their achievement, so that we can use this form or energy for real.

President Joe Biden signed a new law that protects same-sex marriages in the US. Of course that is a good thing, but the issue is that these couples will also be allowed to adopt children. The Republicans don’t agree to that at all, so the last word hasn’t been said about this Respect for Marriage Act, as it’s called in the doorways.
Last but not least I hope to be able to write more about this: the UK left the EU with its constringent agreements and now hoped to be able to refuse new immigrants to their country, arriving in rubber boats from France. But there are also international UN agreements that prevent such. The UK has a story of welcoming immigrants and now that is a reason why they can’t stop doing this. A big problem for them, because the country is packed with unadapted immigrants that cause a lot of trouble and the English population is getting poorer by the day.


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Iran, the most courageous revolution ever

The protests in Iran against forced hijabs but also against the totally autocratic regime by clerics started on 16 September this year: after the brutal murder on the young Kurdish lady Mahsa Amini. Many other young people, even minors, have been killed since then. But protests have been going on since 15 July 2021, especially in the Kurdish regions that of course finally want their country back. People have had it with the unchosen regime that forces them back to the Middle Ages in which the majority of the world chooses NOT to live any longer because of the brutality and lawlessness of that era. Killing women by throwing stones at them, just because a man raped them or because some wicked neighbour has said they went strange is even more going back to Stone Age. The beautiful thing is that not only women go out on the streets to protests, but many men are on their side and fight with them.

Normally thinking men don’t want any Sharia laws or a religious state. Religion is something private, while states are bound to democratically formed laws and … a constitution – difficult word for the Dutch government. Ancient times are a great scenery for movies and games, but not for real life! Apart from that, the form of Islam practised in Iran – Shi’ism – is actually not at all Islam. This religion preaches peace and tolerance, while Islamists (vs normal Muslims) kill anyone who thinks a bit different from them. That is also tens of thousands of Christians every day in the Middle East. It’s really time to abolish Islamism and to ban it in the whole world. If an organisation like the UN is good for anything, then it would be for this end! Women are humans too, aren’t they? So they should have normal human rights and children as well.

Yet in Iran, as the New York Times tell us today, the regime has started hanging protesting people in public. Even in China where the regime isn’t too different from Iran, the government loosened Covid rules after protests, but Iran isn’t planning to give in to any logics or modernity. What they do instead, is push and push to make their own nuclear weapons, even if they say their nuclear plants are only for civil purposes. Saudi Arabia, itself struggling with human rights, already stated that if they do, the Saudi’s will shore up their security as well.

Today, according to Reuters Iran had been ousted from the UN Commission is Commission on the Status of Women. Not that many people knew the whole club even existed and I don’t know if the country even cares about it, but it was a first gesture to show them a stop sign about violating women’s rights. Australia also imposed some difficult to explain sanctions on the country this week.


My views on the case

I want to add something that comes from me to this issue. The totally unreasonable discussion in this land about Muslim women who so-called voluntarily wear hijabs, has been silenced. Normally you’d say that is a good sign, since it was so inhuman to the victims in Iran, but these stubborn and very cheeky weird “feminists” keep on wearing their headscarves and demanding the Dutch authorities and population accept it. The government can’t ban these things neither can they send this kind of unadapted individuals back to their country of origin, because the Resolution of Strasbourg is a real thing. At least: I think this is the reason. Without this binding pact we could just take away their Dutch nationality, so that their country can’t but accept them back, couldn’t we? What else could hold the government back? The South European workers from the sixties have long ago returned home, so why don’t the Turks and Moroccans follow their example, if there is no agenda that keeps them there by force?

The way in which many people nowadays ‘think’ about democracy and modernity is a complete disaster. These days I more than once saw Tweeps from woke ladies talking about “old white men” in Dutch, while you know we call white people ‘blank’ in the Dutch language and no-one is ever considered old here in Europe! Even if someone is like 90 years old or more, they’re still considered young or at most ‘older’. But never old. That is an offense and the only folks that are entitled to use that word old, are teens who consider anyone above 25 old and almost dead.

I wish the people in Iran all the luck and success they need to go on fighting for freedom. The fact that it is so hard to tear down their regime means it is supported by international agreements that still may be hidden from the public eye. Otherwise four months would have been more than enough to install a normal and chosen government in that otherwise so awesome country with such loads of civilisation and history. I hope we will get to see those powers and to eliminate them. It’s in any case not Russia that only trades some gas and oil with Iran. We have to look more in the direction of the Americans, who are still struggling with that nuclear deal that former President Trump had done away with, while trying to solve the issue. Islamism was created in America and is financed by the American government more than by anyone else. I will contribute to the fall of these forces!



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