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Is there an agenda for ruining farmers and economies or …?

When I was 20 years old, I came into contact with a few neighbours in Thessaloniki where I lived. They were Theology students and strongly believed in an enormous international political conspiracy to make the Book of Revelations from the Bible happen. The first time I heard their doom prophecies, I got so frightened that I threw up and had nightmares for months. Since I had no clue of what to think about the stories, I parked them for later. That later was 2009 and I needed many years to find my way in the tellings. I want to know what is true, not just what people say or even do research on. If you want that too, then come along today. I will focus on climate issues, because otherwise this article will become a book.


Paypal and a Bad Plan

Nobody can send money to this place, yet it was there!

Let me first tell you something that just happened to me and that was a plan. It was a plan to make me think my parents had finally come closer to me and had been able to send me money on Paypal. Last Thursday night I looked on my Paypal account and didn’t believe my eyes: there was €5000 on it and not only that: underneath the amount it was written that it was actually $5000. The money came from the US where my parents live, but I couldn’t see who’d sent it. I made a picture of it with my telephone and opened and closed my Paypal many times before I believed it.

But I couldn’t get the money on my bank account, the helpdesk ignored me and refused to tell me who put the money there. So I knew Paypal was involved in the trick. Together with old-fashioned Dutch Youth Care of course, who else? The place where it was sent, is called ‘sandbox‘ and turns out to be some weird kind of virtual fake place on Paypal. Nobody can send you money there, but as you see: there was suddenly money, I didn’t put it there and I didn’t even go to that place. I went to my normal account, but was led to this sandbox page to your right. I’ve had a Paypal account for almost 20 years now and know how the platform works. Now I’m stopping it after not only this but a lot of unpleasant experiences with them. I now also know that my parents and other family will only be able to help me when I will be totally free from the Dutch Youth Care.


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More input for my thoughts

I wanted to show you this Paypal trick in order to make the difference between something that was clearly planned and something that happened because of incompetent leadership and because politicians aren’t well informed. At the moment I am watching yet another Netflix series called Borgen. It’s a Danish series about a very leftist Secretary of State (Minister of Foreign Affairs). In Greenland, which belongs to Denmark, a huge amount of oil is found. Since the Secretary of State and even the whole government is green, they don’t want to exploit it, but Greenland is in an enormous economic crisis and this oil would save many lives there. They are already arranging it without the Danish government and the Secretary can’t do otherwise than allow the exploiting.

The whole country is upset that a green Minister can take such a decision, the company that is going to do the exploitation is compromised, the media want the Minister to resign and no-one takes the time or does any effort to get decently informed about what is actually happening in Greenland. Just like the Greenlanders don’t understand what happens in Denmark. What is also very interesting, is that the Arctic Council gets involved, since Greenland is in the Arctic circle. What a corrupt mess is that club, folks! And the blind hatred all these countries have against the Russians! Even if half of what the series say, is true. The US, China, Russia, Canada … everyone comes together, nobody knows what the facts are and if you haven’t seen my video about the Arctic Council, you may not know what it is. Here you can find it. Comes in handy, see? Why didn’t it hit some higher numbers of views?


How do politicians take decisions?

Now I am certainly not saying that everything you see happening in this kind of series is true or even authentic. But it does give you an idea of how hectic and busy the life of members of the government is, how little time they have to get updated with information about their very job and how they act in a whole atmosphere of ignorance. Driven by the group mentality, driven by daily popularity polls, by the media that have only one goal: trying to overthrow the government and not taking the rest to write a plan for a longer period. Everything is in the now and turns around political support. A Minister can be sacked very easily if she isn’t able to clearly explain why she took a decision that goes so directly against the policy of her party and the government. I think a lot of that is real.

At this moment in history the tendency is to be leftist and that means you must be politically correct, woke and never ever a racist, not even in the eyes of extremists and you need to be green. Anyone who doesn’t fit in that pattern is considered not to fit in and to be at least weird. Not to say a fascist and more such allegations. This fashion exists in the whole western world, from Canada and the US to the whole Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Africa. These countries have made a green deal, which means that they must and shall ban any fossile energy that is used for industries, cars and houses by 2030 or even before. This is the framework in which any modern politician in the western world must fit. The only western country that has a more conservative government is Hungary and that country finds itself in an increasingly difficult position within the leftist western world.


A plan to destroy agriculture or blunt dumbness?

How badly informed politicians are, becomes very visible in this video of a very courageous Dutch member of parliament, Caroline van der Plas with her party for the farmers. Don’t worry, I will translate in short for you what she says in Dutch: “Today it became clear that the Ministers of this cabinet really want to chase the farmers away. They want cheap agricultural land and then sell it for a lot of money as building land for industry, houses and aviation. Those will get the space to emit nitrogen, [which the farmers don’t get]. Our party will resist these plans with all our means!”.


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Yes, there is a plan to chase away Dutch agriculture. To get rid of the farmers that produce all those beautiful dairy products the Netherlands are so famous for. But how have those decisions been taken? By a shallow and panicked report somewhere in Brussels, where people get paid salaries others can only dream of, but are too lazy to work for them. The tendency in society goes to protecting the climate – whatever that may mean – and so this kind of reports aren’t allowed to indicate another direction. “Farmers emit CO2 and nitrogen, so over and out with them”. That isn’t only because of prejudice and it isn’t about evil plans to destroy the population, but because a politician who thinks out of the box needs that you give yourself the time to let his message sink in. Ministers simply don’t have that time. And in Brussels the Members of the Parliament we’ve never voted for, aren’t interested in anything that goes out of their little pink cloud made of solar dreams and a green planet full of grass.

They are totally incapable of thinking that solar panels and wind mills are much worse for the ‘climate’ or better the environment than old-fashioned nuclear energy e.g. Even natural gas provides a quite clean form of energy. Wind mills don’t last many years and can’t be repaired. Solar panels are full of chemicals and the energy of both can’t be stored after at least 30 years of engineering to find a way to do it. Most politicians are far too busy attending meetings, appearing in the media and even writing on social media to take the time to think about some facts. Like the fact that plants inhale nitrogen and if there isn’t enough of it in the atmosphere, everything will die. Life isn’t possible without nitrogen! We people inhale oxygen, but plants don’t. And trees and flowers. They need there to be a certain amount of nitrogen in the air, but the Brusselian, Pentagonian and WEF-ian politicians want there to be 0 nitrogen. No they don’t want to kill the planet! They just aren’t smart enough to think a little bit in common sense and to draw a few conclusions.


Where do intrigues come from?

I can’t find the news item anymore, but just this morning I somewhere met an article about a city where electric buses didn’t function and were changed again by the old diesel ones. I believe it was in Germany. This means that the city in question has spent lots of money to buy and install those electric buses. Engineers were hired, reports were written and because the politicians don’t know what they’re doing, a lot of intrigues have been played in the project: which engineer’s bureau would get the order, which report writing business would be asked to write the reports etcetera. The hired experts of course asked for far too much money, took far too much time and no-one is interested, because it’s government money and who cares.

That is where intrigues come from. The Great Plan for 2030 must be implemented as fast as possible and everything must be done in a hurry. We can’t just take our time and then take fewer measures that are lots wiser. Just because that isn’t the spirit of the time we are living in. Rest and peace are values we don’t value anymore. Everything must be done today, because we have forgotten to wait for new things like before in our childhood. Then there was no internet, telephones were slow and the mail took days to arrive. It was totally impossible to make changes quickly, because the report you needed for it, would just arrive after days. Today though we are spoilt and have started thinking everything must be possible and fast too. That is why so much tax money is spent without any results or even with backward results. That is why plans are carried out in an unorganised manner and that is why nothing works anymore like before.


My vision and my solution: slow the Americans down

People with evil or at least dumb plans get more and more space to get through to politics, because the latter don’t think and do whatever is in front of them. A good plan, whether it is for the environment, for housing, for health or whatever it may be, takes time to be studied, written and implemented. I really don’t think there is an agenda for depopulation, for making us all sick or even for destroying the economy worldwide in order for the USA to take over all power. Many Americans are extremely warm and nice, but in their professional life they are just nosy and bossy folks, who are used to instantly getting what they want. They find the rest of the world outside their country slow and backward, because no-one is as fast as an American. They’re the champions and the kings on that subject, so let us be the champions on wisdom!

Road Runner
Road Runner

Let’s not be jealous of the always so capable American businessmen, but let’s do what we are good at here in Europe: we are thinkers, philosophers and epistemiologists. Let us take the time to go back to our roots and to quietly think out a better future for ourselves. We have always done that and that was why we were enlightened, free and wise. Not only that: in each European country people were wise, but: in their very own way. Let the Americans do their time races and their fast business in their own country. Then we will go and visit them there to admire them, before we go back home and admire our own peaceful rest and wise people.

Europeans aren’t dumb. They have just started thinking they have to measure up against the so fast Americans. No, let’s slow them down! They can’t overpower the whole world just because they are so fast and so professional. We are studious people here in Europe and we first want to ponder over new ideas in order to see if they fit us or not. We descend from the ancient Greeks who were the greatest philosophers ever. Even the most modern thoughts and philosophies are rooted upon Aristoteles, Plato and Socrates. That is very good and something to keep as it is. Not everything needs changing just because it’s possible! We have the right to be conservative sometimes and a bit boring maybe. But wise folks, wise!


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