Here in the Netherlands the media have been yelling about heat waves and drought for two months already. In the meantime it’s just about 15°C, but indeed very dry. That is something new in this country and the shout-outs on the news warning people it will be 30°C and more even this week – and that every week again – does alarm me. So … time to find out what are possible causes for drought and what we can do about it. Every problem has a solution, doesn’t it?


Concern about drought, but not about devastating forests and accidents with chemicals?

The media are shouting it out: drinking water is going to be a problem this summer, watch out for extremely high temperatures and the Washington Post yells in March this year: “a warmer world causes extreme drought”. A whole video in it about pluvials and droughts. What I don’t understand is the following: we all know there is one thing that protects the world from extreme weather, be it drought, be it tornados, be it heat or cold: trees. Why oh why do we still use biomass everywhere in the world for producing electricity? Why isn’t it strictly prohibited to even cut one tree if the problem of climate change caused by us humans is really so severe? Why don’t we plant trees like maniacs in order to stop this climate change so we will have some oxygen and water in the future?

And why didn’t anyone of the climate scientists even pretend to care about the at least eight accidents this year with trains carrying chemicals? In my mind that isn’t logic, since chemicals in the air pollute a lot and kill people as far as I understand. I cannot possibly grasp the so huge concern about drought if the same people that are so worried about that, don’t care at all about cutting trees in a never seen before fast pace and about loads of chemicals being thrown in the air in many places of the world at more or less the same time. So what is happening?

In the end of April Politico writes a whole article about droughts already starting in spring in Europe and worried they are! Two years ago there still was an enormous flood in that same Europe at the same time of the year and oh it was also due to climate change, the media all nodded. Someone who would just look a bit further saw that bad maintenance in the Dutch Limburg, in Belgium and Germany where the floods happened, were the real cause for the floods. Incomprehensible why we weren’t allowed to just know and say it. If bad maintenance of the sewerage system were the cause of the floods, wouldn’t the governments in the three countries want to know that in order to not let it happen again? In China even more than one huge dam suddenly collapsed within a few weeks time if you remember. Tens of thousands of people died and nobody asked themselves how that was possible in such a short time and with even newly built dams.

And what do you think happened these days? The largest dam used for producing hydropower in Ukraine was sabotaged and millions of liters of water are flooding into the Black Sea. The western countries point at Russia as the culprit, but the one not having enough drinking water now is Crimea. Why would the Russians sabotage their own population? They never do that and it doesn’t make any sense. The Ukrainian army is the one that has been shelling the dam for months already. Haven’t they caused the breach then? Yet it is so striking that the same thing that happened two years ago now happens again. The breach of a dam and let’s hope not more dams will be breached this year.



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Is climate change a cause for natural disasters like drought?

We have a dilemma now, since the media and politics tell us climate change, caused by us polluting civilians, is the only cause for all the natural calamities that happen. Yet if you follow the normal news, just on the mainstream media, you see that this is squarely untrue: it was bad maintenance that caused the calamities. Every time there are catastrophes, things like overdue maintenance of sewerage systems and such are the real causes. There is also this one and only article from Spain that tells us about questions asked in the EU parliament in 2015 about geo-engineering in Spain causing extreme weather in winter. There is no follow-up to be found anywhere and no comment at all. Yet the change in the weather conditions in Spain are clearly caused by geo-engineering and not by climate change because of greenhouse gases used by us, people.

The only thing you can find about geo-engineering in Europe is that it’s widely being done in order to protect the climate. And also that many scientists think it should stop. So much is possible to control the weather – the climate if you like – by doing all kinds of different things that are very difficult to comprehend for common people like us and they all have other implications on the environment. Some sorts of it can even be used as offensive weapons, like solar shields which are very popular in the European Union and are heavily discussed as a “solution” for keeping the temperature on our planet 2°C lower than normally would be the case. We can conclude that climate change could be one of the causes for droughts and other natural calamities, but geo-engineering is a much larger and more important factor. For both droughts and other calamities and for the change in the climate.


Is geo-engineering a cause for a change in the climate?

Geo-engineering methods are either about SRM which means Solar Radiance Management: a series of methods to reduce sunrays in order to keep the temperature low or about fishing carbons out of the sky. It can even mean injecting sun-dimming aerosols into the air, which is of course very unnatural and it also doesn’t combate the real causes of climate change. Eliminating carbons out of the sky is also very unnatural plus it gives a new problem: where will we store all these carbons? Let stand alone that these methods cost a pretty penny and are largely unproven. Many scientists are therefore not enthusiastic about geo-engineering, even if it happens a lot at least here in Europe.

Of course no article clearly states that geo-engineering is the actual factor that changes the climate, but in this pdf about geo-engineering in Europe the authors do say on page 5 “indigenous peoples have a particular vulnerability, for example due to potential displacements or changes in agricultural opportunities”. In other words: geo-engineering does change the climate! The authors of the article on Science Pro France ask themselves if the effects of geo-engineering can be stopped and made undone if it turns out that the method does more harm than good: “Can geoengineering be tested on a small scale and reversed easily if something goes wrong?”.


Beautiful Yunnan in China

In China a drought in Yunnan province is causing a drop in hydropower

The Chinese province of Yunnan has been in a terrible drought since February this year and not only that: temperatures even above 40°C are measured there and in the province right north of it Sichuan. In these two provinces most of the electrical power of the whole country is produced by especially hydropower plants. The rest of the country already has to import power from abroad. This kind of droughts have been appearing in Yunnan and Sichuan since 2009 and also often destroy crops, like this year.

However terrible it is that this amazingly beautiful region in China suffers so much from drought nowadays, we do have to look for the cause and I found it. There where the mainstream media are tooting and blaring about climate change and do you finally understand folks that we have a serious problem, the real cause for the draught is something entirely different and very well explicable too. Here you got it, right on China-Dialogue’s website: Yunnan is an originally heavily forested province, but nowadays there are a lot of plantations of eucalyptus, commercial rubber and fir plantations. The original forest trees were very well able to maintain the water that falls during the wet season, so that the province has enough of it during the whole year. The trees in the plantations however aren’t able to manage the water and that is the real reason why Yunnan has fallen dry since 14 years.


H.A.A.R.P. as a cause for drought and more natural calamities

But there is more. A 100 years ago invented and very weird technology called H.A.A.R.P. is also a possible cause for all kinds of changes in the weather and even the climate. The concerns about this technology of allegedly “doing research in the ionosphere” but in fact even producing real weapons are growing around the world and I do think I have to pay attention to that as well if I want to be as objective as possible – which I of course do. There are many videos and articles that explain about H.A.A.R.P., but this here underneath is a nice and short one. Let us start there:



Maybe I should also start by saying I do not think the series of horrible earthquakes in Turkey’s Kurdish regions in February this year were caused by H.A.A.R.P. I am also not saying any other catastrophes have been caused by this technology. It is very hard to prove and the last thing I want is to tell bonkers on Untold Times. I can always be wrong about something, but I won´t deliberately tell nonsense. I am only saying that it seems H.A.A.R.P. could affect the weather. If it is really used for that purpose or if certain catastrophes are really caused by it, is unknown and who am I to go against all logics in the world?

Here is the story of a journalist from Trinidad and Tobago, who tried to find out what H.A.A.R.P. exactly is and does. Also a fact is that one of the reasons H.A.A.R.P. is done in the first place, is the possibility of weather modification with this technology. It is clear that it can change the climate, but not if it does.

And here is an article in the Economic Times of the Indian Times about H.A.A.R.P. It says H.A.A.R.P. is a weapon system that can cause global warming, because what is done, is that a huge beam of energy by radio frequencies is sent into the ionosphere. That is the part of the atmosphere that protects us from too much heat by sunrays. The ionosphere is then lifted into the air, while the stratosphere – just underneath – fills up its place for a short while. That can cause a weather modification. H.A.A.R.P.  is not only being done in Alaska, but Russia also has a similar technology and it is done in more places in the world. On the video here above I saw a map of the world with a spot just off the coast of Brazil as well.


Are droughts man-made or not?

The causes for droughts in many, many places in the world aren’t (only) climate change or global warming. No, they are most of the times a bad maintenance of sewerage systems, bad water management and geo-engineering in order to keep it dry during summer – for tourism – causing heavy rainfall and terrible storms during winter. So … are droughts man-made? Well, many times yes! Of course not always and what we also saw very clearly in this little research is that each drought and each other natural calamity has its own causes and reasons. Directly shouting out in the media and parliaments that everything is due to climate change is short-sighted and dumb. Stating it is often due to human actions, but a lot less to carbon and nitrogen emissions, is a lot more realistic.

Furthermore I thought maybe you’d find this pdf interesting. It dates from 1965 (!) and already talks about weather modification. It is written by the NSF, the National Science Foundation in Washington, so “national” here means “American”. In the 58 years that have passed since this manifest was written, we have disovered a series of possibilities to change the weather and we have also seen how dangerous that is. And how it certainly is no solution for the problem of the climate that always changes, not only now because of our doings. If you want to do something about the planet getting too hot, you have to look at the real causes for that and do something about those:


  • cutting whole forests for biomass or plantations of this or that
  • a plastic overload that is not tackled while that is very well possible
  • governments hand in hand with scientists flying in our skies throwing chemicals or eliminating carbons in the name of “science” and “geo-engineering”.




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