Is a virus outbreak state business OR a private matter? Part II

Let’s have a further chat on the question if the government should interfere in the Covid-19 affair or not today. Of course you are free to disagree with me, but if you are open to my arguments, you are at risk of changing your view on the matter. Yesterday I just went full into my no-for-an-answer, but I actually do have some arguments for that. So let’s look a bit farther. The first part of this article is in Dutch, but you can have it translated into something that has quite some similarities with English by means of Google Translate here on the right side in the menu. On your telephone it’s underneath.


A liberal and a capitalist version

We roughly have these two ways of seeing society from the view of a socialist and from the view of a liberal I’d say in Dutch, but in English capitalist would be a better word I guess. Never thought I’d ever call myself a capitalist! A socialist thinks in groups and sees two of those: the plebs or the people and the government. In his view the government must provide everything for the people, because if they’d care for themselves there would be poverty and chaos. Everything, even big businesses, should be state-owned therefore. That results in a dictatorial society and a slow, ineffective economy with many poor people in it. In a socialist country a virus outbreak would be state business and everything would be organised and regulated down to the last detail.

Capitalism on the other hand thinks a few services should be state-owned: like education, railways, water companies, Youth Care, health care and infrastructure. Things like that. The rest is private-owned and even private clinics and schools are allowed. Health care is in state hands, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t free to visit an alternative or independent therapist. In such a system the sudden outbreak of a virus that seems deadlier than other ones would not immediately require state intervention. A warning to the people about the virus, some tips to keep oneself safe from it and advice to the different states, counties and/or city councils to prevent the virus to spread too much would certainly be given. Furthermore the government would provide medicaments and maybe masks or other things for the people to protect themselves, but there would definitely be no coercion and no mask or vaccine mandates.

After having seen the socialist or liberal approach for one and a half year now, I have formed my opinion. A million times the capitalist system for me! The economy has been devoured by shutting down all businesses and there is only one sector that earned lots of money: the pharmaceutical. People aren’t allowed to listen to anyone who isn’t a virologist AND who agrees with the state’s vision, except Bill Gates who isn’t even a doctor. As a huge investor in the vaccination business he has an enormous conflict of interests, but the so caring state isn’t interested in that. In all countries there are Ministers and other highly placed government officials who have invested in this business or who have family members working in it. Not a single state in the whole world that cares.


State information becomes propaganda

Twitter isn’t really helping here. I wanted to show you the last reaction in this tweet with the video from Tik-Tok, but the whole story comes with it.


You’ve heard it for yourself: statistics about patients, deaths and side-effects of the vaccines-which-aren’t-really-vaccines aren’t decently kept. On TV and on the internet only the government vision of keeping people strictly regulated with masks, 6 ft distance and closed shops and horeca is published. People who don’t agree and want a more capitalist way of dealing with the virus outbreak are being framed as extreme-right and even fascists. They are silenced, because only ONE opinion counts: the State’s. They are being blamed for the Covid regulations to go on and on, because they refuse to get the unsafe injection. In the meantime politicians loudly state the old normal will never return, so why are there still civilians who believe the state version?

Well, that question is easy to answer. People who protest,

  • are being framed
  • are being isolated from others
  • don’t have a voice in the media
  • are at risk of losing their job
  • don’t receive many donations for their work as a politician or journalist
  • get fined for not keeping the Covid restrictions
  • get attacked for no reason by riot police when demonstrating
  • can even lose their bank account or their house and other possessions


And this is in countries where it’s relatively free. Shall we now visit a country that isn’t free at all now? Here is Australia for you in a short video in English.


The capitalist version

American people are moving to Florida, because there you can live a normal life and there are no more Covid cases than anywhere else:



And in Sweden where there are no lockdowns, there have been 0 Covid cases for weeks. In the regular media you can find nothing about this country, only mean articles stating the Swedish approach has so-called “failed”. Well, this is the newest video I could find, from August 4 this year and this is what it says:




Do I need to say anything more? A government is necessary to organise a country, but it shouldn’t be all too powerful. Then there is no democracy anymore and people can’t freely express themselves. That leads to a lack of happiness, to depression and illness among the population and that is in no-one’s interest. Not even for huge investors, because a sick and depressed population doesn’t produce a lot and why would anyone want to be the dictator over a half-dead nation?

You want problems solved? Always look at the bright side (of life) and choose for positive and non-oppressing methods. Put the well-being of the country at the first place and see for yourself how happy you will be as a leader. Do you really think Australians are happy now that they’re locked up at home and their children are being dragged away by nurses to get the dangerous Covid shot? Some die of it! Don’t take that risk and don’t ever advise someone to get that injection. That is my view on the case and I know it’s also the view of much more than 50% of any population in any country in the world.

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Anastasía Vassiliou, MA

Anastasía (Natassa) Vassiliou, born in Athens, obtained a Master's degree in Greek & French Literature and studied music in Thessaloniki, Greece. She speaks 7+ languages. Natassa ran a successful business in in-company trainings when she suddenly got paralysed. Out of love for her children she found out how to cure all diseases and healed many patients including herself. Nowadays she runs news website Untold Times, where she shares world news and gives fantastic analyses about hot topics.

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